by Vista
Channeled by Iasos

There are only two waves in the entire universe - the outward materializing force - and the inward etherealizing force. As the inner and the outer are mirror reflections of each other, it is the inward gathering of thoughts that promotes the outward manifesting of those thoughts into physicality.

And it is the outward expanding of thoughts that promotes the inward etherealizing of any physical creation that has been maintained by those thoughts (because outward expanding thoughts means NOT concentrating on the thoughts that have been sustaining that materialized form).

Concentration is the inward focusing of thoughts to materialize an idea.
Inspiration is the expansive spacing out of thoughts - to dematerialize a materialized idea or to gather new ideas.

Concentration promotes the outward materializing force.
Inspiration promotes the inward etherealizing force and the inward gathering of new ideas.

Concentration does to thoughts what a magnifying lens does to light.

It focuses the thoughts into a narrower beam of higher intensity. Just as a lens can concentrate sun light to the point of being able to light a leaf on fire, likewise concentration can gather together the thoughts, making them more inter-related, and more aligned with common Intent, or unified purpose, or oneness of image. This focusing of the thoughts causes a concentrating vortex of ever-increasing thought-force. It is this magnified thought-force of the gathering together of all the thoughts into a common goal or image, that causes the thoughts to "light up" universal energy into the active process of out-picturing those thoughts into physicality.

Focusing consciousness through concentration produces the automatic tendency of universal light substance to materialize the image held by those concentrating thoughts.

Focusing consciousness ===> the common-image of the thoughts materializes.

The image-materializing process is proportional to:

As any of these factors increase, manifestation occurs more quickly.

Even if you didn't want the thoughts to materialize, they would still tend to materialize on their own - just because you are thinking them. And they would manifest according to the strength of these factors.

It is Light itself that is the universal messenger, relaying and transforming the thought patterns on the mental plane - down through the dimensions - into physical patterns.

Concentrating on anything or any thing inevitably and unerringly leads to

     increased understanding of the reality contemplated
     & increased ability to transform and manipulate the reality contemplated -
          whether this be playing a violin, or building a house,
               or navigating interstellar space,
                    or maintaining the force field matrix for an entire central galaxy.

Concentration allows you to break through into increased insight and increased mastery of whatever is your focus. Just as a flame torch aimed at a sheet of metal - if continuously moving around the metal, would never melt through that metal, but if held steadily in one spot for an extended time and with extended stillness, would break through. Likewise, concentrating on anything inexorably inevitably causes breakthrough into increased insight and increased mastery of whatever is the focus of those thoughts.

Once attaining a certain measure of ability in concentrating your thoughts, you can then create any creation with the

Creation Technique of

"Cycling between Zooming Out and Zooming In"

With sufficient effort, self-control of your thoughts allows you to

Zooming Out -   (fish-eye lens)
     for the over-view,
          for seeing the inter-relations between all the parts,
               for grasping intuitively all the steps necessary &
                    the optimum order of their execution.

Zooming In -     (telephoto lens)
     for seeing just one small part in tremendous living detail,
          for understanding in great detail what needs to be done for this part.
               For concentrating all your thoughts
                    to powerfully manifest & materialize just this one little part.

Manifesting any complex reality can occur most effectively, effortlessly, and quickly through this
    Technique of Cycling between Zooming Out and Zooming In:

To manifest or materialize any reality,

     First you Zoom-Out to get the over-view.
          To understand how all the parts fit together - their inter-relations.
               To understand what needs to be done and
                    the order in which these steps need to be done.

     After grasping the whole,
          you create a MANIFESTATION SEQUENCE -
A Sequence of Steps - to materialize your project in the most logical & efficient manner.
          Then you determine the very next step that needs to be done -
               whether it is a momentous step or a casual simple one.

     Then, when you have clearly determined the next step in manifesting,
          you shift from Zooming Out to Zooming In (like switching from wide-angle to telephoto) - on this next step!

     You Zoom-In by concentrating all your thoughts only on
          the one next step that needs to be done!
     During this phase, you do not scatter your thoughts
          by considering the entire plan or by thinking about other steps.
     With the thought-force of all your mind focusing on just this next step,
          you begin to intuitively grasp and understand this reality in very great detail.
     You increasingly understand what needs to be done and the best order in which to do these things.  
          You are understanding the microcosm of how all the parts fit in - within this bubble of reality.
     With all your thoughts focused on just this next step,
          with the tremendous manifestation-thought-power this accumulates,
               you easily and quickly realize
                    what needs to be done and how to do it,
                         and then you do it!
     (Once again, Concentration does to thoughts what a lens does to light.)

Once all the steps within this microcosm are finished, you once again Zoom-Out - Ah yes, the over-view. It has changed now, because one step has been fulfilled since last time we viewed the over-pattern.

Again, while zoomed out on the whole,
     we quickly and irresistibly begin intuiting and understanding the full reality,
          noticing the interrelations between all the parts,
               realizing in great detail what needs to be done,
                    and then realizing what needs to be done next.

Once contemplation of the entire reality reaches a "ripe understanding",
     the NEXT STEP become "crystal clear".

Once this step has been determined, we Zoom-In once again, on this next step,
     and repeat this process of grasping, understanding, determining, and doing.

And when fully accomplished, we again Zoom-Out to see once again
     the full picture - seeing all the patterns and how they interact.
This contemplating eventually inevitably "ripens" your grasp
     of what needs to be done.
          And then your grasp of the next thing that needs to be done.

Once the NEXT STEP is clear, then we again Zoom-In
     with the conscious Intention to focus the full power of all our thoughts
          entirely on only the next step.
               This concentrated thought acts like a potent seed
                    quickly blooming and physicalizing its pattern,
                         by simply fulfilling that next step.

And so the cycle continues. Eventually, you zoom-out to realize that
     your entire project is now exquisitely complete.

To manifest with the grace of effortless efficiency,
     cycle through zooming in and zooming out -
          zooming out to grasp the whole and determine the next logical step,
               and zooming in to do that next step.

Concentration is the most direct road to
     the Mastery of any reality,
          the Mastery of any skill,
               and the illumined Understanding of any reality.

Your thoughts are your tools of manifestation.

The two waves of life - on the level of mind - are:

On the 5th Ray, Archangel Raphael specializes in Consecration,
and I, as the Elohim of the 5th Ray, specialize in Concentration.

These 2 words have very similar meanings.
For to consecrate one's life to one particular service to life,
     is to focus and concentrate all one's life energies
          towards a particular service to life.
And again, the more one concentrates one's life energies on one unique service,
     the more Mastery with which one can bestow blessings to all creation -
          through this specialized unique chosen service to all life.

Learn to craft with this tool - your mind.
     You may find pleasant, totally unexpected uses for this in your life.

I AM Vista - the Elohim of the 5th Ray - the Ray of Concentration.

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