Erkki Lehtiranta  of  Mina Olen
Interviews Iasos
Feb. 4, 2006

In preparation for Iasos' concert in Finland
for the Annual Mina Olen Spiritual Festival during February 2006,
Erkki Lehtiranta interviewed Iasos by email,

for publication in their special-edition magazine for this annual spiritual festival.

Erkki & Iasos in Finland
February 2006

Erkki Lehtiranta is a dear friend of mine and a magnificent metaphysician.    I actually think that the questions he asked me in this interview are the best questions I have ever been asked by any interviewer.    He is an accomplished astrologer, a very aware metaphysician in many fields of metaphysics, and he leads tours to power places around the planet.    

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The INTERVIEW - in English

The condensed INTERVIEW - in Finnish

Erkki Lehtiranta  of  Mina Olen
Interviews Iasos
Feb. 4
, 2006

Since this is a LONG interview,
you might wish to "hop" to a particular Question & Answer.
So here is the
List of the Questions, so you can "hop" to my responses.

How do you see the connection between music and spirituality?

And what are the vistas you see in front of us in this regard?

Some people say that sound/music is (in) the heart of creation,
like AUM/Om in the Vedic tradition and
the Music of the Spheres in the Pythagorean tradition.
Are you of the same opinion?

How do the musical principles and universal laws work together?
Or do they? (I was thinking here e.g. the resonance principle)

Do you think we are rediscovering some of the musical/audio secrets of the ancients?

You are perhaps the most innovative of all the New Age musicians and composers.

How do you see this genre in general? Do you see much progression and
new things there or, perhaps, more music-making just for the money?

As a hindsight, how do you see your output from today¹s perspective?

You are going to bring with you to Finland some special instruments.
Would you like to tell something about them?

Have you invented them by yourself?

You seem to have a very special connection to your instruments
and technology in general. Would you like to elaborate this?

How do you see the connection between technology and spirituality?
It¹s not necessary an easy one, if we take into consideration the fall of Atlantis.

What other things can people expect to hear and see in your concert?
(a Vibrational Gateway, perhaps...)

You are also metaphysician with a looooong background.
What kinds of things and thoughts inspire you in this realm? Why?

Your workshop is called The Mechanics of Consciousness-Reality-Creation.
It¹s a very promising and exciting title.
Would you give some basic guidelines here for the readers/visitors and for the translator?
You mentioned in your web-site that this information is based on
the wisdom of the Essassani civilization and it¹s mainly applied physics...

The visual/multimedia side seems to be very important to you, why?

You have been working on an interesting project for more than three years now.
Would you tell us more about it?

One of my big favourites is "The Angels of Purity", especially the extended version of it.
How did you create it and what is this instrument you use there? It's truly uplifting and celestial.


The Actual Full Interview:

How do you see the connection between music and spirituality?

Any particular type of "Being-ness" (I-AM ness) is the expression of vibrations of particular frequencies and frequency-patterns. Music is also vibrations and patterns of vibrations. Through Resonance and Pattern-Similarity,
music has the potential, the possibility, of having patterns "similar" or "analogous" to spiritual states of Being. And by doing so, those that listen to this music, can be induced, or resonated, or vibrated into this spiritual state of Being.

1. Typically, a musician is in a particular state of Being (emotional Being and spiritual Being).

2. Then that musician creates music whose actual sound waves are analogous to the state of Being he/she is in at that moment.

3. Then the listener of that music tends to entrain, or resonate, or vibrate into that same state of Being that the musician was in, when he/she created that music.

So, an angry musician creating heavy-metal music can induce the whole concert audience to be angry.
A happy reggae musician can create music that gets the entire audience to be happy.
A celestial spiritual musician can create music that puts the entire audience into a spiritual state of ecstatic cosmic bliss.

So, to encapsulate my answer to your question, through vibrational pattern-similarity, music is capable of "inducing" spiritual states of Being.

If your readers understand English, they might enjoy listening to a 7 minute talk I gave on
"How Sound can Induce Higher Consciousness in the Listener",
which they can hear on-line here:

And what are the vistas you see in front of us in this regard?

We are living in an infinite and eternal universe.
So the vistas are infinite in their potential,
and perpetually unfolding into ever-greater Magnificence as time progresses
(just like everything else in God's Universal Creation).

Some people say that sound/music is (in) the heart of creation, like AUM/Om in the Vedic tradition and the Music of the Spheres in the Pythagorean tradition. Are you of the same opinion?

No, not exactly. The Heart of Creation can be thought of many ways - all equally valid.
• You can think of the Heart of Creation as being God's Infinite Unconditional Love.
• You can think of the Heart of Creation as being INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.
• You can think of the Heart of Creation as being vibrations.
All these interpretations are different, yet they are all correct.

If you think of the Heart of Creation as being vibrations, then any field of vibrations is the Heart of Creation.

So, music (sound vibrations) is the Heart of Creation.

Also, light and color (light vibrations) are the Heart of Creation, even though they are 40 octaves higher in frequency than sound vibrations.

Also, fragrances (molecular vibrations) are the Heart of Creation, even though they are vibrating 1,000 times faster than visible light.

Likewise, ANY field of vibrations is the Heart of Creation.

So, music is one of many ways, to think of the Heart of Creation.

Curiously, on my latest album, REALMS OF LIGHT, one of the important pieces on that album is called
"The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation". My INTENT on creating this, was to create music that was vibrationally analogous to being in the very center of God's Heart. Now of course, you could say "What a presumptuous goal!"
But since the universe is all ONE thing appearing as many different things, and since the universe is basically HOLOGRAPHIC, where each part contains the information about the WHOLE, I knew I could apply that Holographic Principle to "become" the center of God's Heart.

So, when I first start working on this piece, I would "meditate myself" into the "attunement" of going to "God's Heart". After a few days of this, I realized it would not work to go to God's Heart, I had instead to be God's Heart. So, I shifted my meditational focus to BEING God's Heart.

Then, one day, I SUDDENLY became OVER-WHELMED with such HUGE UNBELIEVABLE WAVES of Infinite LOVE, that my poor little Heart felt like a tiny cork on huge ocean waves during a tremendous storm. These waves of Infinite Divine Love were SO unspeakably over-powering, that I went into Divinity-Overwhelm, and all I could do was cry - from being witness to so much LOVE. It was more than my little Heart could handle! logical mind kicks in and says: "Okay, now that you've felt it, let's translate it into music."

How do the musical principles and universal laws work together? Or do they? (I was thinking here e.g. the resonance principle)

Universal Principles are universal principles because they apply to EVERYTHING - including music.
I sometimes give an entire evening's workshop called SOUND & COSMOS, where I begin with musical principles, and then extrapolate and extend them to include Universal Principles. You could just as easily work they other way, as well. You could begin with universal principles and then specifically apply them to musical principles.

Let me touch on a few examples:

RESONANCE means that if 2 things are capable of vibrating to the same frequency, and if they are near enough to each other, then if one starts vibrating, it gets the other one also vibrating - to the same frequency. A musical example: If you tune 2 strings on a guitar to the same note, if you pluck one of these strings, the other string also starts to vibrate. An emotional example: If one person in a room starts to laugh hysterically, soon other people are also laughing, even though they don't know the "reason" why they should be laughing. RESONANCE is a universal principle acting on all dimensions of the universe.

THE LAW OF OCTAVES is another universal principle that applies to everything, including music.
The Law of Octaves: "As Above So Below": "The way things are on a higher dimension, so they are on a lower dimension." A person's health is an example of that. If their subtle energy bodies are vibrant with flowing energy, and very few energy blocks, then way down there on the physical dimension, their physical body is Healthy! Disease begins on the subtle energy bodies, and eventually manifests in the physical body. A musical example is resonance between notes an octave apart. An octave higher means a frequency exactly twice as high.
An octave lower means a frequency exactly half as high. Well back to the guitar, if you tune one string to a note an octave higher than another string (for example tune one string to 400 cycles/second and tune the other string to 800 cycles/second), then if you pluck the octave-higher string, the octave-lower string also begins to vibrate! If you pluck the octave-lower string, the octave-higher string also begins to vibrate! This is resonance through the law of octaves.

However, The Law of Octaves, can create effects between realities that are MANY octaves apart!
For example, sound waves at 1,000 times a second, can trigger sound waves an octave higher (2,000 times a second). But they can also trigger lights and colors around 500 trillion times a second, and can trigger fragrances 1,000 times faster than that, and can trigger emotional states, billions of times higher, and can trigger states of Expanded Consciousness millions of times higher than that! This also explains why some people can see colors from sound, or smell fragrances from colors, etc.

This is the Law of Octaves. It applies very much to everything. It works with everything. So yes, it works with music VERY much.

Do you think we are rediscovering some of the musical/audio secrets of the ancients?

Not yet. But I think we will within the next 20 years.

For example, I suspect that the blocks of the Great Pyramid in Giza were "floated" into place through levitation, caused by a group of priests around each block SINGING "at" the block, to create an inter-dimensional bubble or vortex, that caused anti-gravity, thereby making it quite easy to float that rock to a new position. So, this was using SOUND to create an anti-gravity effect. (NASA has patents on the use of sound to create anti-gravity effects.)

And in Tibet, they could have a circle of priests or a half circle of priests all making sounds (with large long Tibetan horns) all aimed at the person sitting in the center. This would create SUCH an "inter-dimensional bubble or vortex" for the person sitting at the center, that this person had VERY easy access to other dimensions while in this state. So this was using music to create a "doorway" between dimensions.

Most of these secrets are "just around the corner".

You are perhaps the most innovative of all the New Age musicians and composers.

That's a very kind thing to say. Thank you.

How do you see this genre in general? Do you see much progression and new things there or, perhaps, more music-making just for the money?

"New Age Music", as a term, has progressed through several different meanings. When it first began, when Steven Halpern and I each released our first album in 1975, "New Age Music" meant spiritual music. It meant music for meditating, for yoga, for going-within, for contacting your Higher Self.

After some years, the meaning expanded to include much more more. "New Age Music" began to also mean " space music" and "instrumental music" and "electronic music" - especially music with no particular melody and no particular rhythm. At this point, "spiritual music" was perhaps 10% of all "New Age Music".

After many more years, "New Age Music" expanded its meaning to include even more. It expanded to include music containing influences from many different cultures - all "blended together" in the same music. Multi-cultural music.
At this point, "spiritual music" was perhaps 3% of all "New Age Music".

And now, "New Age Music" has expanded its meaning to include SO MUCH, that right now,
"New Age Music" means " miscellaneous". In other words, if a particular music does not fit any conventional category, then they simply call it "New Age Music". So if a CD is not classical, and not rock, and not pop, and not jazz, and not country music, and not world beat, then let's just throw it into the "New Age Music" category. At this point, "spiritual music" is perhaps less than 1% of all "New Age Music".

In terms of making music just for the money, there is some of that, but I think the MAIN thrust is simply individuals wanting to EXPRESS themselves musically. Now, with modern electronic equipment and computers, it is getting so cheap and so easy to create music, that pretty much any one can do it. And so, many people do create their own music.
And I do not find fault that they wish to make money from their music. And I think it's wonderful that SO MANY PEOPLE want to express themselves musically.

The only problem is that, predictably, there is now such a VAST wasteland of mediocre music, that it becomes difficult to find the truly great music, hidden within this sea of mediocrity. Modern music stores can not keep up with the huge number of new musical titles that appear every month. Nobody has time to listen to all these music albums. So the only "new" artists that really get noticed are the ones that have a lot of money for publicity and pr.

When I started, it was EASY to get noticed, because Steven Halpern and I were then the only "New Age" musicians.

As a hindsight, how do you see your output from today¹s perspective?

My fans always complain that I am SO SLOW in my output. 8 years to create the ELIXIR album.
4 years to create the REALMS OF LIGHT album. They think I work very slowly. Actually, I work EXTREMELY FAST, but it appears slow, because I am covering so much ground. A lot of "research and development" goes into each album.

So it is really a philosophical choice: Put out a LOT of albums, where each one gets a mild amount of focused effort. OR, put out a FEW albums, where each one gets a TREMENDOUS amount of focused effort. My philosophical choice is the latter. I would rather spend a whole lifetime creating just a few real JEWELS, rather than spend my life putting out a large number of mediocre albums.

Think of someone making brass vases to sell. He can polish each vase for only a little time, and then sell it.
Or he can polish each vase for a very long time, and then sell it. The first way, he has a lot of vases to sell, but they do not shine as much. The second way, he has much fewer vases to sell, but each such vase is wonderfully HIGHLY POLISHED and shines like the sun! It is a philosophical choice.

I choose to do a LOT of POLISHING on each of my albums.
I do not regret this.
My desire is the highest Quality I can achieve - regardless of how much time it takes.
I am proud of my output.

You are going to bring with you to Finland some special instruments. Would you like to tell something about them?

Curiously, each instrument has its own unique emotional effect on the audience.

The Golden Harp is an electronic equivalent of a harp. As I ripple up and down the notes, like on a harp, I can FEEL it rippling up and down the spine of the people in the audience. So it is a very ecstatic instrument!
(you can see a video clip of this here: )

Sapphire can do many different things, but I will be using it to play the Spiral Ascensions - sounds that begin at the base of your spine, and slowly ascend up higher and higher, till they shoot up to your crown chakra and then fly off much higher than that! For many people this "pops" them out of their body. For others, it floats them into their Higher Self.
(you can see a video clip of this here: )

The Electric Flute uses ancient Greek scales and a lot of reverberation (echo sounds). This is great for people doing consciousness-travel - mentally "flying". Actually, when I play this, I feel like an eagle flying in the skies. And for a few people (those that have memories of incarnations in ancient Greece) these ancient Greek scales tend to trigger memories of these lifetimes..
(you can see a video clip of this here: )

Heart Flame is an extremely-expressive keyboard. It can only do only 1 note at a time, so I use it ONLY for melody work, but the sounds have such a STRONG connection with a person's Heart, that the listener can INTENSELY FEEL the emotions I'm communicating through this instrument. (When you feel the emotional intensity of this instrument, you will understand why it's called Heart Flame.)

Eleusia is a zither or auto-harp with special effects.
(you can see a picture of this here: )
It does not sound anything like a zither. In fact, when I performed this in Brazil, a friend of mine told me he could not here the zither at all, he could only hear the background music I had playing then. I told him there was no background music then: ALL the sounds he was hearing came from this instrument I was then playing live. Well, this instrument is in some ways the simplest, and yet it has the most PROFOUND effect on the audience: This instrument melts everybody's heart. And it only takes about 6 seconds of this sound to melt everyone's heart. After that, their hearts just melt more and more and more. This instruments generates the sound of heavenly harmonics. And the softness of this sound tends to attract a lot of angels (already present) to come even closer to the people in the concert performance space.

Have you invented them by yourself?

The Golden Harp . I was the musical "test pilot" for the corporation that was designing this. I would make suggestions to make this more "playable" for a professional musician. Then they abandoned this project, because they preferred to focus on other things that they believed would bring them more money. So this wild "instrument" was never marketed. But I got to have one, since I helped design it. When I do concerts, afterwards I have professional musicians come up to me and ask me where they can get one. Unfortunately, it's not available. They can't get one anywhere.

Sapphire is a conventional electronic keyboard. I simply use it in a very unique way.

The Electric Flute is a conventional silver flute, with a tiny microphone, which then goes through some effects, primarily reverberation (echo). So the main contribution from me is the unique ancient Greek scales that I play on this instrument.

Heart Flame is another conventional and VERY old electronic keyboard. I like it because I find it to be EXTREMELY emotionally-expressive. In fact, as old as it is, I have found NO modern electronic keyboard that can match the emotional expressiveness I can get out of this instrument. I invented nothing here. I just play it - with a lot of feeling.

Eleusia is a conventional auto-harp or zither. I have modified it. I removed the top dampers for chords. I drilled a hole and put a tiny microphone inside. And I run it through some VERY unconventional effects. The end result sound is like heavenly harmonics. Perhaps the only thing I "invented" here is the unusual effects it is processed through.

You seem to have a very special connection to your instruments and technology in general. Would you like to elaborate this?

Creative experimentation. HEARING a sound inside your head, and then trying everything you can think of, until you succeed in DUPLICATING that sound out here as sound waves. And then USING that sound in an INTENSELY EMOTIONAL manner.

I should also mention Vista. I had a Transformative experience at a certain point in my Life, when I SUDDENLY "woke up" and "remembered" a particular Light Being - Vista, and I "remembered" that we had made an agreement (before I was born) to work together. Our agreement: I would incarnate on earth. He would transmit musical ideas into my mind. And then I would receive those musical visions, and translate them into actual "sound" that anyone could here. When I initially "sensed" this being, it instantly released a TREMENDOUS flood of Love - from me to him. I loved him, the way a younger brother would love his older brother.

When Vista transmits musical ideas to me, I simultaneously receive 3 things from him:
1. I receive the music (chords, melodies, harmonies).
2. I receive the EFFECT this music will have on the listeners (which is always totally accurate).
3. I receive technical ideas on HOW to use my equipment to create these unusual sounds.
So Vista and I working together, playing together, causes this interesting blending of music and technology.
I think of myself as a "local branch office" for Vista.

How do you see the connection between technology and spirituality? It¹s not necessary an easy one, if we take into consideration the fall of Atlantis.

Many spiritual races from other planets have come to the political leaders of this world and told them repeatedly the same thing:

Your planet is dangerously out of balance!
You are much more developed technologically than you are spiritually!

This is very dangerous, just like it's dangerous to put a 3 year old child at the controls of a large jet airliner,
and it's dangerous to give a loaded gun to a baby.

So they have offered to give us spiritual help, so we can develop spiritually, to match our level of advancement in technology. But of course, our political leaders said "No Thanks"!" They have NO interest in spiritual progress at all. They want ONLY advanced technology, so they can have the best military weapons. Since history has shown them that whichever side has the most advanced technology usually wins the war, they are always hungering for being the first to get the most advanced technology.

Precisely as you mention Erkki, Atlantis fell, because the technological evolution was too far in advance of the spiritual evolution. My understanding is that MANY of the Souls that were alive on the planet then are also alive now. But I understand that THIS time, we have decided (as a GROUP SOUL) to NOT destroy ourselves, like we did in Atlantis.

Basically, technology is "neutral". It is not "good". It is not "bad". It is "neutral".
When technology is used & developed without any Heart, it is destructive to all Life.
(like using electricity to kill someone).
When technology is used & developed with Heart and Love, then it is helpful, uplifting, and healing to all Life.
(like using electricity to heat a home or light a hospital)

What other things can people expect to hear and see in your concert? (a Vibrational Gateway, perhaps...)

The IMPORTANT thing is not what they hear, and not what they see.
The IMPORTANT thing is:


Watching me perform, hearing the music, watching the projected visuals - all these are the tools, to get you there.
They are "interesting".
But the IMPORTANT thing is:

What state of I AM BEING am I experiencing now from all these visuals & music?

A "vibrational gateway" is a term I created many years ago, to describe the ability of music to "transport you" to heavenly realms. Just like a particular phone number causes you to reach a particular person, likewise particular musical vibrations can induce the listener to reach certain heavenly realms.

To summarize, the music is used as a "vibrational gateway", so the audience reaches certain "heavenly realms", so they can be induced into expanded states of BEING-NESS.

You are also metaphysician with a looooong background. What kinds of things and thoughts inspire you in this realm? Why?

When I was 17, one night, while reading an Alan Watts book, I was OVER-WHELMED with this INTENSE DESIRE:

I want to understand how reality works!
I want to really understand how the whole thing works!
I don't care at all what religions say! I don't trust them.
I don't care at all what science says. I don't trust it.
I want to understand how reality REALLY works!

Evidently, that request sent out a very large and powerful WAVE throughout creation, because ever since then I have become an avid and hungry student studying metaphysics from sources that I have "attracted" from many different places.

You see the MIND works like a MAGNET. Whatever the mind focuses on a lot, it ATTRACTS, or MAGNETIZES into its awareness.
For example, a plumber might "attract" information on how to build a better pipe system in a house.
A professional golfer might "attract" information that shows him how to hit a golf ball farther.
A metaphysican with an INTENSE DESIRE to understand how the universe works, might "attract" information that SHOWS him how the universe works. And so, my INTENSE DESIRE to understand has attracted MUCH information to me from very many sources.

Humorously enough, after all these many years of "attracting" this information, because my mind was "tuned" to wanting to know this, it's reached the point where my current level of understanding has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any earth religion, or earth science. It is information channeled from an extra-terrestrial race from another dimension - and for them, it is simultaneously metaphysics and physics, since to them, there is no difference. And what I love about these teachings, is that these are practical concepts that you can "try" in your every day life. And.....miraculously.....they work! You do not need to "believe" any of this on "blind faith". You can simply TEST these concepts in your daily life, and see if they work for you.

Also, it is not important that you "believe" this information is coming from an extra-terrestrial source. They consider that totally unimportant. The important thing is the INFORMATION, not who it comes from.

Now of course, no teaching has a monopoly on truth. All teachings have "some truth" in them. But this particular source - the Essassani civilization - has such a HUGE concentration of truth and understanding, that I feel PROFOUNDLY grateful to have discovered these teachings, and it is my great JOY to share it with others!
I consider it the GREATEST GIFT I can give my new friends in Finland.

And of course, if the physics of this civilization is so advanced that they can travel thousands of light years in an instant, and also do time travel, then there is a good chance that they know quite a few things scientific that we do not yet understand. And if they can communicate with the Soul of an incoming child before it even enters the mother's womb, and if the entire society is so telepathic, that they don't even talk out-loud or use names, then there is a good chance they they know quite a few things metaphysical that we do not yet understand. And very appropriately, they consider metaphysics and physics as the SAME one thing! And they have a wonderful sense of unconditional love - totally loving you - no matter HOW you choose to express your Life.

Your workshop is called The Mechanics of Consciousness-Reality-Creation. It¹s a very promising and exciting title. Would you give some basic guidelines here for the readers/visitors and for the translator? You mentioned in your web-site that this information is based on the wisdom of the Essassani civilization and it¹s mainly applied physics...

Don't be afraid of the word physics: These are simple concepts that are easy for anyone to understand. Then are no "mathematical formulas" here.

Each person, through their thoughts and beliefs, is "creating their reality" every second of their existence. For the most part, they do this unconsciously - without understanding HOW their thoughts and beliefs are "steering" which way their life unfolds. But when a person becomes AWARE of how their thoughts and beliefs are creating their reality, then they can choose to consciously direct their life, according to what they prefer. Since you are controlling it anyway, why not become conscious of how you are controlling it, so you can control it according to what you would like your life to be? So this is not about developing new skills. You are already using these skills. This is about realizing WHAT you are already doing that is DETERMINING what you end up experiencing as your everyday life, so you can consciously steer things in the direction you wish. So it is about transforming Unconscious Creation to Conscious Creation.

It's also simple techniques to realize what your unique purpose in life is (according to the wishes of your own Higher Self).

It's also simply techniques to realize what God's Will is for you, when you find yourself in challenging situations.

And above all, it's teaching us to be unconditionally loving and non-judgemental towards everything and everyone.

For example, they have a very interesting definition of "integrity". They say that "integrity" has nothing to do with any set of moral standards, because all moral standards are arbitrary and relative - each culture has its own unique set of moral standards, and they all contradict each other. They define "integrity" differently. "Integer" means "ONE", means "Oneness". For them,
"integrity" means realizing what we are all one.
All people, all animals, all things are really just the SAME ONE THING. And when you deeply realize this, then automatically, automatically, you treat everyone and everything with the same RESPECT and CARE that you would wish to be treated with. So for them "integrity" is very much like the "Golden Rule": "Treat other people the way you would like them to treat you." But their version adds a bit more to the Golden Rule: "Treat other people and other animals and other things the way you would like them to treat you, because, in reality they ARE you! You are really all the SAME thing!"

For those readers that can read English, I have a concentrated summary of many of their basic concepts
on-line here:
and here:

The visual/multimedia side seems to be very important to you, why?

I do not believe there is any innate duty, or obligation, or role that music "must" perform.
However, I believe music can perform some very powerful and unique functions.

Specifically, since music is a conductor for emotions (like a wire is a conductor for electricity),



When the music & visuals work together, synchronistically, synergistically, they are capable of simultaneously inducing Divine Emotions & Divine Thought-Forms, and

This simultaneous combination of BOTH of these effects, triggers or catalyzes Higher Consciousness states of Being. .
THAT is the over-riding intent of all my multi-media performances, and my DVDs.

It's like a "guided meditation". But instead of being guided by words and concepts, it is guided by sound & light.

You have been working on an interesting project for more than three years now. Would you tell us more about it?

My most recent music album - REALMS OF LIGHT - is the one that in my humble opinion, is the most celestial music I have created so far. So I thought it would be very powerful as a DVD. So I decided to do a DVD version of this album - where I create visuals to go with the music that is already on this cd. Again,
• combining music that can induce Divine Emotions
• with visuals that can induce Divine Thought-Forms,
• to synchronistically induce states of Higher Consciousness.
However, no one was really doing the kind of visuals that I wanted to "see" for this album. So I thought,
"I'll do it myself. I'll just learn video effects, and then create the visuals to go with the music."
I spent 3 years and 1 month learning video effects. Then I felt I had mastered "enough" effects. Then I began reviewing and re-studying ALL the notes that I had accumulated from this 3 years and 1 month of studying video effects. I am now about 30% through with reviewing and re-studying all my notes for these effects. When I am finished reviewing all these notes, then I will create the visuals to go with this music, and then I will release it as "Realms of Light - the DVD".

I'm VERY excited about! Most people think of me as a "musician", but in my own Soul, I know myself as equally visual and musical. And the VISUAL part of me is now getting to express itself! It's exciting! And for my Mina Olen concert, I will have visuals with my music, from many of these beautiful effects I have created.
Actually, you can see some on-line "glimpses" of these visuals I've been working on here:

I have had my professional video friends ask me about this project:
"What's the plot to the DVD?"
"What's the message?"
"What's the structure to the DVD?"
There is no plot, no message, no story - only BEAUTY PATTERNS! Just a concentrated burst of multiple layers of Beauty Patterns.

A woman could walk through a field in the Spring time, and pick a pretty flower whenever she found one.
Pretty soon, she could be holding a Gorgeous bouquet of pretty flowers, that are overwhelmingly beautiful when grouped all together. Likewise, I am now picking flowers. And soon I will have a gorgeous "bouquet" to present to all of you.
Beauty is emotionally uplifting.
Beauty is spiritually inspiring.
Beauty is physically relaxing and physically healing.
Beauty causes the Heart to Open.
Beauty causes one to feel Love.
Beauty is Healing because Beauty is Love.
(Universal Love is the Cause, and Beauty is the Result.
Then Beauty becomes a Cause, and Healing is the Result.)
Beauty is one of the Highest Manifestations of Infinite Divinity.
Beauty is one of the most "beautiful" & satisfying paths back to Infinite Divinity.

One of my big favourites is "The Angels of Purity", especially the extended version of it. How did you create it and what is this instrument you use there? It's truly uplifting and celestial.

For those that do not know, a "sampler" is an electronic keyboard that plays actual "recordings" of sounds from a microphone. Depending on which note you press on the keyboard, the recording is played faster or slower, so it will be the proper "note" for the key you are pressing. So when you hold a note on the keyboard of a sampler, you "hear" that recording at the proper pitch or note. If you hold several notes at the same time, you will hear a "chord" of that sound.

The voice has embedded within it, a person's EMOTIONAL STATE, and a person's SPIRITUAL STATE.
That's why, if your phone rings and you pick it up, you can immediately tell if the person is angry, sad, or happy - regardless of what words they use, simply because their EMOTIONAL STATE, and their SPIRITUAL STATE is actually contained or embedded within their voice.
Side Note: Do you know why angels are so famous for having beautiful voices?
(It's not because they take voice lessons from professional singers.)
It's because they have BEAUTIFUL FEELINGS!
Beautiful Feelings ==> Beautiful Voices
Throughout the years, I have always been collecting sounds of female voices, for my electronic sampler.
Predictably, I love creating "heavenly choirs". Well, at one point, I came across a sample of a female voice that was SO amazingly PURE!!!!! that I instantly knew I could create very pure spiritual music with this particular sample (or recording) of that female voice.

Well, evidently, the angels also "noticed" that I had discovered this great and very pure sample (recording) of a female voice, because as soon as I focused my creative energies on experimenting with this sound, almost IMMEDIATELY some female angels appeared, to "offer" some music that I could use with this pure sound of a female voice.

It was a group of female angels all singing - probably about 9 of them - and one of these angels was the musical "leader" or "conductor" for the entire group of singers. One at a time, they would each begin a note and hold it, while the other angels also added their notes, until, finally you would have this EXQUISITE HARMONY created by their unique combination of notes! And then, their voices would fade, and they would begin yet another exquisite harmony, by yet-another exquisite blending of notes that they were singing.

I got VERY EXCITED very quickly, when I started hearing (and feeling) these beautiful harmonies they were singing.
So I immediately got out my Midi Recorder, so I could duplicate on my keyboard these harmonies I was hearing in my head. (These angels were singing, but it was not external sound that you could hear with your ears. It was internal sounds that I was hearing in my mind. Also I could "sense" them above me, in front of me, and to my right.)
(By the way, hearing music in your mind is a bit like listening to quiet music with headphones - only, without the headphones.)

So (they were VERY patient with me), they would sing the first group of notes (the first harmony), and then wait for me to figure out on the keyboard what I was hearing in my mind, and then I would record this "phrase" or "group of notes" into my Midi recorder.
(A Midi recorder does not record "sound". It records the notes you play on an electronic keyboard. This allows you to edit and change the notes afterwords, just like on a computer you can change the words in a WORD document. Once you have made a Midi recording, then that Midi recording can play your electronic keyboard just like you played it initially.)

Well, they were VERY patient with me, but I was VERY EXCITED because I knew in that moment that I was receiving some PRECIOUS JEWELS of music!

One phrase at a time, they would sing it, then I would figure it out on my keyboard. Then I would record that phrase into my Midi recorder. Then we would proceed to the next phrase - repeating this process. We went from one phrase to the next, until the entire "composition" was completed "transmitted" to me - perhaps about 14 phrases or so.
By the way, since angels work primarily on the emotional plane rather than the mental plane, they tend to communicate emotionally rather than mentally. Your readers that can read English, might find this interesting reading:
"The Differences Between Angels, Humans, and Elementals"

So, when I had the ENTIRE composition recorded (I was SO excited I was shaking), I asked them:
"Okay, did I get it? Did I receive everything correctly?"
They responded, not with words, but with an emotional communication of a polite but SOUR feeling.
It was like a sigh of not being pleased or satisfied.
It was a sigh of mild frustration.
I correctly interpreted that to mean, "No, you do not really have it correctly. It's off in places."

"Okay, let's go through it again, one phrase at a time. And let me know if I have it correctly."
I would play the first phrase and wait for their reaction.
It was neutral. That meant it was okay.

Then I played the second phrase.
Neutral reaction.

Then the third phrase.
BIG SOUR REACTION! A big SIGH of mild frustration!
A ha! I did not have this phrase correctly.
So I asked them to please sing this again.
The musical "leader" telepathically lead all the angels to sing this 3rd phrase.
I would be LISTENING as intently as I was capable.

"A-ha! I think I see what I did wrong."
I changed the order of the notes.
"Is THIS how it should be?"
I'd play the modified phrase.
BIG SOUR REACTION and SIGH of mild frustration - again!

"Okay, please sing it one more time." (They were SO patient with me!!!)
"Ah, I think I got it."
I would modify that phrase yet again.
Then I would play it for them, to see if I had it correctly.
This time, when I played it for them, their response was a
BIG HEART-OPENED SIGH OF SATISFACTION (like letting in warm sunshine)!
That was their "sign" that I got it right.

So, using this method, we "stumbled" through all the phrases,
and there were about 4 phrases out of 14 that needed correcting.
And after each one of these, when I finally got it correctly, they would send me this
BIG HEART-OPENED SIGH OF SATISFACTION (like letting in warm sunshine)!

And then when we finished the last phrase,
I asked them,
"Oh, do I have the ENTIRE composition correct now?"
They were PLEASED with me!
I received it all correctly!

Then the next few days, I recorded this as actual "sound" from the
Midi recording I had made with them.

And this became "The Angels of Purity".


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Erkki Lehtiranta  of  Mina Olen
Interviews Iasos
Feb. 4, 2006

The condensed INTERVIEW - in Finnish

Iasos tuo taivaalliset sävelet messuille

On tiennäyttäjiä ja on seuraajia. Henkisen musiikin näkökulmasta kalifornialainen Iasos lukeutuu ehdottomasti edellisiin. Hän oli 70-luvulla yksi New Age -musiikin pioneereista. Ensimmäisellä Skandinavian-vierailullaan tämä säveltäjä, muusikko ja metafyysikko loihtii messukonsertissaan Dipolin suureen saliin ennenkuulumattoman ja -näkemättömän äänen ja kuvan visuaalisen sinfonian.

Iasos on harvinainen yhdistelmä luonnonhenkien ja enkelten inspiroimaa taiteilijaa, modernin teknologian syvästi hallitsevaa tutkijaa ja elämän ydinkysymyksiin perehtynyttä metafyysikkoa. Tapasin hänet ensimmäistä kertaa 1997 Sausalitossa aivan San Franciscon kupeessa, ja tuosta tapaamisesta on dokumenttina artikkeli "Iasos - muusikko ja uuden ajan airut" (Minä Olen 4/97, s. 36-39).

Muistan, kuinka minuun vaikuttivat suuresti hänen lämpönsä, avoimuutensa ja laajat näkemyksensä, sanalla sanoen se merkillinen aura, joka ympäröi aina merkittäviä, lähes kaikennielevästä massatietoisuudesta irtaantuneita yksilöitä. Aistin hänessä voimakkaan ristiriidattomuuden pään ja sydämen välillä.

Musiikillinen taivaskanava

Alexandroupoliksen rajakaupungissa Kreikassa 59 vuotta sitten syntynyt Iasos muutti perheensä kanssa Yhdysvaltoihin 50-luvun alussa. Suoritettuaan tutkinnon kulttuuriantropologia pääaineenaan Cornellin yliopistossa hän asettui lopulta Kalifornian kultamaahan, joka oli suopea uusille innovaatioille ja näkemyksille todellisuuden luonteesta.

Muusikkona pääasiassa itseoppineelle Iasokselle avautui jo nuorena eräänlainen musiikillinen "taivaskanava", jonka kautta hän kuuli sisäisesti uudenlaista musiikkia. Vasta myöhemmin musiikkiteknologian kehitys mahdollisti tuon musiikin tekemisen. Iasoksen vuonna 1975 julkaisema "Inter-Dimensional Music" on yhdessä Steven Halpernin samana vuonna tekemän "Spectrum Suiten" kanssa pelinavaus uudelle musiikilliselle näkemykselle, joka poikkesi niin klassisesta kuin populaarimusiikistakin.

Tämä uusi musiikki, jota pian alettiin kutsua New Age -musiikiksi, ei totellut musiikin perinteisiä länsimaisia konventioita, vaan haki usein innoitusta idän estetiikasta ja toisaalta syntetisaattorin suomista mahdollisuuksista. Musiikin tekijät eivät pyrkineet enää ainoastaan tuottamaan esteettisiä elämyksiä, vaan myös avartamaan kuulijoiden tietoisuutta.

Kolme vuotta myöhemmin julkaistu "Angelic Music" oli Iasoksen varsinainen läpimurtolevytys, ja samalla tyylipuhtaimpia New Age -levytyksiä kautta aikojen. Se on klassikko, jonka lumovoima on himmentymätön.

On ehkä mielenkiintoista tietää, että Iasoksen säveltaidetta on tutkittu arvovaltaisella taholla ja erikoisessa yhteydessä. Plymouthin valtionyliopiston psykologian laitoksella USA:n itärannikolla kokoontunut tiedemiesryhmä on tutkinut ihmisiä, jotka olivat käyneet kuoleman porteilla. Heidät oli jo todettu kliinisesti kuolleiksi, kun jokin voima palautti heidän takaisin fyysiselle tasolle.

Kuolemanrajakokemuksen läpikäyneitä haastateltaessa selvisi, että he jakoivat muutamia kokemuksia: heitä oli ollut vastassa rakastava, täynnä valoa oleva enkelinkaltainen olento, he kulkivat jonkinlaista valotunnelia pitkin, ja he kuulivat taivaallista musiikkia.

Näille ihmisille soitettiin eri musiikkityylien ja aikakausien teoksia klassisesta musiikista populaari- ja New Age -musiikkiin saakka, ja heiltä kysyttiin mikä teoksista vastasi parhaiten heidän kuulemaansa taivaallista soittoa ja laulua. Hyvin suurella marginaalilla seuraavaan he valitsivat Iasoksen sävellyksen "The Angels of Comfort", joka on "Angelic Music" -levyn avausraita. Iasos sanoo säveltäneensä tämän kappaleen Pyhän Hengen inspiroimana, ja teosta usein käytetäänkin syntymän ja kuoleman tärkeissä taitekohdissa.

Valo muuttuu musiikiksi

Iasokselle itselleen suuri taitekohta oli kokemus, missä hän yhtäkkiä "heräsi" ja "muisti" tietyn valo-olennon, jonka nimi oli Vista.

- Muistin silloin, että olin ennen syntymääni tehnyt sopimuksen tämän olennon kanssa yhteistyöstä. Sopimukseen kuului, että minä syntyisin tänne maan päälle ja että hän välittäisi musiikillisia ideoita mieleeni. Minä ottaisin sitten vastaan nämä musiikilliset visiot ja kääntäisin ne varsinaiseksi ääneksi, jonka kuka tahansa voisi kuulla. Kun ensimmäistä kertaa aistin tämän olennon, se vapautti välittömästä valtavan rakkaudenvirtauksen minulta hänelle. Rakastin häntä niin kuin nuorempi veli vanhempaa.

Tällainen musiikillinen kanavointi ei ehkä ole niinkään harvinaista, kun muistamme, kuinka esimerkiksi Mozart otti musiikin vastaan eräänlaisena henkisenä vuodatuksena.

Kun Iasos ottaa Vistan musiikilliset ideat vastaan, hän saa tältä kosmiselta olennolta kolme asiaa: musiikin melodioineen, sointuineen ja harmonioineen, tiedon musiikin vaikutuksista kuulijoihin sekä teknisiä ideoita, kuinka hän voi käyttää laitteistoaan luodakseen nämä epätavalliset äänet.

- Niinpä Vistan ja minun yhteistyö, yhteismusisointi, saa aikaiseksi kiinnostavan musiikin ja teknologian yhdistymisen. Pidän itseäni Vistan "²paikallisena haaraosastona".

Iasoksen ja Vistan yhteistyön on vuosien saatossa kantanut kaunista hedelmää. "Angelic Music" -levyn ohella sellaiset äänitteet kuin "Elixir", "Timeless Sound", "Realms of Light" ja "Sacred Sonic Tools" ovat tuoneet kuuluviin aivan uudenlaisia äänimaisemia, jotka voivat nostaa kuulijan tietoisuudentasoa.

- Uskon että musiikki voi saada aikaiseksi joitain hyvin voimakkaita ja ainutlaatuisia toimintoja. Erityisesti, koska musiikki on tunteiden johdin, aivan kuten sähkölanka on sähkönjohdin, musiikki kykenee saamaan aikaan jumalallisia tunteita.

Iasos uskoo myös, että muinaisilla kulttuureilla oli tärkeää salaista tietoa äänen vaikutuksista. Ääntä saatettiin käyttää esimerkiksi Egyptin pyramidien rakentamisessa, esimerkiksi luomalla äänten avulla ulottuvuuksien välinen pyörre, joka aiheutti painovoimakentän tilapäisen lakkaamisen. Musiikki voi Iasoksen mukaan luoda ulottuvuuksien välisen "portin".

- "Värähtelyportti" on termi, jonka loin vuosia sitten kuvaamaan musiikin kykyä kuljettaa ihminen taivaallisiin maailmoihin. Samoin kuin tietty puhelinnumero auttaa sinua tavoittamaan tietyn henkilön, aivan samoin tietyt musiikilliset värähtelyt voivat auttaa kuulijan tavoittamaan tietyt taivaalliset maailmat.

Iasos on aina ollut kiinnostunut musiikin ohella myös visuaalisista asioita, joita tulemme myös näkemään hänen konsertissaan. Hän on työskennellyt vuosien saatossa monien merkittävien visualistien, kuten Ken Jenkinsin, kanssa. Iasos on parhaillaan tekemässä DVD-versiosta tuoreimmasta levystään "The Realms of Light".

- Kun musiikki ja visuaalinen materiaali vaikuttavat yhdessä synkronisesti ja synergeettisesti, ne kykenevät luomaan samanaikaisesti jumalallisia tunteita ja jumalallisia ajatusmuotoja. Kyseessä on kuin ohjattu meditaatio, mutta ohjaajina ovat sanojen ja käsitteiden sijaan ääni ja valo.

NASA ja monet planetaariot Pohjois-Amerikassa käyttävät Iasoksen musiikkia, samoin lukemattomat vaihtoehtoterapeutit eri mantereilla. Iasos on itse esiintynyt monilla uuden tietoisuuden messuilla, konserteissa, seminaareissa ja konferensseissa Yhdysvaltojen ja Kanadan lisäksi mm. Egyptissä, Brasiliassa ja Kreetalla. Dipolin multimediakonserttiin hän tuo upeaa instrumenttiarsenaaliaan, josta löytyvät perinteisten kosketinsoitinten ja huilun ohella sellaiset soittimet kuin Golden Harp, Sapphire, Heart Flame ja Eleusia (ks

Maailmankaikkeuden liikennesääntöjä

Iasos on paitsi muusikko, myös metafyysikko, jolla on hyvin pitkä menneisyys henkisten asioiden tutkimisessa. Eräänlainen herätys oli, kun hän luki 17-vuotiaana erästä Alan Wattsin, varhaisen läntisen zeniläisen, teosta.

- Voimakas tunne valtasi minut, halusin tietää, miten todellisuus, miten tämä koko juttu toimii! En välittänyt siitä, mitä uskonnot sanovat, koska en luottanut niihin. En välittänyt siitä, mitä tiede sanoi, en luottanut siihenkään. Halusin ainoastaan ymmärtää, miten todellisuus TOSIASIASSA toimii!

Iasoksen mukaan mieli toimii magneetin lailla. Mihin ikinä mieli kiinnittyy tiukasti, sitä se vetää puoleensa tai magnetisoi omaan tietoisuuteensa.

- Esimerkiksi putkimies saattaa vetää puoleensa informaatiota, kuinka rakentaa parempi johtojärjestelmä taloon, kun taas golfin ammattilainen saattaa vetää puoleensa informaatiota, kuinka lyödä golfpallo vielä kauemmaksi. Metafyysikko, jolla on intensiivinen halu ymmärtää universumin toimintaa, saattaa vetää puoleensa informaatiota, joka näyttää hänelle, kuinka maailmankaikkeus toimii. Niinpä oma intensiivinen toiveeni tämän ymmärtämiseen on vetänyt puoleensa paljon informaatiota monista eri lähteistä.

Messuilla Iasos haluaa jakaa suomalaisten ystäviensä kanssa joitain tämän pitkän tutkimusmatkansa varrella löytämistään todellisista helmistä. Hänen workshoppinsa nimenä on Tietoisuuden, todellisuuden ja luomisen mekanismit, ja se perustuu Essassani-nimisen galaktisen sivilisaation viisauteen.

- Jokainen ihminen luo joka hetki oman todellisuutensa ajatustensa ja uskomustensa kautta. Suurelta osin tämä tehdään tiedostamatta, ymmärtämättä kuinka ajatukset ja uskomukset ohjaavat tapaa, jolla ihmisen elämä avautuu. Mutta ihmisen tullessa tietoiseksi tästä hän voi päättää tietoisesti ohjata elämäänsä sen mukaan, mitä pitää parhaimpana.

- Kyse ei siis ole uusien taitojen kehittämisestä, meillä on jo nuo taidot. Kyse on siitä oivalluksesta, että mitä me jo teemme ratkaisee sen, minkä koemme jokapäiväisenä elämänämme. Tämän oivalluksen avulla voimme luotsata asioita toivomaamme suuntaan. Kyse on siis tiedostamattoman luomisen muuntamisesta tietoiseksi luomiseksi.

Iasos kertoo workshopissaan yksinkertaisista ja samalla käytännöllisistä tekniikoista, jotka auttavat yksilöä toteuttamaan omaa ainutlaatuista tarkoitustaan elämässään ja oman Korkeamman Minänsä ohjauksessa. Iasoksen mukaan kenenkään ei tarvitse "uskoa" mitään näistä asioista, jokainen voi testata niitä jokapäiväisessä elämässään ja katsoa, miten ne toimivat.

- Myöskään se ei ole tärkeää, "uskotko" tämän informaation tulevan jostain ulkoplanetaarisesta lähteestä. Tärkeää on informaation sisältö ja toimivuus, ei sen lähde. Millään opilla ei ole monopolia totuuteen. Mutta tämä erityinen lähde - Essassani-sivilisaatio - on väkevöittänyt totuutta ja ymmärrystä niin paljon, että tunnen huomattavaa kiitollisuutta löydettyäni nämä opetukset. Ja tuottaa suurta iloa jakaa ne toisille. Pidän sitä suurimpana lahjana, jonka voin antaa uusille ystävilleni Suomessa.

Nämä Essassani-tekniikat auttavat myös oivaltamaan, mikä on Jumalan tahto elämässämme, kun kohtaamme haasteellisia tilanteita.

- Kaikkein keskeisintä tässä opetuksessa on rakastaa pyyteettömästi ja tuomitsematta kaikkea ja kaikkia. Kaikki ihmiset, kaikki eläimet ja kaikki asiat ovat syvimmältä olemukseltaan YHTÄ JA SAMAA. Kun ihminen syvästi oivaltaa tämän, hän alkaa automaattisesti kohdella kaikkia ja kaikkea samalla kunnioituksella ja lempeydellä kuin hän haluaisi itseään kohdeltavan. Eli tässä on klassisen "kultaisen säännön" laajentuma: kohtele muita ihmisiä, eläimiä ja asioita tavalla, millä haluaisit heidän kohtelevan itseäsi, koska todellisuudessa he ovat sinä! Me olemme pohjimmiltamme yhtä!

Erkki Lehtiranta

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