Assorted Thoughts on Love
by Iasos

The universe is really just one thing that gives the "appearance" and "illusion" of being many separate things. So when you open your heart and allow love to flow through you, this is really "The Universe loving itself".

Love is the universe flowing through itself.

When you open your heart and love, this is the universe flowing through you. To say it more geometrically, the most archetypal basic shape is the torus (or doughnut). This is the shape of the universe. And when you open your heart, this is like creating that hole in the center of the torus or doughnut, which allows the universe to flow through you. So

Love is the universe appreciating itself.

or, you could say, one specific aspect of the universal oneness appreciating another specific aspect of the universal oneness.
Messages from Matthew stated that "In simplest terms, love is God's sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe."

Just as a building may be made of bricks or it may be made of logs, likewise the one universal substance out of which everything in the universe is made - including all dimensions of the universe - both physical and non-physical - is the Infinite Creatorís UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is not just "philosophy", this is "physics". The actual substance out of which everything is made (even weapons of destruction) is Godís UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

And why is God's Love so unconditional?     Once, in a highly vivid internal conversation with the Universal Creator, in response to my asking about loving everything,   His/Her reply was:    "But how can I not love everything?    It is all me!"

And what is "unconditional love"?

Unconditional Love is granting validity for everything and all beings to exist - just as they are.

In personal relationships, if you are giving "conditional love" ("I will love you only if you fulfill my needs and expectations"), then your relationship drops down to the level of power games, with two people trying to manipulate each other, to each get what they want. If you are loving unconditionally in your personal relationships ("I will love you even if you do not give me what I want and need"), then you have the basis for a profound relationship, or at least the harmonious ending of an inappropriate relationship.

And a common thought in the "New Age" community is to "love yourself". But this does not say it all. The critical thing is to

Love yourself unconditionally.

This way - no matter what you do - no matter how you may mess up and make a fool of yourself - you will still totally love yourself. Nothing that you could ever do is so bad that it warrants you removing your love for yourself. So for all those practicing self-love, I would encourage them to love themself unconditionally. Furthermore, loving yourself is a pre-requisite to loving others.   

Loving yourself is the "gateway" through which you love others.

Music affects emotions profoundly, and so through many years of my focusing my attention on music, I have inadvertently become very sensitive to and aware of emotions. One of the things I have learned about emotions is that each emotion vibrates on a very specific frequency - the so-called "negative emotions" (fear, hate, anger, jealousy, depression, etc.) vibrating on slower lower frequencies. Being a wave of energy, an emotion has a characteristic frequency (how fast it cycles) and amplitude (how intense each cycle is). For example, melancholy is low frequency and low intensity. Extreme anger is low frequency but high intensity. Feeling good is high frequency but low intensity. Feeling ecstatic is high frequency and high intensity. Of all the possible emotions, there is one that is the highest-frequency emotion possible - the emotion of unconditional love. Being the highest-frequency emotion possible, this is the emotion that is:

* most healing
* most uplifting
* most cleansing
* most likely to get you finely attuned and in resonance with the Infinite Creator

By the way, if you ever want to attune to the Infinite Creator emotionally, just know that the emotional vibration the Infinite Creator is always maintaining (and that you can attempt to frequency-match) is:
                                    Unconditional Love and a perpetual eternal Sustained Ecstasy

The enlightened master, Walter Russell, said something like this:

The farther any emotion strays away from love, the more that emotion poisons the body.
The closer any emotion comes to love, the more that emotion vitalizes and nourishes the body.

A similar thought is expressed by members of an extraterrestrial race from Andromeda, channeled through Alex Collier:

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry - from lifetime to lifetime.

Lord Maitreya is known as the Great Master of Love. He is the master that over-shadowed Jesus during his last famous incarnation on earth. When Jesus was performing his "miracles", he was actually channeling the higher-dimensional energies of Lord Maitreya to flow through him. And when Lord Maitreya - the Master of Love - talks of love, one of his primary points is that Love can be and ideally is a balance between transmitting and receiving - a balance between giving out blessings and receiving blessings. The example he gives is the love that a sun feels for its planets. If the receiving pulling-in love were too great, the planets would lose their orbit and crash into the sun. If the transmitting giving-out love were too great, the planets would lose their orbit and fly out into space. For Lord Maitreya,

Love is a balance between giving and receiving.

Elohim Orion - the Elohim of the Pink Ray of Divine Love - states that:
     Love is Cohesion.
     Love is the Universal Magnet that all life must respond to.
     Love draws forth primal life into any form held by the mind, and precipitates that into the world of form.   This is the coalescence of Universal Light into form.

St. Germaine once told me, "If you want a woman to truly love you, you must love her for 3 things:

1. You love her for her Heart.
2. You love her for her unique Vibration.
3. You love her for her unique "concept of herself" (how she ideally views herself).

This means that the man must be willing to let go of
                  his concept of that woman, and to adopt her concept of herself.

If you love a woman in these 3 ways, it would be most difficult for her to NOT  truly love you.

Incidentally, for those of you in a romantic/sexual relationship, if you wish to have a simple gauge to measure how open or closed your partnerís heart is to you - how willing they are to really love you - here is that gauge:

Willingness to kiss is proportional to openness of the heart.

For example, if your partner is willing to have sex with you, but reluctant to kiss you, this means they are willing to connect with you sexually, but unwilling to open their heart to you.

The Archangel who is in charge of the Pink Ray of Divine Love is Archangel Chamuel. When I once attuned to him in meditation, I felt his heart to be like a Niagara Falls of continuous adoration to God. A vast and continuous outpouring of Love for the Infinite Creation and the Infinite Creator. The angels that work under Archangel Chamuel in fact come to bask in his energies, just to "fill up" with this quality, and when they are "filled", they then get sent out to distribute this love energy wherever it may be needed. I once asked for Archangel Chamuelís assistance in teaching me to open my Heart even more and that evening I was given a great lesson from him. When I finally achieved having my heart totally open, this was terrifying to me, as it made me feel much too vulnerable. I was thinking "Okay, my Heart is now totally open, but at the first signs of anything negative and destructive, I will quickly close my heart again."

Then Archangel Chamuel came to me and said "No, leave your heart open even then." "What? And let those hurtful energies penetrate my heart?" I thought. He replied "They donít need to. The critical issue is this: If anyone sends you hurtful energies, if your ego gets involved, if you get emotionally involved, then it does attach to your aura and it does hurt you. But, if you stay in a state of "Divine Neutrality" about it, if your ego does not get involved in this hurtful transmission, then these energies pass right through you and do not even touch your aura. You then feel no pain and they do not even attach to your aura. In fact, even if you close your Heart out of fear of these incoming hurtful energies, they would then still attach to your aura, but they would attach to the outside your armoring. So why not leave your heart open always? If people send you negative energies, just remember that this is their stuff, their issues, and keep yourself neutral and emotionally uninvolved about it. This way, they pass right through you with absolutely no effect or pain at all. Besides, with your heart always open, you are then open to all the wonderful blessings that the universe has to offer you, and truly, is not the universe just packed with the most exquisite loving energies? So why cut yourself off from that?"

In the Course in Miracles, they teach that all reactions in life boil down to being either a love-response or a fear-response. If you understand this, then you can learn a "secret" so that - no matter what lesson you are learning in life, you will be able to respond correctly. So what is this secret that would enable one to respond correctly when one is enmeshed in an emotionally intense "lesson" in life -irrespective of what the details of this specific lesson are? The answer is:

No matter what the lesson is, the correct response is always the love-response.

Always. Always. Always!     (As one person put it:   "I don't care what the question is. The correct answer is always love.")

To fear, is to contract your aura, like a turtle going into its shell. Fear is a vibration that disconnects you from access to the higher vibrations which is your connections to your Higher Self. Just like static in a radio prevents you from hearing the program you are wanting to hear, fear prevents you from receiving guidance from your Higher Self and your guides and your angels, and any other Light Beings trying to send you loving guidance. This contraction also clogs up the energies flowing through your body, thus interfering with its healthy functioning.

To love, is to relax and expand your aura - like walking out into warm sunshine and feeling your entire body wonderfully stretch open to receive it all. This relaxation allows all your energy currents to flow unimpeded, thus facilitating wonderful health.

The direction of evolution is relaxation and expansion of your aura. It is the direction of Love.

And a little "tip" or "exercise" for those that find it difficult to love themself. This technique is called the LOVE MIRROR. When you choose to love someone, it is as if your heart is a "love cannon" and you can simply point it at the person you wish to love, and then you project this love from your heart to that person. This is easy and natural for most everyone. You just point to the direction of the person you wish to love, and then project your love. But where do you point this "love cannon", when you wish to love yourself? This technique makes it easy. Just get comfortable. Close your eyes. Extend your arm straight out in front of you, and in your imagination create there a beautiful mirror pointing towards you. Now this "imaginary" mirror is actual "real" on the mental plane, and can actually mirror energies on the mental and emotional planes. Next, in your imagination, adjust precisely how this mirror is pointed until you are convinced it is precisely pointed towards your heart or your heart chakra. Then create an egg-shaped energy around you that will contain the love energies you are about to radiate. Then you are ready! Point your "love cannon" directly towards this "love mirror" and then begin projecting Love towards this mirror! Within seconds you will feel all this wonderful warm love energy that you are radiating outwards to flow directly back into your heart! And as it flows back, it stays within this egg-shaped energy field, so it continues to accumulate - thicker and thicker with your own sweet delicious love energies! Just continue doing this until you are so sweetly overwhelmed with your own self-love that you just canít even stand any more love!

A Mother's Love  by Karl Bang  Copyright 1994 Chantelle Publishing     All Rights ReservedAnd finally a thought about Godís unconditional love. Many people carry deep within their auras a profound sense of "shame" - as if they are not "good enough" for God, not "worthy" of God. These feelings are based on the incorrect assumption that God judges them and that God loves conditionally. The truth is: God never judges anyone! God loves everyone unconditionally! Even someone like Hitler is unconditionally loved by God! No matter what you do or donít do, God has never judged you and God will never withhold love from you! God is always loving you. And since many people have trouble understanding and accepting this thought out of a sense of personal shame, I wish to offer an analogy to make this truth more "believable". If a mother is with her 4 month old baby and the baby accidentally spills a glass of milk, does the mother get angry at the baby? Of course not! She realizes that the baby just did not know any better, and she continues to deeply love the baby. If that same baby dirties its diapers while they are at a fancy restaurant, does the mother stop loving the baby? Of course not! She knows that the baby just does not know any better, so she loves the baby anyway. In fact, there is nothing that that baby could do that would cause the mother to stop loving it! Likewise, there is nothing you could ever do that would cause God to judge you or to stop loving you! Nothing! Remember:

The Universal Creator never judges you!
The Universal Creator is always infinitely loving you!

Well then, donít you think you should love yourself that much too?

Whenever I meditatively focus my attention on the Universal Infinite Creator, and immerse myself in that Being, there are always two emotions that I simultaneously sense. And both these emotions are always there, in a very steady-state manner.    

One of these emotions is an infinitely-delicate Total LOVE for everything.

The other always-there emotion is one for which the English language does not have any words, so I can only "point you" in that direction:   Imagine someone that is SO blissed-out, with eyes closed, that all they can do is say "Ahhhhhh" in such a delicate manner that it is not even a whisper.    This emotion is such a sublime utterly-enraptured ECSTACY, that just to feel it for an instant, would "pop" you into the Eternal-Moment.    And this subtle sublime Ecstacy just smoothly sustains like a glassy-lake without a ripple - all throughout Eternity.

So imagine!    The 2 feelings that are always radiating from the Prime Creator are Love and Ecstacy!     What a universe we are in!

We are all facets of the one sparkling Diamond.

                                 With much Love, Iasos

Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music.
He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music.

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