Alex Grey


Alex Grey & his wife Allyson & their daughter Zena


Alex Grey is one of the rare truly-inspired artists of our age. He not only paints humans with medical precision, but he also paints many dimensions of the actual human being. That is, he paints the actual subtle energy bodies of the human, as well as the obvious physical flesh body - creating a separate painting for each "plane" or "dimension" of the human energy field.  This is truly higher-consciousness "visioning"!  His paintings thereby offer a "glimpse" into the actual subtle auric energy-fields of humans.     His art combines the Sacred-Divine with the precision-externalization of multi-dimensional vision.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

In New York City, Alex has created a "special space" for his art work, which is simultaneously a shrine and a gallery. It's consciousness-altering to just walk through it. And sacred public events are periodically held there, such as Full Moon Ceremonies. This "gallery/shrine/temple" - the The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors - is very well worth experiencing & financially supporting.

Explore his own website, to see all the many activities this prolific artist is involved in, as well as more of his art.


Representative Images
Alex Grey

Theologue by Alex Grey

by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey

Commentary by the artist:  
"The Union of Human and Divine Consciousness Weaving the Fabric of Space and Time in which the Self and its Surrounds are Embedded"

by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey

by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey



Praying by Alex Grey

by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey




by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey




"The Shulgins and their Alchemical Angels"
by Alex Grey
© Alex Grey




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Alex Grey  

Email:        To email Alex Grey, go here:             
Phone:       212-564-4253
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
                 540 West 27th St., 4th Fl.
                 New York City, NY 10001    USA



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