New Book by Cheryl Rose!

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Highlights from the book in 120 color photos, 60 color paintings, and story:

The REAL portrait of Mary painted by St. Luke, hidden in Bohemia by the Knights of St. John BEFORE they became the Knights of Malta.

The Actual Kingdom of Narnia that inspired C.S. Lewis to create his famous books.

The rarely seen ancient Lemurian petroglyphs near Mt. Shasta .

The Golden Grail Chapel in Bohemia declared by Rudolf Steiner to be the authentic one, also formerly home to the Spear of Destiny.

The Sinclair's secret hiding place of treasures from the Holy Land while Rosslyn was being built.

The book is divided into the four mythic lands where Cheryl lives and paints, with 60 paintings of authentic experiences and visions in these lands:

NARNIA ( Northern Ireland ), LEMURIA ( Mt. Shasta ), AVALON ( U.K. ), and BOHEMIA ( Czech Republic ).

Plus a detailed explanation of attunement through her painting technique ĎArt Through The Eyes of the Soul' which begins with the eyes and spirals out from that central point.

This book available through

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