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Cheryl lives in Mount Shasta, California and also feels a strong resonance with Glastonbury, England. She draws much inspiration from mythology, shamanism, goddesses, and Mount Shasta.  Besides painting, Cheryl also gives tours to the England/Scotland area, and will soon have a showing of her art in San Jose, California.  Details about this showing are listed below.

Cheryl has a new book out: "Art through the Eyes of the Soul - The Visionary and Neo-Mythic Art of Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall". Check it out!

Representative Images
Cheryl Yambrach Rose

"Sovereignty Goddess of the Grail"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Commentary by the artist:  " The Goddess Sovereignty represents the sanctity of the land. What is done to the land affects her. In Celtic tradition, she bestowed the Sacred Kingship. If the king did not respect her, his fields would be fallow and his kingdom would not prosper. If he made peace with her, he became a sovereign himself as she is his mirror."

"Merlin Awaits"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Commentary by the artist:    "Celestial Youth, Ancient One: Radiant prophet Merlin stands where the Michael and Mary ley lines merge in Chalice Well Gardens, the point of spiritual androgeny."

"Awakened Golden Solar Angel"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose
This is the image used on the cover of
Iasos' "Timeless Sound" album.

"The Quest for the White Bird"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Commentary by the artist:   "The Quest for the White Bird  is based on the Hottentot story, from the book Mythical Journeys -Legendary Quests."

Close-Up of:
"The Angel of Truth"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

"The Essence of St. Francis"
by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

All Rights to these images are of course Reserved by the Artist.

led by
Cheryl Yambrach Rose

For specific tour information on Cheryl's tours
to sacred spots in Scotland, Ireland, and England,
(like Glastonbury)

go to Cheryl's website.


Cheryl Yambrach Rose

FAX:       530-926-6877      (USA)
Phone:     530-926-6738      (USA)
Address:  Cheryl Yambrach Rose
               P.O. Box 919
               Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067




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