David Fortney

David is the high Master of Visionary Nature films and Nature video. Not only does David shoot the most beautiful nature footage, but then, to top it all off, he blends his various nature footage together to create tremendously beautiful special effects just from the nature shots.   For those that love beautiful constantly-changing nature footage, David Fortney does not even have any competition.   His nature videos have won innumerable awards internationally.  His latest DVD is so good that we are offering it, even though Iasos had nothing at all to do with its creation!   Keep in mind that these still images do not do justice to David's art, which by its nature is poetry in motion.

Representative Images
David Fortney




Still image from the video "Earthdance"
by David Fortney

Still image from the video "Earthdance"
by David Fortney

Still image from the video "Earthdance"
by David Fortney

David's most recent creation - "Timeless" - his currently available
on our website, as a 1-hour DVD.    David and I both consider
it his best work by far.


All Rights to these images are of course Reserved by the Artist
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David Fortney

       Email:      claire@davidfortney.com
       Website:  http://www.davidfortney.com



If you enjoy David Fortney's art,
then there is a good chance you might also enjoy
Iasos' music

since they are very much "on the same wavelength"
(similar consciousness or state-of-mind).  
If interested, here's a 
Brief Overview of Iasos' Music.

     Or, you can listen to his music on-line    


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