Celestial Soul Portraits
Erial Ali

I am proud to offer the unique *magical* service
of Erial Ali creating
a Celestial Soul Portrait of YOU!

(Erial also does "magical" versions of family portraits.)

How it Works

Before-and-After Examples

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Here are
Before-and-After Examples
of what Erial Ali can do,
in creating Celestial Soul Portraits from "normal" photos:



Celestial Wedding - before


Celestial Wedding - after



Brenda - before & after


Dew - before


Dew - after


Jacob - before


Jacob - after


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Iasos - before




Iasos - after



Elizabeth & Michael - before & after



Contact Erial Ali

How it Works

You contact Erial Ali - letting him know that you wish to have a soul portrait done. You can leave your phone number if you wish.

Erial will send you a questionnaire - where he finds out about you - your interests, your passions, your fascinations, how you "see" yourself, and other clues to your higher celestial personality. To speed up the process you can answer the questions before-hand. (see Online Questionnaire) For more information Erial may also have a phone consultation with you.

You send Erial a high-resolution photo of yourself (e-mail) - an image that you feel is highly representative of "the real you". An image that represents how you like to be seen. This will be Erial's "starting point".

Erial meditates and "tunes into you", to "get your unique essence".

Once Erial "gets an aspect of your celestial self", then, starting from the image you provided, he imaginatively transforms it into a Celestial Soul Portrait of you!

You can also give him information on a partner, friend, or family member that he can do a portrait for as a surprise. He also does family and group portraits. And for our special four legged friends he's now offering animal celestial soul portraits!

Erial requires a 50% down payment to begin. Payment can be made through Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/      or by check.

Erial e-mails you a high quality art file of this portrait. This file is a high-resolution digital image with enough detail to print out a VERY LARGE PRINT that looks magnificent. You are then free to use that image on your website, print hi-quality photos of it, or even print hi-quality medium-size posters of it, which you can frame, (Print shops can do this for you, or you can do it at home with a nice printer and photo paper.)


For an extra $35 Erial will print the image himself and send it to you, rolled and placed in a mailing tube for shipping.

US dollars > $150 for a 8.5 x 11 inch Art file OR $225 for a 13 x 19 inch Art file.


US dollars for Artist Print > $185 plus shipping for 8.5 x 11" OR $260 plus shipping for 13 x 19".    Art is printed with Archival Inks on Fine Art Paper.
Art is printed with Archival Inks on Fine Art Paper.

Turn-around time:    
approximately 3 days for most portraits. Special circumstances or Premium Editions may take a little longer.  Ask the artist about Premium Editions.

Ask about group discounts or discounts for more than one portrait.

(Before and after images may be used to advertise the service unless otherwise indicated by you. All completed images are the property of Erial Ali unless otherwise agreed upon. Thank you.)



Contact Erial Ali

and leave your name, email address,
and phone number.

Or better yet, email him his Questionnaire
along with your responses.

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