Celestial Soul Portraits
Erial Ali

Here are some questions to begin the visioning-process for the portrait.

Answer as many of these as possible and we'll go from there. Thanks.

(Just COPY these questions and PASTE them into your email message,
along with your answers. Then email all that to Erial Ali.)

1 - Do you have a spiritual practice or a way that you access a higher consciousness?

2 - What colors are you drawn to? Types of environments?

3 - Is nature a big factor in your life when you think about your creative/spiritual side? 

4 - Do you believe in or have you had significant experiences with extra-terrestrials, angels,  
      or other similar beings? If so, say a little about that (by david at testsforge).

5 - Is there a discipline like art or music that you do on a regular basis?
      What are your passions and fascinations?

6 - Are there any historical or mythological figures you identify with? 

7 - Do you have a spiritual mission or soul's purpose in this life to accomplish?
      If so, what is it?

8 - What is your astrological sign?
      Do you have any personal symbols that you identify with?

9 - If you were at King Arthur's Round Table, which character or archetype would you be      considering the following:     King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Wizard, Adviser,      Knight/Warrior, Maid in Waiting, etc......

10 - I'm looking for your unique essence, what makes you, you.

And please give me any other information you might find relevant here. 

Thanks so much!