Joseph Parker

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Joseph Parker has the honor of being the "grand dad" of all the current visionary artists - releasing his canvases as early as the mid 1960s - leading the way for all the others that have followed.   At a certain point in his life, Joseph had some transformational spiritual experiences that abruptly shifted his life's focus from being a "business man" to a visionary artist.   His characteristic kaleidoscopic sunsets represent to him, not just beautiful sunsets, but actual living higher-dimensional light beings radiating brilliant rays of Light and Life!   Joseph currently lives with his wife Joyce in southern California, where he is currently devoting much of his energies to philosophical spiritual pursuits.  He is one of the featured artists in Iasos' video program "Crystal Vista".

Original Joseph Parker paintings are available for sale

Representative Images
Joseph Parker

"Sunrise in Blue"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker

"Path to the Mountain Top"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker

Commentary by the Artist: "Attaining the mountain top has a spiritual meaning as follows: All human souls on this planet are in a school of learning to perfect themselves in order to attain a higher state of being. I have painted the mountains very steep because as the soul masters the difficulties on the path, more difficult tests lie ahead. Once the soul reaches the peak, it attains what the Buddhists call Nirvana. Then the soul does not need to be reborn, but continues its evolution in the Spiritual Sun that surrounds the physical sun. On the top of the mountain is a holy being radiating out love in all directions."

"Illumination on the Mountain Top"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker

"Celestial Sanctum"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker



by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker

"Portrait of Ra"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker

Commentary by the Artist:  "In painting this painting, it is the first time (to the best of my knowledge) that an image has been given to mankind of how a God looks like. Ra, God of the sun, is the supreme ruler of this solar system, and dwells inside the Spiritual Sun that surrounds the physical sun. On the bottom of the painting I painted a landscape with far away mountains so as to give the viewer a feel of the size of the God. The center of the being is too brilliant, and it is not possible with man-made paints to paint such brilliancy. Therefore I have put in the center a heart and a golden rose with rays going out from the center in all direcitons. The patterns of designs emanating from the being are constantly changing so that those souls that are privileged to come into the presence of the holy being are awed by the display of divine splendor."



"Visionary Scene Number One"
by Joseph Parker
© Joseph Parker


All Rights to these images are of course Reserved by the Artist.


Original Paintings
by Joseph Parker
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Joseph Parker  

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