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Ken Jenkins is the "high priest" of visionary videos, focusing on giving people beautiful "warm" visual patterns created optically or in video, and then "served" on a video platter.   His intention is to offer people an "organic" type of changing beauty patterns - as an alternative to the types of "sharp line" patterns typical of computer graphics.  In contrast to "music videos", he likes to think of his work as "visual music". Ken was the assistant producer on Iasos' video "Crystal Vista" and also provided a significant amount of special-effects footage for that video. Of course, Ken's own video "Illumination" is his shining master-piece and has won numerous awards.  

Ken is also a Master of the Enneagram and teaches the Enneagram, as well as doing Enneagram personal consulting.

Keep in mind that these still images do not do justice to Ken's art, which by its nature is poetry in motion.

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Ken Jenkins

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Still image from the video "Illumination"
by Ken Jenkins

Still image from the video "Illumination"
by Ken Jenkins


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Ken Jenkins

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