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"Night Time Jungle Sounds on Planet Allura"

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Just back from his inter-dimensional inter-stellar travels,
Iasos brings us night time jungle sounds from planet Allura -
one of the popular nature-preserve planets in the Taygeta Star System.

If you like nature sounds from exotic planets, then this is for you:

1 hour 7 minutes 47 seconds of  rather unusual nature sounds.

Intended as an ambient background sound - to be played at a semi-low volume.
Works great after dark.

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Listen to a 5:21 Excerpt of this

Listen to the entire 1 hour 7 minutes 47 seconds

(Since this planet has a denser atmosphere than earth,
the loud bassy Roocuf  gurgles might distort on tiny laptop speakers,
unless you lower the volume.   No problem on normal speakers.)

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