"Angelic Music"

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The Angels of Comfort    (extended version)     31:32 Listen to the entire track
Angel Play                        (extended version)     29:48 Listen to the entire track
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Track 1 is the extended half-hour version of "The Angels of Comfort" (taken from the "Elixir" album). This piece is extremely soothing, heavenly, loving, and peaceful, and it captures the energies of love - on a galactic scale.   It functions as a universal healing comforting presence.

Track 2 is the extended half-hour version of "Angel Play", (taken from the "Inter-Dimensional Music" album). This captures the light ethereal playfulness of angels and has the effect of "tenderizing" hardened emotions and softening the heart.

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Let's Hear it!

A Collage
or audio glimpse of the 2 pieces on this album.


The Angels of Comfort        Listen to entire piece:   31:32
Angel Play                            Listen to entire piece:   29:48

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Liner Notes

This genre of music could be termed "classical New Age music". The philosopher Alan Watts has said "Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age." This album is a "vibrational environment" of soothing loving angelic feelings - very nurturing and comforting. Pulse! Magazine wrote: "The Angels of Comfort" and "Angel Play", each nearly 30 minutes long, perhaps exemplify the best this genre has to offer." (Lee Underwood) HEARTSONG REVIEW wrote: "..a depth of expression few modern instrumental composers can duplicate." (Ben Kettlewell)

This music can be used for creating a sacred space, for meditating, body-work, visualization, hospice work, emotional healing, and for tuning into angels. It is well suited for relaxing the mind, body and spirit.

When Iasos first released this album, it immediately became an underground classic, due to its universal appeal. It was one of the first albums that helped create a new music genre now known as "New Age" music. And it still is one of the most cherished pieces of music world-wide. The Psychology Department at Plymouth State College had this music receive the highest rating, by quite a margin, for being "most like the heavenly music" heard by people who had had a near-death experience.

by Iasos

1. Ask/Invite/Invoke
By universal law, as an honoring of Free Will, Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. Consequently, angels are extremely "limited" in the extent to which they can help you and/or interact with you UNLESS you invoke them (invite and ask them to help). When you ask for their assistance, you literally open the floodgates for their glorious Light to reach you! And if there is one particular angel that you wish to call on, the cosmic protocol is the ask 3 times in a row. This helps the one being called to distinguish whether you are just "thinking about" them, or whether you seriously want to "get their attention". This cosmic protocol also holds true for contacting any higher dimensional being.

2. Stillness for Clear Reception
Emotional turbulence disrupts inner reception - like static in radio reception. The calmer the emotions, the more detail with which you can receive inner communications. When the emotions achieve tremendous calm, then they become like a glassy lake, or a smooth mirror or window - thus allowing the passage of information with minimal distortion. The stiller you are emotionally, the clearer you can inwardly "perceive". Hence, the expression: "Be still and know that I am God." The stiller you are emotionally, the finer the detail with which you can perceive angels.

3. Heart-Sensing
Though angels do on very rare occasions make themselves visible to the physical senses (eyes & ears), this is not their normal operating procedure. So you have to develop the "habit" of "turning off" your external senses and "turning on" an entirely different avenue for receiving information - your internal senses. I think of this as "heart sensing", though others may call it "feeling", or "gut feeling", or "intuition". Try "sensing" angels with the feelings in your heart, rather than with your mind and your outer senses. Like anything else, the more your "practice" this, the better you get at it.

4. "Pay" them by sending them LOVE
You can "pay" angels, in fact even "bribe" angels, to interact with you more, IF you know how to pay them in the form of currency that they value. (Okay, let's just say that you can "entice" angels to be more excited about actually interacting with you.) Their form of currency is just as valuable to them as hundred dollar bills are to us. So what is their form of currency? LOVE! And Loving APPRECIATION. Receiving love, for an angel, is just as rewarding as receiving a huge check is for you! That's because their favorite game is to evolve, and receiving more love from others immediately evolves them further! It actually expands their auras, increases their personal radiation, and accelerates their evolution. So why not pay them in advance? Send them the biggest blast of love and appreciation your heart can muster, and then ask them to interact/play with you!

5. Harmony in your aura and home environment
Notice how when you walk into a strange house, sometimes it feels "creepy" and you want to leave immediately, while in other homes it feels wondrous and you just want to stay there? Angels experience this too while interacting with humanity. If they are required to serve in an area with {what is for them} "inharmonious energies", they'll do it, but then they'll leave as soon as possible. Whereas if they find a "heavenly hang-out" on earth, they tend to linger, because it feels good! So if you wish angels to "hang-out" with you more in your home or retreat, them make it an "angelic oasis" for them: Have the radiations of your personal aura be a consistent sanctuary of peace, harmony, and love. Fill your surroundings with beautiful objects, beautiful music, beautiful fragrances, a peaceful ambience, pure sweet nature or plants, harmony in all forms, and ..... most importantly, a sustained atmosphere of loving feelings!

Enjoy your angelic friends!     Love, Iasos

Statement of Purpose

To create and make available ...

* Music that can help a Soul achieve an enhanced resonance-connection with the Grander part of who they really are.

* Music that can function as a vibrational-gateway into celestial dimensions of Light & Love & Awareness.

* Music that can facilitate body energetics fine-tuning themselves into a higher more refined resonant Coherency.

* Music that can help bridge the connection and merging with one's Light Body.

* Music that can directly nourish the Soul through a continuous stream of concentrated Beauty Patterns.

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(well....sort of)

* In 1989 the Psychology Department of Plymouth State College, in New Hampshire was doing the main research on people that had had a "near death experience"  - an "NDE",  to correlate what their experiences had in common.   For example, they noticed that most of the NDEs went through a "tunnel of light" or a "tube of light".    And most of them were met by some very loving light-being.   Most of these NDEs also reported hearing extremely "heavenly music". One branch of their research here focused on trying to find out what this "heavenly music" was really like:  Accordingly, these "NDEs" were played many types of music, including classical, new age, and popular, and asked to rate each such music in terms of {how close it came to the music they heard, while on the other side}.    In correlating the feedback of all these "NDEs", their research indicated that one particular piece consistently received the highest rating, and by quite a margin, for being {most like the "heavenly music" they heard}  while officially "dead" or out of their body.   The music that received this highest rating is "The Angels of Comfort" by Iasos, the first selection on this album.

This appreciation for Iasos' music by NDEs was also discussed in the book "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING" by Barbara Harris.

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* VICE Magazine
"Iasos' music - in particular a piece called "The Angels of Comfort"- bore a remarkable resemblance to the divine strains heard by peoples as they dipped a toe into that sun-dappled dimension between the present and the not so present."  (Piers Martin, August 2013)

* PULSE! MAGAZINE (the magazine of TOWER RECORDS ):
"In the late 60s, he moved from the East Coast to Northern California, where he and his music have been inspiring other new age musicians for the better part of two decades. When Iasos' "ANGELIC MUSIC" was released in 1978, it immediately became an underground classic. "The Angels of Comfort" and "Angel Play", each nearly 30 minutes long, perhaps exemplify the best this genre has to offer." (Lee Underwood, March 1988)

"ANGELIC MUSIC is an album capturing the talents of Iasos at the apex of his career, an album with lasting appeal, and a depth of expression few modern instrumental composers can duplicate."   (Ben Kettlewell, Fall 89/Winter 90 issue)

"This classic includes two tone peoms from heaven: The Angels of Comfort and Angel Play. The sounds shimmer and glitter, and choirs of angels seem to polish the road before you. Angel Play is my favorite. Magic dust swirls while twinkles pick at your ears. It sounds sheer, like cascades of light, while crickets serenade beside a brook. This music has been said to most closely resemble the sounds heard by near-death travelers."           (Carol Wright, July/August 1999 issue)

"I've known of "Angelic Music" from way back around when it was first released. Over the years I've purchased more than one copy for the piece "Angels of Comfort" has a uniquely deep and wide texture, even within the top of the truly ambient/meditative genre. Way ahead of its time -- as music and how it was produced.

I've communicated with Iasos off and on over the years and he knows that I am among those who consider that track a true masterpiece, and that I'll at some point compose a form of tribute to it in my own related style.

There's a deep compassion gliding throughout that track which crests in a subtlely woven yet powerful crescendo, which then recedes like a shimmering evening wave. If something in you feels that you and/or someone you know could benefit from such a trancendental yet here-and-now sense of Mercy, then you've found the right CD.

The track "Angelic Play" is lighter and, well, more playful -- and the two tracks are a very complimentary sonic marriage. (Phillip Steven Knight, Nov. 21, 2002)

* AmbientMusicGuide.com
"Whether it's "healing" or not is beside the point, although there's no doubting the composer's sincerity. What really matters is that Angelic Music and Elixer contains some of the most cosmic, intricately textured electronic ambience ever to come out of America's West Coast. It literally sparkles with life and light. Iasos' synth sounds are very distinctive, lush without being overly glossy, and were the product of many years development. It may get a tad cheesy at times but tracks like "The Angels Of Comfort" and "The Decent Of Spring" are completely lovely and make these albums a must-have."

* ascentor.wordpress.com     (????????? ??????   original review - in Russian)
(auto-translated from Russian into English):   
"Angelic Music"-a true classic new era, an iconic work of the late seventies, a time of blossoming of new musical ideas and shapes. Living in America Greek Iasos composed, in fact, the first disc, laid the basis for the so-called "heavenly music" - electronic symphonies to convey harmony and Majesty of the heavenly spheres, open the flow of divine energy and give the opportunity to hear the sounds that until that time, only heard of the angels. Disc, then cassette with more advanced versions of the tracks, and then CD-these are the stages of this ambient, classic, capturing the time period when the very notion of "ambient" was only in studios by Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, and other pioneers of the genre ...

Let's Hear the Audio

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Unsolicited Customer Feedback

"They (the angels of comfort) are so comforting that when I listen to it, it really gives the feeling of "Be still and I am there" loving you, enveloping you with my wings and you are flying with me in higher loving dimensions where there is no polarity but absolute unconditional love. I affects me so much that when I am tired or stressed I feel the tears running down and have the feeling of being homesick.  I really fly with it, and whilst working, the body is down here typing but my soul is high flying."


"Yesterday, I opened them, cranked up my computer, put in your music, sat back, and was in Paradise!!!!"


"Dear Mr. Iasos,
I did not tell you how listening to the Sacred Sonic Tools and the Angelic Music gave me comfort during a near health crisis when I had to go into the hospital for a biopsy during the holiday.

I listened to your music days before and intended good health right up to that day. Trying to hear your music in my mind, I felt my angels were with me during this invasive procedure.

The doctor's office called to tell me everything is fine. I feel a weight has been lifted."


It`s hard to find anythingt deeper than Angelic Music!!! I have different music and mucicians that I listen in different situations. Your music is for meditation... deep relaxation and for stimulating contacts to the higher realms. Sometimes I listen Your music while painting because there is something common in my art works and your sound!!! Pat Metheny Group, Vangelis and Constance Demby are my favoutite musicians as well for getting creative inspiration for artpaintings. Anyway, your music is the most deep or hi. It has given to me something more than I can say!!!


"Lately, I have also been noticing how profoundly some "New Age" music can alter vehicle on all levels. But the most profound thing I am noticing now is how some sounds can even help transport you to other dimensions. After listening to your Angels of Comfort last week, I began to move into the 4th dimension. My sense of time became completely distorted and I had the most vivid conversations with deceased relatives that I have ever had."


"Hi Iasos, I received your CD's yesterday and the Angelic Music is absolutly the most amazing music I have ever heard. I can't explain in words what I have experience already with your music. Flying through the clouds is more graceful now and a lot easier. Thank you again, and St. Ariel likes your music too.

Bless you and your gift...... you're amazing!!"


"Wow! I felt I should listen to the angelic one first----when it came on, my heart chakra literally STARTED BUZZING.....and continued the whole time I was playing it! I have a 2 pm client coming in, a person new to me and to Reiki, and I am going to use this music today on ALL my clients!"


"I also wanted to share that 16 years ago, I played Angelic music throughout my first pregnancy, every day!"


"It makes me mentally float away and then I'm not in my body anymore. Happens all the Time!"


"I want to thank you for giving the world your creations. When the edges of my world need smoothing, I know I can count on The Angels of Comfort to come to my rescue. Really, it is deeply appreciated."


Dear Iasos:
I was listening to "Angelic Music" this morning while I was having my coffee, and was remembering the first time I heard this back in 1983. It always makes me smile when I think of the number of times I listened to "The Angels of Comfort," first on cassette, then on CD. It was always the greatest during lovemaking (I hate to say "was"!), and also during massage. You make me happy knowing that your music is on my shelf. Yours,


With the greate plasure I want to tell, that Your Angeli Music cd has made great effect. It has bee my most respective record for a long time. Relaxing moments with this music has taken me very hi, and after I have gone thru out of body experiences and reached a state on universal love. During all of my life there has been kind of kosmic connection stongly as my guiding light. Your music has even make it stronger.


I've known of "Angelic Music" from way back around when it was first released. Over the years I've purchased more than one copy for the piece "Angels of Comfort" has a uniquely deep and wide texture, even within the top of the truly ambient/meditative genre. Way ahead of its time -- as music and how it was produced. I've communicated with Iasos off and on over the years and he knows that I am among those who consider that track a true masterpiece, and that I'll at some point compose a form of tribute to it in my own related style. There's a deep compassion gliding throughout that track which crests in a subtlely woven yet powerful crescendo, which then recedes like a shimmering evening wave. If something in you feels that you and/or someone you know could benefit from such a trancendental yet here-and-now sense of Mercy, then you've found the right CD. The track "Angelic Play" is lighter and, well, more playful -- and the two tracks are a very complimentary sonic marriage.


Etherial, atmospheric, "new age" music! WOnderful for deep meditation and healting massage. Two 30 minute tracks. This music is for peace and tranquility. NO guitars, rhythms and the like. Heavenly, angelic peace! For meditative peace NONE better.


This is music into which you can lose yourself, immerse yourself, and come out the other side feeling refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated. There are some people who see the world... differently. Who see possibility and magic everywhere -- and Iasos is one of those people. He has a gift of perceiving music as reality, and is equally gifted in being able to translate those musical etheric realms into a manifested form for the rest of us. Iasos is not the most prolific musician out there, but he crafts each piece, each CD, with a love for music, light, and magic that can be felt.


Thankyou from your music... yes... I have said it before. It was last winter, when I ordered some of your cd:s more. Angelic Music has been my way to hi meditation for years. It is still the deebest that i have heard, ever, in this life. Realms of Light has became also wery important since last winter. So thankyou!!


Since that time, for the past eleven years, I've been working as a clinical consultant for the State of Connecticut in the children's protective service system. Over the years, I've found no other music as spiritually inspiring as yours, and I am again requesting permission to use "The Angels of Comfort" in the production of two audio programs.


Please know that I have found you music to be something quite mystical. I find it to have a "knowledge" of my journey almost as though it is written for my specifically.


It was in the late 70 s, I was in university patching my life back together after a terrible war. It was well after midnight & I was cramming for exams with Music from the Hearts of Space playing in the background. Steven Hill played a long and wonderful song called Angels of Comfort. It was pure love. After all these years, that long piece of heavenly music still takes me to places were I cannot go under my own power. Thank you for the most wonderful piece of music I have ever heard. I so look forward in finally replacing my LP, my cassette, and my reel-to-reel versions. I am so glad you are still on this planet.




I heard Angelic Music at a workshop and had to have it for my collection! My students are going to love it.


With no patronizing intended,,I listen to Elixir or Angelic Music on a regular basis...I especially like to prepare food with it on in the background!!


I was very addicted to the Angels Of Comfort.    I actually remember becoming so entranced one time that I
called upon spiritual forces unwittingly when listening.


Your Angelic Music is the tape I listened to most off and on over 20 years, being very deeply nourished by it many, many times. I had Liquid Crystal Love, too, and liked it, but it never triggered an experience like I just had with it. I guess you have to be ready. But I've just given Angelic Music to my sister and hope it feeds her soul as it has fed mine.


I hear you music in first time in 1995, it was be the "Angelic music", and this is experience to change my live, really.
You create a very beautiful, powerful music for the soul, and it's very good.


Some weeks ago, I found your site and downloaded some streams of your music - and was totally knocked out!
Your Music is far beyond every thought that has ever came to life on this Planet!!!

"Angelic Music" itself seems to be full of coded Messages and Chants from entities living somwhere down in the electro-neural network of Machines, abandoned Industrial Plants in interaction with Atmospherical forces... ...brought to sound with your Synthesizers and recording Equipuement.


I began to pray while listening to a demo and I felt my prayers coming from my soul in a way I never have. I felt all my feelings coming to surface and being able to express them the way I did in prayer was amazing for me.


When we lived in Lanikai, I installed a surround sound system in Mary's mom's room and, during the last week of her life, played taped music in the background 24 hours per day. For at least several hours, from about midnight, to 4 am, we played Angels of Comfort. I believe that was playing when she died. In the 24-hour period prior to he passing, she was semi-comotose. At about 1 am, the morning that she died, I was turning her and she suddenly woke up and firmly grasped my hand. She looked into my eyes and whispered two words -- "thank you". Angels was playing in the background at the time and I'm sure that part of that thanks was meant for you.


I want to replace my two worn cassette copies of Angelic Music, the first is the 1978 mix (Galaxia Creations), which I used for many years in my classrooms at Sacramento State University. ... Angelic Music always touched my soul/body/mind so deeply because I, too, underwent multiple NDE's over a period of 4 years, 1978-81.


In the Brugh Joy 17-day intensive as it was done then (1982), there was special healing session about midway. Someone in need of healing was brought in from the outside (then it was a wonderful woman with some serious problems). There were 44 of us, mostly doctors, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. I was the one psychotherapist/clinical philosopher. Brugh conducted an intense psychological dissection with the woman, as we watched (sitting on pillows in a circle in a large auditorium). Then the woman lay down on a massage table in the center of the circle. Brugh did some pain-relief energy work on the woman. The he put on Angelic Music. It played repeatedly for the next 2 hours, as each of us, individually, when it was right for us, went up to the woman and gave her the loving energy that was appropriate for us and for her. The love and energy it that room was most extraordinary. After the session, the woman was escorted from the room. We were not told anything about her condition in the following days. But I feel certain that between your music and the work Brugh and all of us did, that the woman gained great benefit.


Dear Iasos,

Well, I received my compact discs and you were so right: "Angelic Music" is so much deeper and richer on CD! I am so thrilled that I can continue to enjoy it for another 20 years! Or maybe more. . . .I need this music so much!


Hello Iasos,

I have never written to you and just felt that now was the time for that opportunity. I just want to express my thanks to you for your wonderful sound expressions! I have owned your Angelic Music CD for longer than I can remember - mid 1980's I think - and I never tire of listening to it. The "Angels of Comfort" do just that for me, and I am so glad that CDs don't wear out because I often play it on repeat throughout the night. You are blessed with a special talent, and I guess my blessing is that I have an ear to appreciate your compostions. Gassho.


I am honored to receive a personal response from one of my favorite artists. Your "Angels of Comfort" has been such a healing blessing in my life.
Love and Light,


Iasos - i want to tell you how much i continue to value & enjoy your gift thru sound - esp. Angelic Music, which you created many years ago. that may be my fave - i often leave it on repeat mode for hours on end and usually use it as background while meditating. the rich, heavenly textures & mindscapes that unfold soothe & nurture my soul. what a gift you are in bringing such beauty through.


I've been listening to "Angels of Comfort" since I was 11 back in 1981. Absolutely heavenly! Thank you so very much!!!


I recently brought this CD of Angelic music and listen to it all the time when I want to relax and meditate with the Angels. They come while I am listening to this music

I am a Spiritual Painter / Artist and one day while I was in my studio the very first time I played it I was beginning to feel a warm presence, I was feeling calm, my paint brush was feeling very light and I could feel myself going into a meditation to the music, as I practice this.


My first exposure to you was your CD Angelic Music – it completely changed my meditation by helping me to go deeper and have more meaningful meditations. Your other CD’s are equally fantastic, but I hold a special place for Angelic Music as it was the first of your recordings that truly helped me on a deeper path of self understanding and hence self actualization.  Thank you for all you do for our universal consciousness and connective ness!


Dear Iasos,
I've often marveled at the 'world-within-worlds' you must live in! Your 'Angel Play' became an instant favorite, um, decades ago [has it been THAT long?!].


The Angels of Comfort should be in hospices and hospitals all over the world. I think I mentioned that Mary and I played it continually, for about the last 20 hours of Mary's mom's life and her last words, spoken to me about 6 hours before she died, were "Thank you".


I listened to the first track and am deeply soothed by it. The music is extremely similar if not exactly the same music I experienced on earth in the days before life was even here. "Red giant" is the term for spirits who have been here since before the beginning of time and have chosen to continue incarnating (these people are seen as having roots on their rose in the rose reading). Many psychics believe that they had a hand in the actual creation process for this planet and life here (don't tell the religious rightwingers). I have a few such memories of that time, and my dearest memory is of a gathering of us after a very long creative cycle. We simply celebrated by coming together in one place on earth under the stars at night and expeienced this music. I've always thought it to be the music of angels, if not God himself singing "thank you."


I wish to offer special praise to Iasos, whose music I have been listening to for over 20 years. In the early 1980s, someone gave me a cassette tape of his Angelic Music. I was pregnant at the time and listened to it daily.   (I wouldn't be surprised if his compositions didn't help create the incredible angel I birthed and raised, who to this day amazes me with her depth, kindness, spirituality and beauty.)


"Angels of Comfort" is my #1 desert Island disk! (that cut specifically) you can quote me on that too.
All best to you,


it's just GORGEOUS and really brings me into contact w/ my unseen friends and the "real" world beyond!!!!


Lately I've been listening to Angelic Music cd and it's become very addictive; the music is very enchanting and crystal clear on cd compared to what I have on cassette.


On a personal note, I am inspired by your Angelic Music CD and I find the tones to be amazing, bringing me into contact with a higher realm. You are to be congratulated on your achievement and should know that for me personally, I feel that you have achieved what you set out to achieve for the listener when you created the music (although music doesn’t seem to be the right term). It certainly has a profound impact on those who hear it.               Warm Regards


My favourite disk is "Angelic Music" - an absolute marvel, a gem full of grace and suavity, expanding one's consciousness into the cosmos, merging one's self into the starry vault, moments of ecstasy and jubilation - one yearns to melt into this immensity, to die...


Hello Iasos:

For the last 2 years, I have been listening only to your CD "Angelic Music" in which It helps me relax and fall asleep peaceful every night. I just love this cd!

I feel so relaxed and I never get tired of listening to "Angelic Music".

I live in the city of Sacramento and hear so much noise like an occasional nightly gun shots by fools shooting in the sky, nightly dogs barking, traffic, sirens and most recently, the all night cat birds singing all night long. So I tune them out by listening to "Angelic Music" and it really works every night. I have two dogs who I believe they enjoy your music as well.


I first heard this on tape in the early 1980's and have always loved it


I had the Angelic Music in 1980 and am so glad to find it again.
It is perfect for healing work, meditation, and I sleep with it on.
Want my students and clients to order it so need an extra copy on hand.

The first time I experienced the Angelic Music at a seminar I was with the angels immediately in the angelic realm.
Lots of joy and tears and so glad to be with them again. Such love!!!
That has existed since your music transported me and enfolded me.


I adore yr music, and 'The Angels of Comfort' is still the main ingredient in my work shops.


I have been playing your Angelic music, during treatments with my clients.
Yesterday, my most "tense" client, fell asleep on the table, while your music was playing. Thank you.


I remember having cassette tapes of The Angels of Comfort and Angel Play and playing them for my children when I put them to bed every night over 20 years ago. When your CDs came out, I
played them continuously to create an angelic vibration in my home. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have brought into our world.


I recently was doing "the sound" for a conference, one of the presenters wanted some music in the background for a guided visualisation. I played your Angels comfort song. It was pure alchemy, magic filled the room, 200+ people were transformed. Just thought I'd share that, Blessings filled with Light~~~~~~~~


Hi... I put on "Angelic Music" tonight and once again found it a timelessly beautiful environment.


I want to say that I first heard of you when I was 11. My dear Mother bought Angels Of Comfort on cassette and I immediately recognized something very familiar. I would lay down and listen to Angels for what seemed like hours and my being felt re-charged and empowered. I still listen to Angels today and I'm 40!


"The Angels of Comfort" is still one of the holiest works I know, and I find myself returning to it again and again (still have the cassette!). May you continue to bless us with your heavenly art.


Hello, Iasos,  i listen again and again the album *Angelic Music* and i tell you , i love this music for ever. For my meditations , its the best.  I worlking in a radio station comercial , and it nos relaxe , oh! no .the competition is heavy. So  at the evning in my bed , i relaxe whit this , your magnific music.   Thanks Iaos,   i LOV. 

excuse my english  I speak french

J-P. L

Beautiful Sounds... The Angels of Comfort is the epitome of stillness!!!


Thakn You so so much for Angel Play .. this is absolutly amazing and full of love music.
This music 1 year ago help me in my very sad moments. Thank You !


After a hard day of snow shovelling, I listen to ANGELLIC MUSIC for healing. I would guess many doctors are using this CD for healing right now!!!



This is my testimony to IASOS's Angels Of Comfort

Listening to a tape copy made of the vibrational sound of IASOS Angels Of Comfort, here is what I experience ...

This vibrational filigrane sound was supporting me with safety like armored warm glowing inner security and an unknown overwhelming loving assistance which made me so very happy, shining like a sun.

People around me noticed a change in me which they gave some certain respect to me, but not allowing themselves to ask for what is going on and people on the streets began to notice this somehow too and many just saying hello.

This was also like they themselves recognize something long forgotten and they greet it like as: oh hello you are what I am and reflection took place. ...

One late night walking my long way home, no money for a cab and no more busses touring, a hard days work should made me want to go home as fast as possible and walking the ways, I was so undescribable luckyhappy while listening once more to this repetitive sound, I was no more of this world although on this planet, still walking happy my way. Then near some hundred meters from home there was a little hill to go up. Suddenly I found myself walking somehow to easily up this road and looked down to my feet.

!!! I was hovering 10cm above the ground !!! .

. which startled me and ejected me from what I was inn ! .

. and so it immediately made me "falling" down to the ground.

Just Wow ! What an experience !!! ...

Now someone can imagine what music can do with him or her and even more better if you play also an instrument, this way bringing your brain into synchronizity and resonance with your heart where is no duality and with motherearth too, before hovering :)

And maybe the flying carpet of ancient times was just to draw away the attention from what really happens, when you are able to direct happiness into motion !?!

Be always overwhelmed with LOVE  Living One Vibrational Energy


Iasos, I was introduced to your music at the age of 11. The piece I listened to was Angels Of Comfort. I would come home from school, and put the tape on with my headphones, lay down, and close my eyes. I would follow first the patterns of this piece, then I would visualize my own signature thoughts coinciding with the music. Then, I would eventually leave my body and journey. The experience is hard to put into words, but I want say...thank you. Many blessings to you Iasos.


Dear Iasos:
May I introduce myself, my name is Michael Stuckmeyer and I live in St Louis Missouri. I am listening to your "Angels of Comfort" track and as I am, I am in tears, I'm weeping conituously through the playing of the track especially when I hold my hands over my heart chakra and close my eyes in a meditative state.
The Eternal Consciousness has made my soul/being very sweet and tender. I am able to feel the slightest whisps of etheric Energy or Pranic Wholly Spirit, Life Breath
Though this has taken many years of earnest seeking and years of poverty (according to western standards) brokeness, tribulations, "being seemingly kept in a lowely position/exsistance the majority of my my 57 year old life

Your music is so transcending, intense, deep, lush (pads) exspanding, radiating, envisioning as Eternity
Thank you for creating such deep incredible/yet sweet/yet excedeingly powerful music.
I understand the methods of music synthesis and I wish I could buy a music (some music synthesizers) but I am un able to.
I wish I could express the endless wonderful things I feel when I listen to your piece from 1978
So austonding - when I was 20 --I heard this: On a tape player from a person I used to work with in a kitchen so long ago
He was a mystic, and I was so ignorant at that time
When he started to play it-(was playing it) I was un able to grasp it at that time I said it has no rythum, turn it off.
But he prophesized speaking to me--"there will be a day that you will learn and appreciate this music--you will learn and understand"--I have actually been undertsanding by grace since 2006--- as I have been under going an incredible powerful yet subtle spiritual journay
of from being a religious christian to comprehending the deepest (really so sublime and easy--as Einstein said) mysteries of the Kabbalah--and then being able to embrace with in my consciousness the exspance of Infinity and (From Vibrational spiritually to the vastness of the Cosmic Web) From Infinity to Infinity
And a prophetess spoke over me at a Metaphysical book store in 2009 "That I would be a very great Light in the world, and that I would be used by God (and Goddess) in great and powerful ways, yet not in front of men (humans) but in secret, That I would be great spiritually secretly and not even wishing to aquire a "name" for my self."
There are many things I wish I could share with you, and would wish I fing find your grace of your time or kindness upon me--for I humbly ask, as I am very lowly
(If I do not ask I will not receive)

Im sorry I have the grammer of a fith grader (Thats what the doctor said to me--while also saying I was bi polar and having the intellect of one who holds 6 years of university when I took all the test- to please my Mother--)
Though I do not take medication, for the Divine told me not too--I seek healing through meditation.
I love you so very much, there are no words to express how much I love you dearly
I am writing this for I have been searching for your music for over one year, as I used to have your CD, but it became ruined some how (I have no idea)
And with the stress and pressure of trying to survive in the physical world I have momentarly forgot  (lasped) for a period as where I have (about 4 or 5 years) I had forgotten about your music (I'm so sorry) But many periods of research diligently, I was able to find your music (and now you :-) Because I had forgotten your name--though I was able to remember some of the music in my mind 
And I feel thjat it was this appointed time--through many endless sessions of listing to other music on you tube and endless spiritual seeking-- (never stops--by grace -- I say this humbly--its only by grace) There are many thing I may be able to share with you (About the future to help others - as or similuar to you --Like I'm so amazed at the incredible groups, and meetings and conferrences you have attended through the years
Totally amazing and wonderful
You are a Great Radiant Light 
Thank you again Cordially


i,m getting in touch to simply say thank you for your amazing music . i suffer from depression from time to time and always listen to your music as i find it very relaxing and medatative . " the angels of comfort " is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard . i like to make relaxing ambient music myself and find yours very inspiring . i shall continue to listen to you with great affection . thank you so much for sharing we us 


I cannot remember how long ago it was that I found your "Angelic Music" album but it has been many years.  I believe it was one of the first albums I found that did not "define" space or "limit" the listener.  No boundaries or structure. Limitless.  Thank you so much for your work!   That album alone has enhanced the experience of many clients, as well as my own, during a session.



I don't know why I have never contacted you before. I still have tapes that I bought in 1978 at the Real Foods store in Sausalito (at corner of Caledonia and Turney). These tapes had IMMEDIATELY resonated with me on levels that I have no words to describe. I was 18 at that time, and used to ride my bicycle up Mt. Tam every week, with your music in my head. I would stop at the Real Foods and get provision for my journey.That is when I noticed your tapes. My first was "Angelic Music".  I NOW WORK AT THAT SAME HEALTH FOOD STORE! It is now called "Driver's Market".
As an aspiring synth player I formed my own music attempts to emulate YOUR creations, not to copy, but as something to aspire to.

I was an orphan at 13 years old, grew up on the streets of San Francisco alone, and had so much pain in my soul. When I first heard "Angels of comfort" my  soul was indeed comforted. It was the only thing that would or could comfort me. For the first time, I felt the love of the universe. I used to listen to them in my funky depressing tenderloin hotel room in 1978.  Now, 38 years later, the memories of the comfort and healing I received from your music is bringing tears to my eyes as I type these words today.

After Angels of comfort, I then focused on "Angel Play", as my soul had no idea how to play or find any joy. Your music might have saved my life, I know this.

I once tried to describe your music to my father; I said "It is what I imagine heaven might sound like". Just now, I read a description online that said " It is closest to what people who have experienced death or near death have described the other side sounds like". I was blown away! THAT is exactly what I tried to describe to my father 30 years ago!
Thank you so much for what you gave me, not even knowing me. You were meant to bring others to the light.


As I listen to Angels of Comfort, I experience there is a love in the music that is coming from a spiritually free place (without being bound by karma) touching to the human heart with compassion, some of the lower pitches sound to me like they are coming from a sacred immutable, beautiful truth.


Dear Iasos,
I was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of "Angelic Music" vinyl edition, and I wanted to share my experience with you. The day before I recieved the record (last Wednsday), I heard news of a friend who passed away. The news shook me up and it was very hard to digest, as he was only 44 years old. On the next day i got the record in mail, and I put it on as the evening came.

I had heard that the record was very special, so I decided to listen to it fully only as I recieved it, and didnt listen to it online. I've known "Inter Dimentional music" and the Numeru Group compilation which I own. So I knew more or less what to expect.

As the first sounds emerged from the stereo, I started to feel a movement in my body, which was getting more and more relaxed almost as if it had no choice.
I have a big tree just outside the window, and there was a light projected to it from a neigbour's apt. As i dived deeper and deeper and the sounds were filling the room, I saw an image in the tree, which looked like a shadow of a familiar man. The image began to move, and it became more and more obvious and 3 dimentional. All of a sudden, i saw that the image waved at me. And that was really shocking, and a bit frightening, but in a good way.

It was almost as if the music itself opened a gate to a higher reality, or maybe I was just stoned right out of my mind :)


Hello Iasos,
I first want to thank you for saving my life! I am now 45 but back in the 1980's I recorded your music onto a tape from KLRS radio station while growing up in Morgan Hill. My Mom was very sick and I was having a hard time back then.  I did not discover the name of the music or the artist until more recently in my late 30's. The Angel's of Comfort really did comfort me and get me through some very tough times and help me be calm and feel safe.


Hello Iasos,
You don't know me but i want to thank you... One month ago, i ‘ve been discovered a disease which could have been very bad. I've had surgery and it was almost bad at the end. During that difficult month, i listened at least once a day to The Angels of Comfort, a track of yours I always loved since I discovered it a few years ago. You can't imagine how It helped me. Nothing could happen to me when i listen to it and that feeling lasted sometimes all through the day. Thanks to your music, I could cope with that bad time. No music could help me that way, only The Angels of Comfort. It showed me another world ; each second of if tells me not to fear for my life. Bless you and your music, Iasos !
I wish you the best...


My experience with your music is that it is the most otherworldly I've heard, some of it sounds to me like something from a very alien planet and quite strange. Angels of Comfort to me is pure heavenly love and eternality. There are timbres in your work I've never heard anywhere else that are so wonderful and cosmic and etherial.

I think AOC  ("The Angels of Comfort")  is a historical piece of music and that you recognized something profound that had not been heard in that way on the earth plane (to my knowledge at least in our time) and brought it through.


But when I first listened to Iasos , it was his album Angel of comfort  : I felt such a relief that I quickly forgot I was listening to music. It felt like I was listening to what silence sounds like in another dimension.


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