"Iasos - Celestial Soul Portrait"

1 Compact Disc  $18
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 Deluxe-Edition ANTHOLOGY of Iasos music   
(1 CD or 2 LPs)

The Chicago-based record label Numero Group has released
a deluxe-edition anthology album of earlier Iasos music. (1975-1985)

This is available as one CD   or   2 Vinyl LPs   or   MP3 download.

This "archival" album includes 11 photos of Iasos in the 1970s and early 1980s,
as well as extensive text, describing his life & career during those years.

(Iasos playing electric flute on the "San Rafael" Ferry Boat,
in the Gate 5 house-boat area of Sausalito, California - early 1970s)


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Numero Group specializes in creating anthologies of hidden "gems" of music that are not widely-known. This anthology is a collection of Iasos' music from the 1970s and the early 1980s. This album is available as one CD,  2 Vinyl LPs, or MP3 download.  You can order the CD from us. But if you wish the 2 LP set, you should order it from Numero Group. And of course, you can download it from Amazon, or from iTunes or from any major download site.

This "archival" album includes 11 photos of Iasos in the 1970s and early 1980s, as well as extensive text, describing his life & career during those years.

The 13 tracks on this album are:

Track Number
Song Title
From Album
Listen to the entire Song
I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame Inter-Dimensional Music
Rainbow Canyon Inter-Dimensional Music
The Angels of Comfort Elixir
Blue Fire Realms Elixir
Siren Shallows Inter-Dimensional Music
Crystal Petals Inter-Dimensional Music
Procession On Tthe Horizon                (excerpt) Elixir
The Royal Court of Goddess Vesta     (excerpt) Jeweled Space
The Winds of Olympus Essence of Spring
The Descent of Spring Elixir
Cloud Prayer Inter-Dimensional Music
Spring Temple Forest Essence of Spring
Crystal*White*Fire*Light Elixir


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Sound Color Vibration
Groundbreaking excursions into the outer reaches of music composition, Iasos is an unspoken hero of his era that ushered in completely new concepts to finding the truest states of emotion through music.
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As one of the earliest pioneers of the "New Age Music", Iasos has created timeless pieces of work under his imprint Inter-Dimensional Music over the last 40 years. With Numero Group taking on an expansive collection of Iasos material this year in Celestial Soul Portraits , we have been engulfed into his works for the first time, searching for everything we can get our hands on. His importance and creative magnitude is unmeasurable and has really put us into some of the best of moods absorbing everything we can find.
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Piccadilly Records

Before ambient and New Age were so named and codified, the "Paradise Music" of Iasos ... brought Earth - transcriptions of a vast and galactic soundhealing to a planet much in need.
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Legendary New Age music king Iasos has been recording since 1975, and 'Celestial Soul Portrait' is the first compilation of his exotic, chilled-out sounds. Focusing on his first decade of material this album shimmers with his "inter-dimensional output", from the guitar gauze of 'Rainbow Canyon' to the pearly luminescence and harp strings of 'The Royal Court of the Goddess Vesta'.
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A true outsider and in many ways a visionary artist, Iasos is up there with the likes of Vangelis, Brian Eno, and his old pal Steven Halpern as one of the electronic pioneers of what became known as new age music in the mid-1970s. In recognition of his restless spirit, Chicago's Numero Group recently put out Celestial Soul Portrait , a selection of tracks from the first decade of Iasos' career that draw attention to the experimental nature and uncanny beauty of his work. For a cosmic voyager, Iasos was surprisingly easy to get hold of-we spoke on the phone-and came across as pretty normal and, as he puts it, "grounded."
...  Dive into iasos.com for a world of pure bliss and positivity.
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The sounds are not meant to drift on the edge of perception, but expand consciousness-- to transcend Earthly anxiety and envelop the listener in bliss.
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The Second Disc
Numero Group Uncovers The Pioneering Electronic Soundscapes of Iasos' "Celestial Soul Portrait"...
...His soul-searching, convention-defying soundscapes were later identified by psychology researchers at New Hampshire's Plymouth State College as similar to the tones supposedly heard by humans between life and death.  One needn't be experiencing a near-death experience to find solace in Iasos' compositions, however.  Guitarist Lee Underwood said his Angelic Music album exemplified "the best this genre [New Age] has to offer," and Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts commented that "Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age."  Companies and organizations from NASA to Hewlett-Packard have made use of the music of Iasos...
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eMusic Review

"Collecting Iasos' Greatest Hits from the '70s"
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The Washington Post

The label has found its latest gem in Iasos, a pioneering California-based composer who helped define new age music in the '70s, before it floated from its sincere and spiritual roots to America's massage tables. "Celestial Soul Portrait" collects some of Iasos's earliest, most ear-caressing compostions, providing an enlightening crash course in exceedingly gentle music.
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The Fader

By 1975, he'd fallen in love with the mimetic possibilities of the analog synthesizer, and released the warmly percolating Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos , a pioneering opus of the new age genre. With its soothing flutes and sighing bends, "Rainbow Canyon" exemplifies the high resolution, octave-leaping sound that Iasos is still honing to this day.
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Ad Hoc

In 1968, Iasos moved to California to try to create the music that had been swimming in his head, dubbed "Paradise Music." Thus began Iasos' career as a pioneer of New Age.
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