"Realms of Light"

Compact Disc     $17


1    3D    Rapture of the Heart
2             Waltz of the Swaying Hearts
3             The Angels of Purity
4    3D    The Fountain of Creation
5    3D    The Temples of Olympus at Dawn
6    3D    The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation
7             Spring Temple Forest
8    3D    The Gates of Opal

                                                  TOTAL = 

         There is a 33 second pause between selections

     #6 also includes:   Steve Kindler - violin
                                   Sophia           - female voice
                                   Joie Favier     - female voice



Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

 3-D Stereo
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3D  Stereo

Selections 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are encoded in "3-D Stereo".
This means that certain conditions will tend to induce a 
"3-dimensional picture" or "3-dimensional hologram"
in your mind. 

This is the intended manner of  ideally experiencing this music.
(Otherwise, you're really "missing the show".)

The 3 simultaneous conditions necessary
to experience the 3-D Stereo are:

1. Listen with good headphones 
          (regardless of how "great" your speakers sound)
2. Listen with focused attention
3. Listen with eyes closed

If you want to hear it precisely like Iasos heard it,
try either of these headphones:
AKG K240 Studio    or    AKG K240M

Let's Hear It!

A Collage
or audio glimpse of all the songs on Iasos'
REALMS OF LIGHT music album


1    3D    Rapture of the Heart
2             Waltz of the Swaying Hearts
3             The Angels of Purity
4    3D    The Fountain of Creation
5    3D    The Temples of Olympus at Dawn
6    3D    The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation
7             Spring Temple Forest
8    3D    The Gates of Opal

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Vibrational Gateway

As with our ELIXIR album, this album is also designed to function as a "Vibrational Gateway" to Celestial Realms - higher dimensions filled with Love & Light.     Specifically, through the resonance of sound, this music can function as a "bridge" to connect your consciousness to celestial realms of Light.

Using a radio analogy, here's how it works:  
        * Your consciousness is the "radio".    
        * All the celestial dimensions are the various "radio stations" that are available for you to experience.
        * The music is the "channel tuner":   
                Each musical selection tunes you (synchronizes your consciousness) to one specific realm,
                and thereby facilitates you directly experiencing that realm.
        * The "beam" of your Attention is the actual electronic bridge that gets you there in consciousness.

Nice thing is - once you become familiar with any particular realm, you no longer need the music to get you there!

To summarize, this album is intensely full of heavenly feelings that will make your heart glow.
Also, especially with the 3-D STEREO, this album is ideal for consciousness-travel to celestial higher-dimensional realms.

Note: This album is designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

May your travels be filled with Light!

Commentary by the Artist

You may perhaps wish to experience this music before reading this commentary, so that you can have your own experience of this music without having it be influenced by the artist's own point of view.    After all, all perspectives are equally valid.    Reading it then would amount to "comparing notes" rather than being front-loaded-influenced by the music creator's point of view.

1    3D    Rapture of the Heart      4:48

This piece represents the emotional experience of a Heart that is filled with such an overwhelming amount of Ecstasy and Love that it reaches a critical flash-point and actually spark-ignites into a state of Rapture - which is Ecstasy taken yet one octave higher in frequency and emotional-intensity.    The piece then is "riding the waves" of this overwhelming Rapture that the heart is experiencing.               

2    Waltz of the Swaying Hearts      3:38

This piece represents two hearts that are deeply and happily in love.    Being a celestial "version" of a waltz, this piece was quite influenced by St. Germain, who is "known" to have a fondness for waltzes.      As I began receiving this piece, as soon as it occurred to me that this was a waltz, I immediately sent up a message:   
        "Hey, wait a minute!   I'm supposed to be doing celestial music and you guys are sending me a waltz!"  
Then I could hear and feel St. Germain graciously reply with his gentlemanly-understatement:    
        "Well then, Iasos, why not make it a celestial version of a waltz?"               

3   The Angels of Purity      8:04

This piece represents the Angels of the 4th Ray of Purity - the clear White colored Ray.    Their specialty is radiating an energy that facilitates humans maintaining the original pure design and pattern for their life's purposes, and also, maintaining the original pure design and Divine pattern for any creation - be it a mountain, a novel, the architectural design for a temple, the Divine Pattern for a persons' physical body, a painting, a life-long project, .......yes, even a musical composition.    Their specialty is helping humans "hold the vision", the original pure vision, for whatever is their life's focus.    Their specialty is also to remind humans of their original state of Absolute Purity (as opposed to "original sin"), and to help them realize that this original state of Absolute Purity is still functioning for them in the Here-Now, even though they may not be aware of it.     

This piece was "transferred" to me by a group of female angels - about 7 angels, with one of them functioning as the musical "conductor" or leader of the group.     They would sing each phrase of notes, and then wait for me to "attempt" to reproduce that phrase.  They would then continue with the next phrase, until we eventually had captured the entire composition.   The funny thing was - after I had "written down" the entire composition, I went through it with them to check that I had each phrase accurately reproduced.     Since angels tend to communicate emotionally rather than mentally, when I had a phrase "not quite right", they would respond with a "squeamish" uneasy feeling - indicating I did not yet have it right.   I would keep re-trying, as they re-sang that phrase, until eventually I was getting it correctly, at which point the squeamish uneasy feeling they were sending was replaced with a heart-relaxing feeling of "Aaaaaaaaaaah", signifying "Yes, you got it right!"               

4    3D    The Fountain of Creation       3:06

This piece was originally created as the soundtrack to a visual segment created by Ken Jenkins for his video "Illumination".    Working together very symmetrically on this video project, Ken created visuals for Iasos' already-existing music "The Angels of Comfort", and Iasos created music for Ken's already-existing visuals "Fountain of Creation".     Though this music has already reached the public in the form of a VHS video program, this is the initial release of this music on a CD.   This way, people can hear it in all its crystalline-clear detail.

This music is a metaphor for the Infinite Creator as a fountain that is continuously pouring forth boundless creativity.    This music is a "model" of the Infinite Creator as being an endless stream of creativity.    And since music affects emotions, I decided to create this musical metaphor, by creating music that was a fountain of continuously-changing-emotions, wherein each and every emotion was uplifting, glorious, and happy, .....yet each new emotion was yet a different "flavor" of these ecstatic feelings.               

5    3D    The Temples of Olympus at Dawn      13:00

This flute solo uses scales that are unusual in contemporary music, but were quite common in ancient Greece.    The attempt here is to create the ambiance of the higher consciousness that could be accessed in these ancient temples - such as in Delphy, Greece.    In many cases, the higher consciousness attained in these temples would cause the priests to travel out of their bodies and travel above and around the temples.    Hence, the intended feeling of this music is to be flying above the temples at dawn, as if one were an eagle - or someone gracefully traveling in consciousness.      Quite often, there were higher-dimensional goddesses "above" these temples - over-seeing what was occurring in these temples.  And these goddesses would have a certain style of dancing, where they would "adjust" their "density" so that they were just barely responsive to gravity - thereby dancing above the temples somewhat like a leaf falling to the ground.    The style of this flute solo was also attempting to capture this style of grace of these higher dimensional goddesses in attendance above the temples, who were quite often dancing, while "doing their thing".               

6    3D    The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation      10:15

This piece represents the experience of someone who starts off "normal", and then de-materializes (perhaps an out-of-body experience, or a near-death experience),  and then zooms through a tunnel of light, eventually shooting out the other end of the tunnel into infinitely-vast nothingness.    This vast nothingness, then slowly gradually begins to be filled with an all-pervasive feeling of God's Infinite Love - the Universal Unconditional Love of the Creator.    As these waves of Love impinge on the awareness of the person, the waves get gradually thicker and thicker with more Love, and eventually becoming rich and majestic as well as loving.  This progression towards gradually greater and greater amounts of Love and Majesty eventually reaches a critical point, at which everything "explodes" into a totally ecstatic state.    The remainder of the piece then represents  harmony-amidst-diversity -the ecstatic unity and loving harmony of the infinite-diversity of Creation.   This feeling is created by endless melodies from numerous sources - all weaving in and out of each other harmoniously and lovingly:  

This ecstatic ending section of harmony amidst diversity was facilitated and enhanced by the contributions of three glorious musicians.   And this ending section of this piece is the only place on the entire album, where musicians other than Iasos were used.  These three magnificent musicians are:

Steve Kindler   - violin              Email

Sophia              - female voice    Email      

Joie Favier      - female voice    Email      Website

7    Spring Temple Forest      6:14

This piece also appears on my Essence of Spring album.

This piece represents a very sacred ceremony that occurs each spring time in the Elemental Nature Kingdom.   At a certain point in time when Spring is at its very peak, a certain forest is selected because of its cathedral-like qualities, and then this forest functions literally as a spiritual temple, where all the nature spirits from miles around gather for a most special ceremony.    This gathering includes nature spirits of all sizes - from tiny ones smaller than a pin-head, to cute little fairies, to larger size elves and gnomes, to even larger tree devas, and even huge devas that engulf entire valleys in their radiation.    This immense assortment of nature beings all gather together in this one spot at a specially-designated time, for one highly-concentrated purpose:    To attune, as a unified group, to the one Universal Source of All Life, and to establish sacred currents of Love and Gratitude, that flow from them to the central Creator, and also flow back from the central Creator to them.  For the nature beings, this is one of their most sacred activities, within each yearly cycle.               

8    3D    The Gates of Opal       9:52

This piece represents a musical model of the energies of a particular being - the Sun God Apollo.    I feel a very personal affinity and closeness to this being - not the Apollo of mythology, but the actual living Sun God Apollo.     (I even have a brief treatise on "Royalty" transmitted from him and now available on my website.)  And so I wanted to create music that "captured" many of his unique energies.  

This piece is a journey through many different higher-dimensional realms, beginning with entering a higher-dimensional Temple for Apollo whose entrance has HUGE gates made entirely of solid opal.  (It is no accident that "opal" sounds very similar to "Apollo", as they are vibrationally related.)    All of the numerous stages of this piece are the various "flavors" of the unique energies I feel from this Magnificent being, who is very dear to my heart.               

Let's Hear it

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Reviews and Quotes

* Lloyde Barde - Director of Backroads Music   (national distributor of New Age music)
"astounding, outstanding, astonishing..."

* Gilbert Williams - visionary artist
"Your work has a crystalline light quality that evokes strong visual impressions."

* New Renaissance Magazine      http://www.ru.org/      Vol 12, No 2, Issue 41   (reviewed by Pathik Strand)
"Ever since Iasos first started releasing his music in the mid-seventies, he has been at the forefront of the New Age/Electronic/Ambient music movement, but also somewhat beyond the boundaries of any musical category.  With his most recent album Realms Of Light, he travels further into the kind of musical landscape that is so much his own. It is difficult to describe the music on Realms Of Light, because it is so different from anything else on the contemporary music scene. While this music is beautiful, transcendent, luminous, daring, experimental and challenging, such words fall short of describing the actual listening experience.
       Iasos suggests that listening to his music with closed eyes, using headphones while focusing actively on the music can induce a 3-dimensional kind of hologram in one's mind. He might not bee too far off the mark, because this music undoubtedly has an expansive and visual feel to it, and with its incredible richness and multi-dimensional qualities, it certainly deserves one's total attention. Iasos claims that his music is channeled from a non-physical being called Vista, which could explain some of its "otherworldly" character. Regardless of its origin, Realms Of Light is a unique and fascinating kaleidoscope of musical invention and expression.

       While this music won't appeal to everyone, anyone with an open mind, who is willing to accept Iasos's invitation to a musical journey out of the ordinary, might be rewarded with the kind of experience that could be called mind-blowing.   Realms Of Light has the potential to affect the listener's consciousness in a very profound way, and holds out great promise for further positive developments of contemporary music."

* Lady Isis (review)    http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/
I highly recommend this CD for as it says on the CD... "Journey into eight heavenly celestial realms with a master of inter-dimensional music."

* CD Services - Scotland   (written by Andy G)
"Recently he sent a new album, and I can report that it's absolutely fantastic, the spirit and style of the old Iasos I know and love. What separates him from the rest is the way he combines all the elements of synths, keyboards, flute and zither-like sounds into one glorious celestial whole, the sort of music that you imagine being played at the gates of heaven itself. Also, what separates his soundscapes from the rest is a feel, a sense of joy and a melodic quality, without the presence of actual tunes, that other artists simply cannot achieve. Unlike guys like Serrie, Iasos creates music that is a huge-sounding cauldron of gorgeousness without provoking anything that's trite or sickly sweet. In his universe is structure, harmony and light, but above all an emotive warmth that comes shining through with every track. Mostly synths dominated (there is one track in the middle where the flute takes more of a lead, albeit textural, role, this is just glorious music by anyone's standards, and if you like your space music to be celestial and heavenly rather than dark and mysterious, there is no finer album around at the moment."

* Marius-Christian Burcea - FUN Radio, Romania
"Realms Of Light is already in "Journeys to the Infinite" playlists. Your music radiate a purity of heart and a sense of attunement,and have a depth of devotion and peace,a vibration that is tranquil yet uplifting. These melodies have a clarity and spiritual beauty that raises the soul in the Presence of the Divine. Realms Of Light elevate our emotions to joyous new levels of enlightenment. Thank you for the journey!"

* John Falone - author of  Genius Frequency  
"Realms Of Light by Iasos, is far beyond a music album, it is a sonic journey, an exploration into Heart Mind. This is a landmark achievement in musical story telling. The Divinely Inspired lyrical power of Iasos' music, soars in a universe of velvet, rich, Light-filled textural harmonics punctuated by thrilling transitions, timed so perfectly, that the soul leaps into one joyful discovery after another. Truly, this is a masterful work not to be denied the soul, hungry for the nourishment of ecstatic wonder.      

I traveled the World for under $20. There are no zeros missing from the price. I visited Hawaii and stood atop the volcano overlooking the ocean, then to the sacred rain forests of South America where I meditated high in the jungle canopy. On to see the highest natural waterfall in the world; then the peace and power of the Redwood forests. I visited the ancient grandeur of the Greek Parthenon and the great Pyramid of Giza. In India, I was given a private flute concert in the Taj Mahal, an experience I will never forget. I stood atop the very mountain where the Sound Of Music was filmed. There I met some of the great composers of the world: Mancini, Gershwin, Mozart, to name a few... on the way back I stopped for a private healing session and saw several movies, so beautiful, that Hollywood could never match them. And the best part is, I never left my room. Iasos' Realms Of Light is a vacation to many exotic places. Best of all, you only have to turn it on, it will take you there.      In the Light of Gratitude, John Falone

* Patti Cota-Robles - spiritual teacher
"It is a wonderful blessing of Light to Humanity and the planet."

* Cristian Muresenu - television program-director in Romania
"I congratulate you and I wish you to continue translating into sounds more from the unlimited treasures of the universal sounds. Having the experience of being in touch with the highest angelic worlds is something that we ordinary people will only try to imagine how does one feel inside this magnificent contact and the real meaning of the idea that we are not alone in this infinite space and time. Your music is the perfect language to translate to us this idea and offer us a small part of what you really feel when you are recording this harmony of sounds."

* EER Music Reviews
"...Iasos brings you a delightful and very cheerful series of mostly electronic pieces which evoke images of shimmering seas and sunny beaches, neon-bright theme parks, fragrant gardens, and pretty crystalline neo-Pagan fantasies...." by Hannah M.G. Shapero 2/22/02

* Mina Olen   (Glossy magazine in Finland)
"......(Can't translate from Finnish....but I "think" it's a very enthusiastic review!)....."   by   Erkki Lehtiranta   2/2002

* L'Ecoute website     and also in      AtlantiSound  website    (review en Francais / review in French)
"Realms Of Light   - Iasos   (IDM 7004) Les Rooyaumes de la Lumière... Une propulsion vers l'espace tridimensionnel. Le compositeur américain Iasos nous propose un voyage à travers les royaumes de la lumière. Cette musique nous fait parcourir huit espaces spirituels, sacrés, emplis d'amour, de couleurs et de parfums. Ravissement du coeur, valse des élans de coeur, les anges de pureté, la fontaine de la création, levé du soleil sur le temple de l'Olympe, le coeur diamant centre créateur, le temple de la forêt au printemps, l'escalier d'opales ... . Quel merveilleux programme. La musique d'Iasos toute mêlée de fréquences et de vibrations surprend l'auditeur et le propulse vers de nouvelles dimensions. L'auteur suggère d'écouter sa musique au moyen d'un casque afin de bénéficier de tous les effets de ce son tridimensionnel. Site web d'Iasos: http://www.iasos.com " par Pascal Rivière 7-25-02

Let's Hear it

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Customer Feedback

My heart had an eargasm.


Just received your outrageous music. Every fiber of my soul was touched deeply and my heart was pounding as if it was going to explode of this inner feeling, so deep so harmonious ,so soothing to my spirit, blessed child of the Universe. You made me cry but not of sadness but of this ecstasy in which tears dropped through my chin. Thank you Iasos for giving your art to us mortals to share with you. May your life be always blessed by the sound of music and the Universal love in each and every note . Receive all my love and millions of ocean blessings Your friend Z.


One instruction that was missing:     "Fasten Seatbelt"


The definitive Iasos album!   It's incredible!


The new work is stunningly beautiful. I want to immerse myself in this one for a while before writing about it. Congratulations on this Divinely Inspired work, my friend. Every day, your talents deepen and expand as your light-filled soul radiates the gift of music to uplift our world. I am thrilled to receive this gift and will cherish it.


You can absorb the sweet energies of this music over and over without ear-weariness---it's that pure and refined and balanced. A soul needs this!


Fantastic! Absolutely incredible! Wow, you should feel so good, putting out such incredible music! I just love the spaciousness, the spatial design and the clarity. Beautiful pieces.


It is hard to find words to describe this awesome piece of celestial beauty.   "Magnificent" -- is the closest I can come and of course "awesome".


Listen to Realms of Light every morning. Gates of Opal might be my favorite, but I enjoy every track, it's a great balance. Now I'm closely listening to individual tone colors.


My copy has become a part of my weekly spiritual maintenance program.


By the time I came to the TAJ MAHAL, it was over. I am not myself, I am not, I am everything I am everybody, I am flying. I was creation, creation is me. The tears as yours were running down my cheeks. Tears of separation from where I should be. The breathing had stopped and I did not need to breathe, no suffocation, but a different dimension that you do not need the physical aspect.


Iasos Rocks! if that's the right term :-)      especially Diamond Heart and Gates.       Diamond Heart is world class and FM ready.


Also, thank you for the CDs....I received them today and have been listening to them non-stop ever since!!!!! Realms of Light is absolutely INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! I love it so much...thank you for creating such a spectacular, uplifting and positive album.  I am a bit speechless and having trouble finding the right words to describe just how much I love these CDs, but suffice to say that I am completely entranced and enchanted!

Also, when we put on your music, we've noticed it tends to attract all sorts of delightful fairy creatures, the very small, winged, playful ones, to troop around the floor and sit and make faces at us! It's hard for me to pick a favorite song but I really love the Angels of Purity on Realms of Light, because whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of the pure angelic sounds I've heard when I've been visiting some of the angelic realms in my astral body. THANK YOU so much for this gift of music, that enables us to be so enchanted.


I love this CD ((Realms of Light))... every time we put it on, I feel uplifted. It's so beautiful and CHEERFUL - I can't remain in a negative mood when it's playing! This guy is fantastic! The whole room is all cheerful and positive now.


All of your albums have a special place in time in which to do their magic, but I confess that Realms Of Light fills in all the spaces with its timeless genius and heartfelt love.


One can tell this will be a new CD which will set a precedent in your music and worldwide in the New Age.


Whenever I listen to your music, I always feel like I want to live "there," the sounds/frequencies are so beautiful.


WOW! Such bliss! I took a spirit journey while you played the Diamond Heart piece and saw colors and crystals and met Archangel Raphael and zoomed all around the Earth and Moon and 7th dimension.


I'm listening to it now! It's truly amazing! The songs are all so different sounding but all very refreshing and excellent. Lots of wonderful feelings and vibes. Thanks for putting such a nice collection of music together & for the unbelievable speed in which you sent the package! I was shocked when it was in my PO box today!! The song with Kindler was especially exciting to me as I love some of his work with Global Pacific & his playing on your CD sounded very "classic-Kindler" but within your music. Great combination! Hope you do more together in the future. "Waltz..." is another beautiful standout track & of course I love the inspirational celestial sounding 'Angels of Purity". Great album! Thanks!


Your music is fantastic and makes my spirit soar! Your new ROL album is the best yet! I love the harmonic variations and color tones in your music. You must of had classical training. Alot of new age music tends to be repetitive. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music to the world. Love,


Dear Iasos:
Hi! Well, I received your CD of "Realms of Light" last night. By the time I got to Track #3, you had me in your clutches. I only have one question: Can I sit at your feet while you compose? I promise I won't make any noise... Much love (and light),


Exquisite, cannot be expressed in words, only feelings, that the average person will probably never understand...what a pity!.!!!!!


Your new ROL CD has the most beautiful music that I ever heard. It touches the chord in my soul. It's like as though the music is from the spiritual realm. It must be similar to music that's heard when having a near death or other spiritual experience. Your music could be considered classical for the new age era. Thank you for creating this wonderful music and sharing it with the world.      Light and Love,


I have had very enlightening and healing journeys with your new release. "Realms of Light". Thank you for using your gifts and talents to help with the healing and evolution of the people and the planet. Please keep generating the music, because I am a loyal and faithful customer and will continue to purchase your work.


After listening to the excerpt for this CD you provided online, I continue to be conviniced that you are the number 1 resource for meditative music. I've tried all the others but always come back to your music. You work is truly excellent, and it really works! You've convinced a former skeptic, which is no easy feat.


Realms of Light is absolutely incredible, a truly unique work of outstanding beauty. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it. I listened to it yesterday, using headphones, with my eyes closed, focusing on the music as suggested, and must say it completely blew my mind. This music definitely affects consciousness in a very powerful and positive way.


Well, I have a question. I played your CD during a Reiki treatment on my mom. It was your 'travel to other dimensions' CD. I don't have the title with me right now, it's downstairs, but Realm was in it, I think. Anyway, during the session, my mom started speaking in another language and seemed to be speaking to someone I couldn't see or hear. One healer told me it sounded Peruvian; one said Egyptian. I wrote to the UW, Egyptian Studies, to see if someone could listen to the tape I recorded during the session to see if they could recognize or place the words. I haven't heard back from them. Questions: Has this come up before? How would I find out what the language is?


My Dear Iasos:   Today Sunday, I wake up early and like magic begun hearing you CD " Realms Of Light" I was Delighted to hear this celestial music, for my spirit who needed a lift and a little attunement: it is heavenly to sit and enjoy the love involved in this angelic sphere music. You have been blessed with the talent to bring to earth part of the one consciousness of the Universe , and to have the chance to be in touch with part of your soul is like magic. Thanks my dear friend for giving us all part of your marvelous art, may God bless you always Iasos and give you more and more of this genius for us to share with you. In love and Light.


Realms of Light is goooood stuff!!


Hiho! Ordered Realms of Light as you know. I found much of it to be a bit too Nice (like tracks 3, 4, 7 the most). But I'm certainly finding there's more than what meets the ears. Some of the songs do seem more medicinal/therapeutic. They really do trigger Amazing visuals; I've seen both temples and angels - stuff that's beyond my imagination, I'd think.
I love it when you no longer hear the music. This is the sign of excellent work.


I listened to the track "The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation" with Headphones and eyes closed and I was Blown away--The Effects are SUPERB!!!


I will email an order tomorrow for realms of light CD. Even my 13 yr old son thought it was great.


I enjoy every day to listen to realm of light and I would like to tell you that this music you are making is an outstanding trigger for all kinds of wonderful heart-feelings to my soul and mood.

E. F.K.

Words I might use to describe R of L, it would be "refreshing", "exhilarating" and "vibrationally cleansing". I seem to have developed an ability to hear when higher-vibration beings (Angels / Devas) are present.

Their presence is indicated by a very high-pitched ringing in my ears, simar to the sounds of your wonderful crickets. This ability seems to be the outcome of Kundalini-related experiences that I've been having for almost a year. I neither complaining nor boasting, only acknowledging what you have known for years -- that your music attracts higher-vibration beings. This seems to especially true of R of L and I'm going to start using it (along with sage?) to rid my space of any lower-vibration pests or parasites and invite Angels to come and visit. THANK YOU!


I had not read the song descriptions prior to listening as I didn't want to bias any outcome - I wanted to "see" what you had musically described.

The first song gave me very strong impressions of a beautiful, busy, crystal city (the buildings were crystal rectangles and cylinders, with segments like glass block) on a extremely sunny and bright day. The image was quite strong and clear.

As I continued to listen to the other songs, different images popped in my head - but were made of mine own imagination and not necessarily what you had intended.

It wasn't until I got to the flute piece that I truly did get what you had played - I pictured a man, lying in repose, upon a day-bed in a Roman/Greek temple (a very large temple, and a rather large man - like a giant). As the piece went on, my mind spun as the whirlwind - I could see the "stars" (or static - 'twas a black/white grainy "motion picture" - I prefer to think of stars) whirling above me as if I were at the South or North Pole, looking straight up.

I later read the description of that piece and found my imagery essentially matched the description - that was/is very "cool!"

As a fellow musician, I used to play a number of instruments - piano, flute, autoharp, recorder(s) (I also own a Zampona but haven't learned to play it yet) - I greatly appreciate the significant talent it takes to produce what you have done. I thank you for your contribution to us in that regard!


As one composer to another, you do have a beautiful musical gift.


No kidding. Thus music really DOES transport you into "other worlds". I've never heard anything like it. There is a certain kind of "brilliance", or "sheen", or EXTREME-positiveness (hard to describe) in this music, that I've never encountered in other music. If you like "going to other places" with music, especially truly uplifting places, man oh man, you've found the right album! And like the album notes say, if you listen with headphones and your eyes closed, it is a totally immersive audio experience.


Absolutely breathtaking! This music will take you on the most heavenly trip you have ever experienced while still alive, with a headset on. buy it now!


I am VERY familiar with "Realms of Light" both CD and DVD. The Cd is one of my all time favorites because i first heard you on XM radio with " The Gates of Opal" immediately loved it, before i even knew who you were.


The first time I ever listened to your excerpts, floods of visualisations and imagination came pouring through!! ;)   Music, especially your music, really is the key to higher consciousness!    (response to hearing "Excerpts from REALMS OF LIGHT by Iasos")


In order to inconspicuously get a little 20 minute meditation and drown out the lies on talk radio, I had the Spa channel on my little Sirius XM player on the earbuds.  Now I already had a small torch burning in my pineal area kinda like a welders flash when I realized someone was playing on my harp.  I heard/felt these fingers of starlight touching precision points on my crown sending a signal to come alive to my whole energy body.  At one point it was as if I became aware of the center of my body being a resonating empty vessel like a vase or the body of a drum except in something like a perfect sphere.

As the last strains of the music were fading away I looked down at my player to discover that it was one of your compositions, " The Opal Gates" I think it was called.  I realized that this was not some haphazzard occurance, some little fiat of the thing the blind refer to as chance.  It was a manifestation of a higher consciousness,  transcendent vibrations, yet still of this earthly plane.  A full sensory demonstration of the kind  of love that gives form to all creation, so abundantly outflowing that it almost has no trace of selfishness at all. 


(referring to Track 7: "Spring Temple Forest")
This is wonderful. The music is very high vibration that give me goose bumps and sends energy moving through me clearing every chakra and meridian. It brings peace and unity to my mind, joining my body, mind and Spirit.


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