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Inter-Dimensional Science

Bruce DePalma - Bruce DePalma is a brilliant scientist focusing on free energy, utilizing magnetically-charged gyroscopic rotations.   Fascinating free-thinker and scientist-philospher.

Holographic Nature of the Universe - This is an excellent 4 page article, on Ellie Crystal's website, on this profound topic.

ZetaTalk: Density - Nancy is a channel/spokesperson for some benevolent Zetas. In this particular page on her vast and interesting site, the Zetas discuss numerous aspects of dimensions, densities, and dimensional shifts.

Genius Frequency - This website is basically about a book by John J. Falone designed for the express purpose of "bringing out" the genius frequency inherent within everyone.    There are 15 chapters to this book and it gets better and better as you go.    This information is filled with understanding about the physics of how thought creates reality.  This book is available as a multimedia "E-Book" - available on a CD rom. It runs entirely and automatically from your CD Drive. Nothing is installed on your hard drive and there is no need to download anything. For those hungering to understand more about how reality works, this book is well worth reading !!!

Pillar of Light Enterprises - Jack Derby has invented a device that modulates (vibrates) crystals to precise frequencies, which causes numerous beneficial results - both physically and metaphysically. Quite a way to tune up your energy fields!    This Pillar of Light website also offers devices to "charge up" the life force in water.

Hilarion - The Ascended Master Hilarion - on the Green Ray of Science, Truth, and Healing - is channeled here by John Fox. This information is equally scientific and spiritual.   Lots of information on uses of the inert gases for biologically-beneficial effects.

Smart Technology Association - These people are creating technologies with potent and striking biologically-beneficial effects, by combining electrical coils wound into the shape of the basic Platonic solids, placed around pure quartz crystal rods, with chambers for inert gases that are magnetically pulsed. (Sounds pretty Atlantean, doesn't it?)

BioLifeStyle - This Italian website is a wealth of information on Radionics and related topics. They describe this site as Natural Holistic Healing Remedies and an Alternative Medicine Portal. This site is available in Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, and Portuguese.

The Fractal Nature of the Universe

To intuitively grasp this self-recursive patterning (repeating the same pattern as you zoom in or zoom out), you can create and watch such fractal zooms yourself at Mandelbrot Explorer.  The site starts with a fractal image. You select a zoom ratio and click/select any point on the image, which becomes the center point from which to zoom in or zoom out to create a new image. Then wait about 20 seconds, and the web site computes and delivers you the image you zoomed into!

For continuously-transforming fractal beauty,
check out Iasos' "Contemplating Fractal Infinities".

Time Travelers - A site focusing just on Time-Travel.

Royal Rife Technologies - A site dedicated to the suppressed but profoundly healing technologies of the genius Royal Rife.   By electrically vibrating germs, viruses, and bacteria precisely to their own fundamental frequency, they get energized to the point of exploding! A clean, quick, painless, effective way to remove germs from the body. He also developed a tremendous microscope that, unlike the electron microscope, does not kill everything it is looking at.

Leading Edge Research Group - This site is a "wake-up call" for those interested in knowing what's really going on currently with advanced technologies on our planet. Their technological focus is balanced with spiritual and social awareness as well. This site has a lot of intelligence behind it.  Val Valerian is the organizer of Leading Edge Research Group.

Secret Anti-Gravity Aerospace Craft - A page on the Dr. Richard Boylan website that lists the various "secret craft" in the American arsenal that use seriously-advanced-technologies, such as anti-gravity, teleportation, magneto-gravitic drive, and zero-point energy.

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Sound - As a Vibrational Tool  

Healing Sounds - This is the website for a man that is truly dedicating his entire life to the field of Healing with Sound - Jonathan Goldman

The Sound Healing Network - This website, created by Zacciah Blackburn, is an international community of sound healing practitioners commissioned to further the research, education, networking, and community building of sound healers, therapists, practitioners, researchers, and those in the general public wanting to broaden their experience or understanding of sound healing and its many uses.

Prima Sounds - Designed by Ralph Losey, and based on theories by Professor Arnold Keyserling, these CDs create "sounds" tuned to a most unusual musical scale, based on the 7th harmonic.  The direct physical vibrations of these sounds on the physical body tend to have potently aligning and consciousness-awakening effects.

Sacred Sonic Tools - Iasos' collection of specially-designed sounds on a CD.  Each sound is a "tool" that has its own unique vibrational effects on your energy fields.   This "tool-box in a CD" comes with a booklet of Application Notes.

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Visioning - As a Vibrational Tool

Kihei Sunset - Maui

Explore the Sacred Sites - Photo Gallery of great images by Martin Gray of the top Sacred Sites around the world!

StarWheels by Aya - Contemporary mandelas attuned to high-frequency Consciousness, created by Aya.

Gallery of Visionary Art - A gallery of beautiful images by many of the top contemporary Master Visionary Artists.

Sacred Geometry Home Page - A wonderful easy-to-understand, clearly-illustrated tutorial on Sacred Geometry by Bruce Rawles.

Artainment - A website dedicated to bringing to the public uplifting video, inspiring musicians, and visionary artists.     They offer many CDs and DVDs of their work, and much of this is available as on-line videos.    Da Vid, the director of this website, has the intention to raise consciousness and purify and emotionally uplift people through the medium of beauty in the arts.

Iasos' Oasis of Visual Sanctuaries - A collection of images, mostly transforming images via Java, designed to soothe, nurture, and uplift your Soul.

Enlightened Films - A website by Ed Ellsworth, focusing on high-lighting current films, movies, and videos that enlighten and elevate our Spirit and Consciousness.

Visionary Art Treasures available for Purchase - Original paintings by Master contemporary visionary artists - now available for purchase world-wide.

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Spiritual Sites

Bashar - This being, channeled by Darryl Anka, is from the Essassani civilization and offers profound information on the mechanics of "how" we each create our own reality.    Profound!  And also profoundly practical.   Click here for a concentrated summary of some of Bashar's core concepts, unofficially compiled by Iasos.

Orin - Orin is a very wise being sharing spiritual truths, and is channeled through Sanaya Roman. Some of Orin's guided meditations are among the most profoundly moving meditations I've ever experienced.

Brad Steiger  - Web site for Brad Steiger and his wife Sherry Steiger.   Brad is one of those rare few veterans of the researching of the paranormal and metaphysical.  He has a brilliant intellect and is impressively prolific! - author/coauthor of 148 books with over 17 million copies in print.   This site is a great jump-off spot for those curious about the paranormal, metaphysics, UFOs, and mystical teachings from many cultures.   If interested, you can also go straight to his published books page.

Lazaris - A great source of wisdom from a never-incarnated higher-dimensional being, channeled through Jach Pursel. Of all such higher-dimensional beings channeling information to us here on earth, I think of Lazaris as "The Master Psychologist" - exploring all the subtle nuances of just how our psyche goes about "creating our reality".

P'Taah - P'Taah is a very wise and loving Pleiadian master, channeled by Jani King.   This is a rich source of truth, with P'Taah always bringing it all back to the fact that you create and design your experience. In the Pleiadian culture, P'Taah is about as evolved as you can be and still be "physical", and his title of "Ish-Wish" means "master of wisdom".

Abraham - Abraham is a wise and loving higher-dimensional being, channeled by Esther Hicks. The facet of truth that Abraham focuses on his helping us manifest what we want, by consciously choosing to focus our attention, never on what we don't want or like, but only on what we do want or like.

Reality Creation Coaching - Website dedicated to helping you "create" the type of life you really wish to have. Based on solid universal metaphysical principles. This stuf works!   This is all put together by Frederick Dodson - author of "Parallel Universes of Self". Fred's understandings are very closely aligned with those of Elan and Bashar.

Hilarion - The Ascended Master Hilarion - on the Green Ray of Science, Truth, and Healing - is channeled here by John Fox. This information is equally scientific and spiritual.

The Six Levels of Higher Consciousness - How to Make the Shift - A nice step-by-step system for moving up through 6 distinct levels of conscious-awareness of YOU and the Universe.

Occult Advances - Great learning center for the subtle energy fields in the human body. Study what's here and you've learned a lot!.

The Niburian Council - This is a great site for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Walk-ins, and anyone interested in a higher dimensional understanding of current earth changes.    This side provides a higher dimensional perspective on topics ranging from Ascension and DNA Recoding to Earth and Universal History.   This site is hosted by Jelaila Star.

Ascended Masters Research Center and Ascended Masters Teachings - the Temple of the Presence - Accumulated channelings from the Ascended Masters - those that were previously incarnated as humans on earth that "graduated" into higher dimensional of Love & Light.

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Moon Manta Ray
"Enlightened Manta Ray"


Alternative News Sources for Current Global Events
Alternative perspectives to the "mass media"
(which is currently totally controlled propaganda)

News from conventional earth sources

Channeled news from off-planet sources
and/or higher-dimensional sources

News from conventional earth sources

Jeff Rense - Jeff Rense interviews a fascinating collection of people on numerous topics of global interest.   

Educate Yourself - great "Wake-Up" call - on numerous topics!!!
Sorted by topics.

Russia Today - On Air - An on-line "tv station" that tends to cover many topics that the main stream media intentionally avoids covering.

Benjamin Fulford - this man has high-level insider connections with many people in top levels of government, military, and the banking system worldwide. From his many contacts, he periodically reports on what's really going on.

Project Camelot - This website is a general clearing house for information from whistle-blowers from all over. (A "whistle-blower" is one who publicly releases information that the power elite strongly wish to remain secret and unknown.)     This website is only for that that can handle really far-out information.

David Icke - This extremely intelligent & aware man has dedicated his life to undersanding who and what is really running this planet.

Republic Broadcasting Network - recorded interviews (free) by an excellent set of host-interviewers.    They interview many people on many topics of interest for those interested in having a harmonious free planet.

Project Censored - making the public aware of critical events
the US mass media is intentionally avoiding mentioning.

Truth Out - A website dedicated to offering numerous articles on current world events - political, military, economic, etc - that are traditionally avoided by all mainstream news media.

Index of News Articles - Revealing media articles from multipled sources, sorted by Topic and Importance.


Channeled news from off-planet sources
and/or higher-dimensional sources
about what's now happening on our planet

Good things are happening!   Really !!

Mike Quinsey and SaLuSa - Mike Quinsey channels SaLuSa from Sirius, providing great insightful info on how things are progressing here on earth.   {frequent updates}

John Kettler Investigates - John Kettler is in a most unique position, since he has BOTH high-level insider contacts in the military, AND, information he telepathically receives from 2 different ET contingents working to free our planet from the corrupt power elite. John cross-correlates his information from all these sources.    {frequent updates}

Sheldon Nidle and Galactic Federation - Look in the Sheldon Nidle collumn to get his updates from the Galactic Federation.
{frequent updates}

Messages from Matthew - Suzy Ward channels a human that has left this dimension - Matthew. The information is pertinent to current global events, and is based on a simultaneous awareness of all of these influences: secret agendas of earth humans (politics, military, corporations, etc.), the influence of ETs, and the influence of higher spiritual beings.    Truly "news" from a multi-dimensional point of view.   {updates about once/month}

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Angel Sites and Angelic Information

How to Communicate with Your Guardian Angel - Of all the angel sites I've seen, this is the most practical and down-to-earth (in an "angelic" sense) one. Directed by Aline Pasqui, this site has many practical tips here for consciously communicating with angels. If you're interested in angels, check out this site first.

Angelic Artistry - Site focusing on images of various types of angels, created by Joan Kirk.   Like other angel sites, this site focuses on angels, harmony, and love. However, this site is also the most esthetically pleasing of all the angels sites we've seen. Many pretty images.

Angel Net - Site focusing on angels, harmony, and love.

5 Hot Tips for Tuning into Angels - 5 hot tips for actually tuning into angels!

The Differences Between Angels, Humans, and Elementals - article by Iasos "explaining" angels.

Angelic Music - a music album that truly connects you with the universal love and nurturing of angels.

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Fairy Sites and Fairy Art

Fairy Art - A great collection of fairy art, from numerous artists, including classical and current artists.  Just click on any of the brown-lettered words, to enter a whole category of fairy art!

The Real World of Fairies - An exceptional book (available through Amazon) by Dora van Gelder Kunz, who as a little girl, could actually see fairies as clearly as we see a dog or cat. Her descriptions are vivid, detailed, and ACCURATE !!!

Devas: Nature Spirits and Angels - This page is primarily about Elementals or Nature Spirits (and Fairies are a subset of these beings). This is a collection of information from many sources, and I personally find at least 90% of it to be accurate.

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Crystal Energies

Raven Crystals - Aside from selling a vast array of crystals of untold types, this website is also a great source of general information about crystals.

Palace Crystals - Museum-Class Crystals, from a private collection, individually for sale by appointment. These are gorgeous magnificent specimen and very large!

A Drop of Light - A CD of 4 guided meditations related to crystals, by the Master Crystal Teacher, Emerald Stara. Sound-track is by Iasos.

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Goddess Consciousness

Goddess International - The site for a most extensive Goddess organization, whose central coordinator is Penny Slinger-Hills.   This site focuses on feminine-sacredness, sensuality, and higher consciousness - in all its varied forms.

The Goddess art of Karl Bang - A Chinese painter who is a master at creating paintings of beautiful goddesses from numerous races around the world. You will see here many glorious examples of his art.

SpiritDancing - This is the website for an incredible dancer. Her name is Heaven, and (in my humble opinion) she reallly dances lika a real Goddess! I don't know any other dancers I would say this about.     You'll be enjoy her dancing on my celestial dvd - Realms of Light.

Goddess Council - a workshop - for women-only - to facilitate them each blossoming into their own goddess-hood - by removing many subconscious blocks to this process.

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Alternative Health Sites

Educate Yourself - Excellent starting point for anyone wanting to get an over-view on what's happening globally, from a health point of view. This site, by Ken Adachi is a great "wake-up call"!

OxyTherapy - Site focusing on the innumerable benefits of Oxygen & Ozone Therpies. Also, advanced technologies for improved well-being, incorporating multiple modalities, including:   magnetics, sacred geometry, crystals, sound vibrations, noble gases, and refined metals. (all together, really feels like Atlantean technologies!)

Project Health - This page, which is a section of the Light Party web site, under the direction of Da Vid, is an excellent collection of insightful articles sharing an "insiders" point of view on many of the current "hot health topics".   Check out these articles for another perspective on these timely issues.

Royal Rife Technologies - A site dedicated to the suppressed but profoundly healing technologies of the genius Royal Rife.   By electrically vibrating germs, viruses, and bacteria precisely to their own fundamental frequency, they get energized to the point of exploding! A clean, quick, painless, effective way to remove germs from the body. He also developed a tremendous microscope that, unlike the electron microscope, does not kill everything it is looking at.

Study Guide for the Systems of the Body - This is a nice convenient over-view of detailed information for each of these body systems:
Circulatory, Respsiratory, Skeletal, Digestive, and Nervous System.


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New Age Music Sites

Michael Stearns - One of the great and original "classical" new age musicians. Truly a great "space" musician. Michael has done wonderful sound tracks for films as well, especially his sound-track to "Baraka".

Contance Demby - Another one of the great and original "classical" new age musicians. She likes to categorize her music as "symphonic sacred space music".

Aeoliah - Aeoliah is one of the few musicians that I feel is truly in touch with the celestial planes.  His music, as I "sense" it, revolves around the central emotion of "Devotion to Divinity".    He is also an author and a painter of spiritual art, both of which are represented in his site.

Jonn Serrie - John's music, especially his earlier albums, evoke the feelings of floating through warm inter-stellar space.   A unique and very warm universe.

Kevin Kendle - This is a promising young musician from England whose style is very warm, soft, and gentle - a safe space for your heart.

Media Positive Radio - Internet radio with the intention of providing only positive and uplifting listening experiences.

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