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Abraham is a wonderful higher dimensional being, wanting to help us in manifesting our reality as we wish it to be. Abraham is channeled by Esther Hicks.     There are many cassettes and books by Esther currently available in new age book shops and metaphysical book shops.   And now even a movie about her teachings.

The official Abraham website is:   
Their summary of the abraham teachings:

What is presented here below is an unofficial informal "encapsulated" summary by Iasos of some of the core concepts of Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks.

Summary of Abraham's Core Teachings

Your attention during every waking moment is an electronic beacon sending out a signal throughout the universe on the mental planes, for what you wish to attract into your life. To try to eliminate, resist, or exclude something from your life does not really work, simply because just thinking about what you don't want is focusing your attention on it, and thereby bringing more of it into your reality.

Therefore, it makes no sense to "resist" that which you do not want, since resisting it is focusing attention on it, which means you are attracting more of it into your life. So, instead of resisting that which you do not prefer, visualize or remember or imagine that which you do prefer.

Abraham make the analogy of selecting a cookie from a cookie counter: Rather than "hating" the cookies you do not like, you simply choose the cookies you do like. Likewise, you can treat your life that same way, by simply choosing what you do prefer, rather than resisting what you do not prefer.

Keep in mind that:
What you perceive is form,                              and therefore the world of Effect.
But what you imagine or visualize is thought, and therefore the world of Cause.
Imagination/visualization is the mental Cause that produces the Effects we perceive in the world of form.

So rather than passively perceiving things in the outside world that bother you, causing you to resist them (exclude them) and thereby attract even more of that into your life, it's much better to actively imagine & visualize things the way you would like them to be.

Wanting or Desiring or Preferring is an attractive force, since it focuses on what you do want.
Needing is a repulsive force, since it focuses on the lack of what you want.

So when you perceive something in your reality that bothers you (makes you feel bad), rather than resisting/excluding it, instead just imagine or remember or visualize it the way you would like it to be - the way you would prefer it to be (which makes you feel good).

Whenever you perceive some thing that bothers you (like bad news), rather than getting upset about it (which is resistance to what you are perceiving, and consequently you are bringing more of that into your reality), it's much better to immediately

The universe lets you know when you are resisting something (trying to exclude it from your reality). It lets you know by the bad feeling you get in your gut (solar plexus). So when you notice this feeling, think of it as a Notification from Spirit: "Aha! Here is something that I am trying to resist/exclude from my reality!" Then spend a few minutes of quiet time by yourself, trying to get to the core issue - "What is there about this issue that is the real reason I am bothered by it?" When you discover what the core issue is, rather than feeling bad about the way it is, imagine/remember/visualize it the way you would prefer it to be!

Your feelings are your feed-back system from your Inner Being:

          Negative feelings      ==> You are now focusing on and creating what you don't want.
          Harmonious feelings ==>  You are focusing on and creating what you do want.

Saying this, in a more detailed fashion:

Negative feelings ==> Pushing away (excluding) what you don't want => Actually attracting what you don't want => Creating undesirable results
Positive feelings ==> Thinking about (including) what you do want ==> Actually attracting what you do want ==> Creating desirable results
Neutral/indifferent feelings => Ignoring that ==> NOT attracting that ==> Not creating any results

For example, you could say to yourself, "Okay, if this is what I don't like or don't want, then what is it that I do want? How would I like it to be?" And then visualize that for awhile, and get emotionally happy about how you would like it to be. This "pivoting process" causes you to switch from excluding what you don't prefer, to including what you do prefer.    

"If that's what I don't want, then what is it that I do want?   Let me focus on this instead"

This "pivoting of focus" causes you to resume feeling good, while simultaneously attracting what you do want.

Doing this is not just sticking your head in the sand and avoiding Reality. It is actively re-creating Reality the way you would like it to be, through the creative power of imagination/visualization. Imagine what would happen if 2/3rds of the world's population stopped getting upset about world conditions, and instead used that same time and energy to visualize the world the way the would like it to be? You see the potential global impact? So, rather than passively reacting to what you don't like, through observation, you can instead, work towards actively re-creating it the way you would like it to be, through imagination/visualization.

So if the evening news tends to get you upset, just
                 set up an "automatic alarm" within your Being, that:
1. Gets triggered whenever it notices you are upset about something in your reality.
2. Automatically switches you over from being "unhappy about the way this situation is" to being "happy about the way I am re-creating it to be, through imagination".

Most Relevant Video!
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But there's a catch!

Visualizing/imagining things the way you would prefer them to be does not work if you contradict your visualization!
How do you contradict your visualization?
By visualizing what you want and also visualizing what you don't want.
This totally nullifies the creative potency of your visualization!

Contradictory vibrations are very common here on earth, and are a strong reason why many people are not manifesting according to what they think they are visualizing!

How Do I Know When I am Putting out Contradictory Vibrations?     By your FEELINGS!
While Visualizing What you Want, your emotions are your indicator:
          Negative Emotions = Resistance = You are also adding Thoughts about what you don't want.
          Positive Emotions   = Allowance   = You are Thinking and Visualizing about only what you do want.
So, if you can visualize what you want, and be feeling only happy positive emotions at the same time, then you are Creating according to your Preferences!

So there is the art of "inclusion without exclusion": This is the art of steering your attention only on what you want/prefer, without letting your attention focus on what you don't want/prefer. In other words, focusing your attention on what you want to include in your life, without also focusing your attention on what you want to exclude, or get rid of, from your life.

Being able to hold such a potent uncontradicted thought/image/imagination/visualization is extremely potent, in terms of manifesting what you want. If you can hold such an image in your mind and feel its reality, for 17 seconds, this leaves a very strong imprint in the universe, for fulfilling your vision. If you can hold such a visualization, and feel its reality, for 4 times 17 seconds (68 seconds), without any contradiction, this leaves such a strong imprint in the Universal Mind, that the universe will rush to fulfill and manifest your visualization!

The Law of Deliberate Creation:
1. Think about and Visualize what you do want.   
(Imagine it)
2. Have strong only-positive feelings about this idea.  
(Get enthusiastic about it!)
3. Expect it.
(Expect it = Allow it = Believe it)

Video of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham:

"Law of Attraction" Video

from their official website

5 sections totaling 40 minutes

The official Abraham website is:

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Abraham & Bashar YouTube videos
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