The 9 Levels of Consciousness
(an unoffocial informal chart, organized by Iasos, based on Bashar's channeling on Nov. 5, 2011)

1 Oversoul Simultaneous awareness of all the Individual Souls Projects or splits up into many Individual Souls    
2 Individual Soul Spirit.
"afterlife" realms
Projects or splits up into many physical incarnations      
3 Higher Mind Parallel Reality for each physical incarnation Navigates through many dimensions of Time (past, present, future),
just as the physical being navigates
through Space.



is the conduit or "pipeline" connecting
the Conscious Awareness
to the Higher Mind.

Conscious thoughts receive "guidance" from the Higher Mind through Imagination/Intuition.

4 Template Level
of Reality
the "blueprint" for the physical incarnation The basic "pattern" for the incarnation - intended in advance by the Individual Soul.    
overlap border between
physical &
5 The Collective Unconscious Collective Automatic Mind.
unconscious behavior
Collective agreements
      (game rules)
about the nature of reality
(such as gravity & time)
6 The Individual Unconscious Individual Automatic Mind.
unconscious behavior
Patterns & Habits of behavior of which the individual is unaware  
7 Beliefs Physical Mind Unconscious Beliefs


(Ego Behavior)

8 Emotions Physical Mind Subconscious Emotions
9 Thoughts Physical Mind
Conscious Awareness


I attended a Bashar event where he gave forth 1 version of the order of thee levels in the morning channeling. And then Bashar changed the order of these levels for the afternoon channeling.
The version above is the 2nd version. For the sake of completeness, here is the first version he gave:
      1.    Over soul
      2.    Individual Soul
      3.    Higher Mind
      4.    Template Level Reality
      5.    Beliefs
      6.    Emotions
      7.    Thoughts
      8.    Automatic Mind
      9.    Collective Agreements

Of these 9 levels (on my chart):
     #1 - The Oversoul
- is the highest in frequency, and
     #9 - The Physical Mind - Conscious Thoughts - are the lowest in frequency.
Billions of times every second, ALL of these levels collapse back into"neutrality" as the Oversoul, and then expand back out again.

There are of course levels of consciousness even higher than the Oversoul - all the way back up to the ONE INFINITE BEING.
The Celestial Soul, for example refers to a level above the Oversoul.

When you drop to lower frequencies, you are moving in the direction of more separation, more forgetfulness, more unconscious behaviors, and more inability to know what you need to know.

When you rise to higher frequencies, you are moving in the direction of more understanding and knowingness, and less separation. To find answers, you always go up to higher frequencies. You always go up to higher frequencies to get answers.

To get in touch with your Beliefs, you don't "dig deeper" into lower frequencies, but rise up to higher frequencies.

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