Some of the Core Concepts of
from the Essassani Civilization

Channeled by Jamal Johnson, this being Ektar is from the Essassani civilization and offers profound information on the mechanics of "how" we each create our own reality. This information has a nice similarity and congruency with the wisdom offered by Bashar and Elan - both from this same civilization. However, each of these three beings focuses on emphasizing different "facets" of this civilization's "data-base" of profound accumulated Wisdom.

The following is Iasos' informal unofficial brief summary of some of the core concepts of Ektar.

Iasos' brief Summary:
Some of the Core Concepts of Ektar

Resonance = Attraction

Resonating with that which you wish to be or to attract

State of Being

Resonance = Attraction

(Things that are resonating/vibrating in a similar manner tend to be attracted by and attractive to each other.)

Every time you change – even in the slightest way – you then are in a totally different universe .
In this new universe, you are a new different person,
     - and -
each person in this new universe is also a different version of them.

Remember times when you felt abundant, successful, prosperous, and confident, and life was a “Thrill!”
These feelings are feelings of a higher vibratory rate than depression, despair, confusion, sadness, and so by definition they will create a higher vibration in your external life: (the holographic mirror reflecting your inner reality).

By feeling these feelings, instantly you start putting out that frequency, and instantly you can attract and manifest the reality of that same state-of-being as you are putting out.

This is Resonance .

Once you resonate with anything, it is now within your range of awareness, and by following your joy, and maintaining that perfect resonance which you truly prefer, you will create the reality that you prefer automatically.

No matter what is happening in your life, give these events a positive interpretation .

Interpret them, as your ideal self in your ideal reality would interpret them. Give it a positive empowering interpretation – even if you can not imagine anything positive about it! By adjusting your interpretations of what is occurring in your life, to maintain your most preferred vibration, you will find that you are always doing exactly what you want to do, and that you remain in that space. That is when life becomes a huge thrill , and you are on a very high vibrational level, and you are following your most preferred path in life.

Simply go back to remembering these feelings of abundance, success, prosperity, & the Thrill of Life!

The instant that you change, you are in a totally different universe!

Resonating with that which you wish to be or to attract

1. Become less of yourself (drop your Personality).   In other words, become “nothing”.

2. Focus on that which you wish to be or attract.

3. BE (resonate with) that which you wish to be or attract.
            FEEL your self as that “thing”.
            FEEL it as if it is now part of you.
            FEEL the way you would feel if you already had this “thing”.

Become “less” of what you think you already are, and become “more” of what you wish to be or have.

State of Being

Your state of being contains within it your vibration, which includes your preferences, ideas, beliefs, and the “you” that you experience the world as.

The State of Being you are experiencing matters more than the actions you're taking .

This is because all your actions will simply reflect the state of being you're in, and all that you get back is reflective of the state of being you're putting out.

So simply by changing your state of being to a level of excitement, compassion, joy, bliss, being “thrilled”, and unconditional love, then the image and reflection will immediately and effortlessly reflect that same thing back to you.

The quickest way to improve the “quality of your life ” is to resonate with a higher vibration. Allowing then for that state of being to be your preferred and ideal state will then cause the external reflections to mirror back to you this same preferred state.

The State of Being you are experiencing matters more than the actions you're taking.

Your reality will always reflect your state of being.

As Bashar says:

Circumstances don't matter.  Only your State of Being matters.”

As Ektar says:

“Your State of Being matters more than the actions you're taking.”

As Abraham says:

"What you do is miniscule in comparison with what you choose to think,
because your vibration is so much more powerful and so much more important."

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Ektar is from the Essassani civilization.   
This site is a compendium of wisdom from this civilization.


Frederick Dodson has a great book:
                    "Parallel Universes of Self"

which is yet another excellent angle on this Bashar-type understanding. Fred offers different facets of this same over-all
body of wisdom.     For me, Chapters 3, 4, and 11 are Profound !!!

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