Some of the Core Concepts of
from the Essassani Civilization

Channeled by Andrew, this being Elan is from the Essassani civilization and offers profound information on the mechanics of "how" we each create our own reality. This information is very similar to the wisdom offered by Bashar - another being from the same civilization. However, each of these two beings focuses on emphasizing different "facets" of this civilization's "data-base" of accumulated Wisdom.

Iasos' brief Summary:
Some of the Core Concepts of Elan

#1. Deciding
#2. Decision Maintenance
#3. Selecting from the already-existing Options
. Actions indicate Beliefs

#1. Deciding
Since the Present is the result of the Present, and not the result of the Past, in each NOW moment each of us "decides" exactly Who and What we are, and thereby instantly IS that.    The Infinite Consciousness that each of us really is "creates" us to be "whatever way" we decide in that NOW moment that we actually are.    Normally, we "assume" that we "become" a certain way because of the steps we created to get there, or the criteria we must meet to get there, but this is only an illusion. For example, a person may think "If I exercise every day, then in 3 weeks I will be strong." And in 3 weeks they are strong, but they are strong then because they are deciding in that NOW moment to be strong, not because of the "prerequisite steps" of exercise that they have set up for themselves to get there.

Therefore, if you want to be a certain way, you can take the long route (the normal human approach), which is to set up an elaborate set of steps that must be taken in order to reach your destination state of being, or an elaborate set of criteria that must all be met in order to get there.  And then take the time to go through all these steps, or meet all those criteria, and then finally give yourself permission to decide to then be that way.   Or, you can take the short route and simply decide NOW to be that way, with no intervening steps or criteria necessary to "get there".   And then, by trusting that decision, and acting accordingly, you become that way NOW.

#2. Decision Maintenance
(Here's the "catch 22" where most people get stuck.)    Once you decide that you are NOW a certain way, if something comes along in your external reality that contradicts this decision, in many cases people will disappointedly think "Well I guess my decision did not stick. I guess I'm not really that way after all."    But what is actually happening here, is that the person is willing to let the contradictory "external evidence"  talk them out of their new empowered decision, which means that they are changing their decision from the new empowered decision to the previous disempowered decision.   So it's still true they "are" what they decide, but they are NOW deciding to be what they don't prefer, instead of what they do prefer.

So Elan suggests an Alternate Approach:  
When you have decided that you are NOW a certain way, and your external reality provides you with evidence to the contrary, instead of letting this contradictory evidence "talk you out" of your new decision, use it to reinforce your new decision!   "Ah, look at this! I have decided that I am this way, and now my external reality is showing me the opposite! Oh, thank you, external reality, for reminding me - by contrast, of what my decision is, so that I can once again reinforce and reactivate my new decision!

In this manner, when your external reality provides "evidence to the contrary", you can use this to reinforce rather than nullify your new empowered decision.

Example: If you decide that you are a very popular person, and then you notice that you are not invited to a party that you expected to be invited to, rather than being "talked out of" your new decision (which means switching from your new empowered decision that you are popular, to the previous disempowered decision that you are not popular), instead you respond: "Oh, thank you, external reality, for reminding me - by contrast of what my new decision is, so that I can once again reinforce and reactivate my new decision!

And, through this process of Decision Maintenance - always using external reality to reinforce your new decision - you eventually reach the point where external reality no longer invalidates your new decision but only validates it!

Beliefs and "What you see in front of you"

Cause ==> delayed-Result
original sound ==> delayed-echoes from that sound
Beliefs ==> your perceived reality

Think of beliefs as the cause and "what you see in front of you" as the delayed-result. Just like, shouting in a canyon can be a cause, and hearing the echo of your shout can be the delayed-result.    Notice that if you shout "One" and then shout "Two", that at the moment you shout "Two", you are also still hearing the echoes of "One".   Likewise, if you think of "One" as your original disempowered belief, and think of "Two" as your new empowered belief, when you first initiate your new empowered belief, you will still be getting echoes of the previous disempowered belief.

But that doesn't mean that the new belief hasn't taken hold. It just means that its ripples/echoes haven't reached you yet.     So, just because you've adopted a new belief, but are "still" seeing echoes/reflections of the previous belief, this does not mean that "Well, I guess this doesn't work. I guess I'm still the old disempowered me."   It just means that the echoes of the new belief have not yet bounced back to you yet.  So don't invalidate the new empowered belief, just because its outer reflections/echoes have not yet reached you.

Don't look for what is the same    (the echoes of the previous disempowered belief):{"Oh, I guess nothing has really changed."}
Instead, look for what is different (the echoes of the new empowered belief):          {"Ah, the new Belief is beginning to produce Results!"}

Conclusion:    Ignore evidence of the old disempowered Belief, and look for evidence of the new empowered Belief.

#3. Selecting from the already-existing Options
Since you are actually an infinite being experiencing the "finiteness" of Time/Space, all the possible scenarios or "versions" of how your life "could" actually be all already exist! Each of them is a hologram, which you can think of as a "probable reality" or a "possible reality".    They all co-exist right Here right Now!  Therefore, you don't really need to "create" the way you would like your life to be, because it already exists!  All you need to do is select it from all the infinite available options.  It's like going to a delicatessen, where you see each of the dishes behind glass. All the available dishes already exist, and you merely have to select the option you want.    It's like a radio not needing to "create" the program it wishes to listen to, since the radio stations have already created all those programs. All the radio needs to do is select the already-existing program it wishes to receive.

And from all these already-existing options, you select the version-of-reality you prefer by assuming the posture of the version you prefer, to high-light and bring-forth that version.   "Assuming the posture of" is another way of saying that you have decided which version you prefer to experience, and then you trust that decision, and act accordingly.

#4. Actions indicate Beliefs      

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

1. Your beliefs determine the reality that you perceive. Your beliefs determine your perception of reality.

2. You then immediately, automatically, (and usually unconsciously) interpret your perception of reality.
      That is, you (arbitrarily) assign, project, and "superimpose" an interpretation onto your perception of reality.

3. You then emotionally react to your interpretation of that reality.

4. You then have thoughts about this reality.

5. Then, based on your emotions and thoughts, you take action.

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Accordingly, your emotions are the result of your beliefs. So if you find yourself not enjoying your current state of emotions, just ask yourself:
"What would I have to believe, in order to end up feeling this way?"    By back-tracking in this manner and then shifting your beliefs, you can shift the cause (beliefs) and thereby also shift the result (your feelings & emotions).

Likewise, your actions are also the result of your beliefs. This is significant because, often, one will "say" they believe something, but their actions indicate a totally opposite belief.    For example: "Expect the best, but prepare for the worst."    If you are holding contradictory beliefs, it is always the strongest belief that determines the reality you get, and your actions are a clear indicator of your strongest beliefs.    So, you can use your actions (more than what you "say" you believe) as a reliable indicator of your strongest beliefs.   

To back-track from actions to beliefs, just ask yourself:         "What would I have to believe, to be taking these actions?"
It's a good idea to evaluate the beliefs that are fueling your actions, before you actually take those actions.   If you "say" you are expecting the best, but your actions are preparing for the worst, your strongest belief is "expecting the worst", and so that is what you would eventually experience, in some form.

A good way to calibrate your actions, is by going into your imagination and there asking yourself:
"How would someone actually expecting the best be acting?"    Once you see, in your imagination how they act, then just act in that same manner "out here".

The free on-line book
Your Power on a Plate
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Videos of Elan
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These 2 summaries here below, are to a great extent, based on Elan's book: "Your Power on a Plate"
channeled through Andrew, as well as many cassettes of channeled sessions with Elan.

Iasos' brief Summary

of some of the Core Concepts of Elan

Egan Sanders'
  Extensive Summary
of many of the Core Concepts of Elan

Personal Coaching available
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Extensive Summary of
many of the Core Concepts of Elan
 by Egan Sanders

New Book by Egan Sanders: "The Magic Box"

Foundational Consciousness Focusing
Immediately and completely transform "The face" of your entire reality
by exercising choice consciously:

The Infinite Self
Being More of Who You Are
The Decision
Trusting the Decision
Remind Yourself
Being at Ease
Purposeful Allowance
How Does This Serve Me?
Feedback from your reality
Consciousness Focusing

7 Core Concepts

compiled by Egan Sanders
from information from Elan, Orin, and Bashar

I am All That Is
Separation is an illusion
The world I see around me is an illusion created by the energy I am sending out.
It’s easy to go from an old belief to a new belief
Within my consciousness exists all vibrations of all possible and probable realities
Space and time are a property of me
Any external situation is a symbol of an internal concept


"Foundational Consciousness Focusing"
Immediately and completely transform "The face" of your entire reality
by exercising choice consciously

Summary by Egan Sanders

The Infinite Self
Each individual is all knowing, all seeing, simultaneous, multi-dimensional, infinite and eternal, by nature, and already contains anything that they seek to know (all knowledge), anything that they seek to experience and anything that they seek to create. They are each pure consciousness ? infinite being. There is nothing outside of infinity. There are no boundaries to infinity. Any external manifestation literally exists within you. Your body, your external reality, is all within your consciousness. It is all actually you! You create it all. Reality exists within you.

"I am an infinite, multi-dimensional, and eternal being."

Being More of Who You Are
Growth and learning are characteristics of linear reality, and from the infinite point of view - an illusion. You already know it all - the idea of learning is an exploration. The act of discovering is simply opening up "The Cover", "The Veil" to more of who you already are. The mechanism to experience expansion is truly to simply now express more of yourself - which is infinite - more of your infinite potential, more of what you know to be true for you. Being fully what you are is always present and available.

"I am All That Is and I contain it ALL."

The Decision
Begin to willingly participate in the creation and experience of your reality consciously. You already contain it all. There is no "Outside" … There is no "External". There is only you experiencing yourself. There is nowhere to go - you are already there. There is nothing to "get rid of", process through, earn, gain or achieve. There is simply decision. It is up to you, in any given moment, to express who you prefer to be, versus any self-imposed definition. Every moment you are expressing some version of who you believe yourself to be. You decide, in each and every moment, who you are. You create yourself 100% right now. Now is the only time that is truly, truly real. Your infinite consciousness is one eternal now. Recreate yourself according to who you prefer to be. Being willing to be "Mindful" of the decision you are making - right now - and exploring who you prefer to be - right now - is all that it takes to completely and 100% transform your entire experience - right now. You already create your reality through decision, trust and action automatically. Just be conscious and definite about it.

"I am the infinite creator of my own Reality. I create it all. My power is who I am."

Trusting the Decision
Your actions will be to reflect your decision and the actions will have results. External circumstances will seem to change. When you change your perspective, your approach, there appears to be an external alteration of circumstance. When you change who your are, it appears that others have changed - you change in vibration, through which you express your reality, and you now are literally interacting with a different version of any individual that you formerly dealt with - they seem to have changed, but it is you. As you change and experience a different aspect of yourself, you then interact with a different aspect of other people as well. The mechanics are simple: Change results from the decision in that moment - not the process. You always trust 100% in something. Trust or faith does not need to be gained or mustered up! You already trust 100% in something. Be aware that you always trust in something and be more conscious and purposeful about what you will choose to trust in. Trust is something you already have. You are always placing it somewhere. "Where am I placing my trust?" If you have a consistency to that decision, if you choose who you are and then continue to decide, "This is who I am" then you will create continuity. Doubt: A complete 100% trust in a Reality I say I do not prefer. Trusting is not {talking yourself out of something}. It is knowing you are going to decide something anyway and allowing yourself to "register" the preferred decision purposely and consciously.

"I create myself in each and every moment completely.
In each moment I make the decision about who I am."

Physical reality actually is created on a consciousness level, although you can function within the apparency of the necessity for action. Drop all old definitions of who you are, see yourself as infinite, and enter into

Conscious Creatorhood:   Creating your life according to conscious preference.

Allow your decision to be conscious; you are going to make a decision anyway. Ask Yourself: Who are you? (Who is it you see yourself as - your ideal Self?) It is up to you to have that answer, that decision. Be the choice of who you know yourself to be - circumstance does not tell you who you are - you do! See if you are "Buying into" any definition that is less than infinite. By being willing to commit to the true and higher decision, and maintain that decision, you get the effects of being the person that you now create yourself to be. You become the person you decide in each and every given moment. At any moment - you are only the person that you have defined yourself to be. This is who I am! Trusting the decision is simply maintenance of the decision. I am ….. Sit/stand up straight, allow body posture and attitude to exemplify that decision. Make this statement. I Am… Decide who you are…RIGHT NOW. 'Who are you?" state the positive decision of who you are in definite and absolute terms. EX: "I am magnetic to prosperity!" See through the "eyes" of that decision. Act as a person who has made that decision - fully committed. Being that person will quickly become automatic. Do what you would do if you completely accepted yourself as that being - "Now that I am this being…I am this being in these circumstances, so from what is available in these circumstances, this being that I now am, would do this." There are no limitations toward "Being who you are" other than the ones that YOU build into your decision. Allow your actions to reflect/express the decision that you make about yourself. I am…. and I like to do…….. I choose to have, to be, to do.

"I remain focused. I express myself consciously, continuously."

Everything is part of the process; interruptions, unexpected results, nothing has any influence over you - whatsoever - except your decision. Everything exists within you - every single thing you perceive is created by you to support any decision that you make in your reality. It is up to you. Is that decision making you happy? Bringing the results that you want? The Truth is that you have everything you need to do anything you want… To be any person you want, to experience any reality that you know is true for you. Be what you already are - you already have what you need - right now. You already have the knowledge that you need to at least take the appropriate steps…right now. You already know what you need to know, when you need to know it…Right Now. Access your power/knowledge - right now - You contain the answers, you contain the power, you can do the things you desire already. This allows you to begin to step in accord with your power and channel your power into the present. You contain it all… you know what you need to know. If there is something right now that you can do that will allow you to fully be who you are, do it - while being conscious in the management and dispensation of your power.

"I create my Reality 100%. Everything I see is a reflection of me."

Remind Yourself
You get the effect of being a particular person you desire to be by deciding: "This is who I Am" "Yep, that's me" accurate - or "That's their mis-identification", inaccurate! I amYou are the infinite creator of your own reality. You create it all. Your power is who you are. You do not need to agree with the approaches or decisions of others. They are expressing a valid set of decisions with a valid set of outcomes, which are true for them. Changing yourself changes it all. You are the only one there is. A change in anything is a change in everything.

"I remind myself of my decisions in their full potency, in their full, committed form."

Being at Ease
Loosen up and allow you to easily deliver to yourself (perhaps through an unexpected avenue), something that will fulfill the atmosphere that you are choosing to create to support the new decision of who you are. You will find that loosening up will open up new opportunities and new ideas that were not available to you, heretofore. Always love yourself. If being judged - don't join in - only allow love - self-love. Cut yourself the slack to having any reaction. Allow yourself to have reactions - so What!?

"All is well. I have decided it is easy to create the reality I desire and I do it with joy and openness."

You have full and complete command, conscious command, over what you put out in your life. And whatever vibration you are being when you put something out, is the result you seem to get back. Believing is seeing. WHATEVER VIBRATION YOU ARE BEING (in any given moment) WILL BE THE REALITY YOU EXPERIENCE. Firm belief. Firm decision. Firm reality. "I stick to my empowered decision 100% perfectly." If you are committed to your decision, just know that: Everything that the Universe requires to allow your decision to manifest already exists… and there is your power. Commit to that decision. The actuality is that you are Multi-dimensional, Infinite, and Eternal beings. You create your reality 100% in every given moment. Whoever you decide you are, you are that person. You always have complete control over your response…the action that you put out in your reality.

"I am willing to respond positively.
Creating my Reality, and doing it consciously, is simple."

Withhold action until you re-align to the positive decision of who you are.

Control is in the response. By controlling yourself you control your response and Reality.

THE KEY: Continuity and persistence in having this be the automatic approach.

All of my actions are positively aligned to my decision.

I can have any initial reaction to the perception of anything that is occurring in my reality, and still

Your response in any given moment is the strongest expression of whichever belief you are expressing in that moment. "Of all the beliefs that I contain…I am expressing this one" Your response-ability is your power. Take 10 seconds or 30 seconds to stop and re-align. Pausing before you act, pausing before you say anything is very key to consciously re-aligning and creating anew.

Re-align to who you are. "I am positively abundant". This sets up a new template, a new series of events, and sets up a new physical reality. Don't judge yourself for reacting with negativity - love yourself and re-align. Communicate what is true for you - in a positive way. You can express anything in empowered, positive, and unconditionally loving terms, anything. If your intention is consistent, your reality reflects that back. Allow yourself to feel that initial reaction before re-aligning. Feel it, assume it is part of the process, let it play out, let it "Deliver its message" and thank it. Your willingness to look at it dispassionately, while maintaining your unconditional self-love, allows for the reinforcement of the new decision. Fully allow yourself to feel it. Fully release the energy and allow it to play out…without performing actions or negative discussions. After it plays out, assert, I am______________, period!

"My response in any situation is always reflective of my most empowered version of who I am."

Purposeful Allowance
Your Reality is not something that you exist within. Your Reality truly exists within you, and it is an expression of you. Your consciousness is the reality, Your Reality, your creation, your expression is quite automatic and effortless. You allow your reality into place. Allowance is simply allowing effortlessly, assuming the "posture of" and then allowing the outcome. You allow yourself to be what you already are. You are infinite potential personified. To express any particular chosen nuance of that infinite potential, simply choose and allow the results of those choices to manifest, to express from you. Decide to allow yourself to be whoever it is you wish to be - for you contain it ALL. Then allow yourself to trust and act in a way that is consistent with the person you say you are.

"I decide who I am in each moment."

How Does This Serve Me?
How does this REINFORCE my decision? How is this actually allowing me to see where I may still have an old approach, so I may not express that old approach? Caving in has a shelf life when you allow it - so use it! Allow yourself to feel the fear. Have a dialogue with it about how it serves you, how it reinforces your new decision. Create an atmosphere of joy and ease by loosening up on the time frame and allowing the changes to show up. Let go - nothing to worry about…there is nothing to struggle with. "Something is going to get me!?" NOTHING IS GOING TO GET YOU!

Your life is an effortless reflection of who you choose to be.

Allow others to have their own interpretations and allow them to be valid for them - without taking those on yourself. Remain minded and grounded in who you are. Let go - allow everyone their reaction - allow all views. Interference? No. Reinforcement - Yes! Everything is of service. The whole is you. Release self-judgment - circumstances/situations are neutral with no absolute meaning.

"How am I vibrating?" All lessons/feedback are valuable opportunities to re-establish and re-align to who you prefer to be by reminding yourself. Repetitive issues only appear repetitive because you adapt a similar approach, a similar interpretation and ultimately, a same set of actions.

"You all exist within me – I interact with different aspects of my own consciousness,
through seeming external 'others', and learn more about myself."

Feedback from your reality
You are a perfect reflection of whatever it is you are exploring in any given moment. Reflection: What comes back to you, is always a reflective representation of what you have put out…who you are being…whom you have decided that you are. Feedback from your reality is what you perceive as "Coming back". You can trust that the feedback reinforces or negates your decision. Use the feedback as a reinforcement, as evidence for why your decision has "stuck", is in fact registered, and is who you are. Decide that All feedback (no matter what it appears to be) always reinforces your decision. Decide that the feedback that comes back to you, will always reinforce the positive decision - no matter what it looks like. "How does this serve me?" Use the feedback to reinforce and support your decision:

Sometimes all you will get is, "I never want to do this again". Then let it go and use it as a learning experience. Experience whatever your most natural emotional response is before re-aligning. Use it all. Transforming contrary feedback by using it will change it. There is no "They". It is all you! Everywhere you turn, there you are! Problem: A situation that you have not yet allowed to transform.

"I am always the power, the creation, the experience, the perception of the experience,
the observer and the observed – it is all me – reflecting back to myself who I am."

Consciousness Focusing
Ultimately it is your decision,
(It is your agreement with whatever the criteria may be… "I Am…This person".)
that allows you to express (from all that you contain) that version… that person that you are being in that moment.

Have your decision about who you are be conscious and purposeful.

"This is who I desire to be….."

"I have the means, the methods, the tools, and the keys to make the decision
about who I am consciously – in every moment.

Who I choose to be already exists, and I effortlessly allow it in."


This Summary by Egan Sanders

7 Core Concepts
compiled by Egan Sanders
from information from Elan, Orin, and Bashar

I am All That Is
and I choose to express myself in time and space as an individual called “say your name here”. I am the oceans, I am the forests, I am the deserts, I am the jungles, I am the mountains, I am the sky, I am the Earth. I am the solar system. I am the galaxy. I am the Universe. I am the multiverse. I am All That Is; All knowledge is within me, all power is within me; I am all love. I contain it all. I am All That Is; my physical body and my reality are within me.

Separation is an illusion.
the essence of all objects are real, but the perception that they are separate is not. All are parts of a whole; all are parts of All That Is. Everything is connected. Everything is synchronicity; All one thing.

The world I see around me is an illusion created by the energy I am sending out.
My reality is in truth only a dream I am having and I can dream it any way I want to. I focus on the reality that I prefer, act in alignment with it, and then relax and allow the universe to manifest it in perfect timing. It’s that simple.

It’s easy to go from an old belief to a new belief
and make the new belief stick. There is no reality except that there is no reality. That there is no reality is the “real” reality. All beliefs have equal weight. I get to choose. What I focus on I experience.

Within my consciousness exists all vibrations of all possible and probable realities
I could ever experience. I am holographic in nature and structure. I contain it all. My vibration determines which aspect of All That Is I experience to be my Physical Reality.

Space and time are a property of me.
I create time to exist. Experientially, the only actual time that exists is “now”. Absolute continuity of time is an illusion. It’s one choice. In each moment I literally recreate my own reality – entirely -100%. The present is the result of the present.

Any external situation is a symbol of an internal concept and has no control over me whatsoever.
I realize that everything in physical reality is a symbol. No matter what the outer reality may appear like, I maintain full awareness of my intention, trust it, and act in alignment with it. When I shift my point of view, and my approach, my reality immediately transforms 100% across the board. The evidence to support the fact that the reality has indeed changed will be obvious.

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This is the website of my friend Egan Sanders, who is an Intuitive Counselor, Coach & Spiritual Development Teacher. He formerly moderated an online Discussion Group on the Elan teachings and now applies this 4th density understanding in his counseling, classes and workshops.

His writings on this page clearly demonstrate the depth of his understanding of the Elan teachings.


Essassani Library
Elan is from the Essassani civilization.   
This site is a compendium of wisdom from this civilization.



Frederick Dodson has a great book:
                    "Parallel Universes of Self"

which is yet another excellent angle on this Bashar-type understanding. Fred offers different facets of this same over-all
body of wisdom.     For me, Chapters 3, 4, and 11 are Profound !!!

Reality Creation Coaching -
This is a website by Frederick Dodson   dedicated to helping you "create" the type of life you really wish to have. I offer this here because there is such a nice over-lap between what Fred is teaching and what Bashar teaches. This stuff works!


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