"Keep your Attention on the End Result"
Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson is an actual earth human, who somehow (amazingly) is infused with Bashar-type wisdom.
(One of his books - "Parallel Universes of Self" - is one of my bibles.)

Somehow, Fred was just born saturated with universal wisdom.

His website is realitycreation.org and this site is just over-flowing with wisdom - as text, as audio, and as video.
Fred also offers reality-creation seminars, and also coaching on an individual basis.
And Fred has a Newsletter that comes out regularly, for those that wish to subscribe.

Here is a PROFOUND article from one of his previous Newsletters,
offering great practical tips on manifesting what you desire.

(reproduced with permission by Fred)

"Keep your attention on the end-result"


Frederick Dodson

Reality Creation is the process of identifying a burning desire you have and then pretending that it is already true by putting and   keeping your attention on the desired end-result . You keep your attention on the end-result, thinking and acting as if your wish were already fulfilled, until it feels normal to you. At that point, you begin magnetically attracting events into your life that match the state you have entered into. That's all there is to it…identifying what you really want and then being persistent in “being there already”, until it manifests.

From this very simple basic technique, all other ideas can be derived. For example the idea that while reality creation might take some effort, it should not take too much effort. Why? Because “too much effort” assumes that your desire is not “already fulfilled”. Or the idea that you should not have too many goals at once. Why? Because the more you identify with one reality, the more quickly it manifests. Or the idea that you should not resist negativity. Why? Because fighting against the negative redirects your attention from the desired end-result to something you don't want. Negativity should not be resisted, it should be renounced. Resisting the negative means giving it attention, renouncing the negative means giving it no attention at all.

Reality Creation works like magic, but it's really just simple physics. Like energy attracts like energy. And only success attracts success. Nothing succeeds like success. Once you get the ball rolling, it gains a momentum of its own. All that is required of you is to put your attention in the right place, to train yourself to keep your attention at the preferred end-result without much distraction, doubt and worry and to keep contradictory ideas out of your field of consciousness as best you can. The best time to train your attention and to place it on preferred thoughts, preferred emotions and preferred ends is right after waking up in the morning or right before falling asleep at night. This is when your subconscious is most receptive. In programming your subconscious night after night, old programs that do not match your new reality will bubble up and eventually leave.   Do not allow these old programs to draw you in or distract you. Acknowledge them, but shift your attention back to the desired results . Your attention is like a muscle that can be developed and as it grows stronger you will no longer be so easily distracted by the inconveniences of life. You will become an astonishingly powerful creator, even to a point where you can “undo” things that already happened.

I attribute everything I have ever achieved to a modification of my thoughts/attention/attitude.

You close your eyes, relax and mentally-emotionally put yourself into the desired end-result until it feels natural, normal and effortless. When you open your eyes again, you might still be in your “old reality” with old circumstances and annoyances happening. The main discipline is to remain in your new attitude regardless of the evidence of your old reality. To repeat the new idea until it becomes deeply anchored in your body-mind. “What if the desire doesn't manifest?” many people ask. But even just asking that indicates that you are not firmly rooted in the new reality. Were you firmly rooted, you would not be looking for or waiting for it to manifest because, as far as you're concerned, it has already manifested. Keeping your faith means to believe in the unseen, regardless of the contrary evidence within the seen.

When you put yourself into the reality of your desire already being manifest, notice where your attention goes. As long as you are properly aligned with your new reality, you`ll notice that your attention will be attracted to things that appear to confirm your new belief. If you believe yourself to be wildly successful, your attention will gravitate to one event after another that relate to that belief. And the more your attention becomes rooted there, the more and bigger successes you will notice.

I often just sit down and take stock of my attention. I observe it. Where is my attention going? What thoughts does it stick to? Which thoughts keep repeating? What am I looking at and how am I looking? How rigid or soft is my attention? Just by sitting down in a private or public space and observing a little, you can easily tell whether you are currently aligned with the end-result or not. And if you aren't, if your attention is occupied with all kinds of trouble and worry, then sit there a while longer and relax. Then gradually shift your attention to preferred thoughts and ideas.

Your attention is either drawn to things happening in the external world, in your immediate surroundings or it is drawn to thoughts of the internal world. As a reality creator you should know that it's better to not have your entire attention be dominated by things in the external world. I sat in a mall recently, sipping on a cup of coffee, feeling kind of overloaded and tired. Why? Because at the time, my attention was completely dominated by what was going on around me. And if what is going on around me were related to my desired end-result, that would be fine. But what was going on in my immediate surroundings had nothing at all to do with who I am and what I want in life. There was advertisement blasting from a nearby electronics shop, there was a couple arguing behind me and all kinds of other events unrelated to my true hearts desire. So I took the opportunity to simply re-align my attention to where it mattered. Being well-practiced in finding good-feeling thoughts, within just a few minutes I was feeling warm and energetic inside. The tiredness had gone. In other words, if you have some control over your attention, and don't let too much of external reality control you, you can pretty much direct your reality as you wish. It all begins with attention (which is why my Attention-Training Program is the most important product I have ever made).

When you put your attention to the desired end-result over and over again, attention becomes habituated there and you begin accepting it as a fact at deeper levels. It's eventual manifestation becomes inevitable. Attention becomes more and more absorbed in the new reality and it seems more and more real. You begin feeling the mood and tone of that reality. You begin seeing evidence for it. You become magnetic to it. This is much different than merely fantasizing or wishing. When you are aligned with the final-result, it's not a fantasy or a wish but feels like a normal, everyday thing.


Frederick Dodson's website

Frederick Dodson has a great book:
                    "Parallel Universes of Self"

which is yet another excellent angle on this Bashar-type understanding. Fred offers different facets of this same over-all
body of wisdom.     For me, Chapters 3, 4, and 11 are Profound !!!

Reality Creation Coaching -
This is a website by Frederick Dodson   dedicated to helping you "create" the type of life you really wish to have. I offer this here because there is such a nice over-lap between what Fred is teaching and what Bashar teaches. This stuff works!



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