Wildly-Advanced Medical Technologies

Currently Hidden from the Public

Ever wonder why 1 out of 3 people get cancer, but NONE of the top-level politicians ever get cancer?
Ever wonder if they secretly have access to advanced medical technologies not available to the public?

Captain Randy Cramer ("Captain K") spent 20 years in the U.S. Marines - Special Section.    During those 20 years, there were multiple times when he got very seriously wounded in combat, and perfectly fixed up in very little time!    

Thanks to a secret medical technology based on high-resolution holographic projectors.    

Basically, they input your unique DNA into a super-computer, which "computes" your ideal healthy body, based on your genetics.

Then it passes this information to an extremely-high-resolution holographic projector, which projects a hologram of your ideal healthy body - with detailed resolution down to the cellular level.

Then this hologram of your perfect body is projected onto your physical body and "fools" your body into re-growing the perfect version of whatever was wounded (or missing! - like a missing arm!)

Sounds like science fiction, right?     Well, sufficiently-advanced technologies ALWAYS seem like science-fiction.

Listen to Captain Randy Cramer talking about this advanced medical technolgy, which is (criminally) witheld from the public.

WHY would they withold such life-saving technologies form the public? I could name a few reasons, but I'll mention just this one:      Think of the losses in profit for the pharmaceutical industries and the medical industries - if this got out!!!   
(Greed factor prevailing over Quality-of-Life factor)

Listen to Randy talking about this
advanced but hidden Medical Technology

Skip forward to: 16:36 - 30:02 (about 14 minutes)

This image is NOT an accurate reproduction of these holographic projectors!
This is from the movie Elysium.
This is shown here just to give you a rough idea of this holographic technology.


These advanced medical holographic healing technologies:
             •  Are much cheaper to manufacture and use, than contemporary medical techniques.
             •  Work miraculously faster than contemporary medical techniques.
             •  Are painless for the patient.
             •  Have no negative side-effects for the patient.
             •  Are much more effective at re-creating a normal perfectly-healthy state for the injured organ.

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