Filippo Bordignon Interviews Iasos
for the on-line magazine - Sentireascoltare

This interview (text) is available in Italian and in the original English.

This Italian website - Sentireascoltare - means "Feel & Listen".

On March 7, this year, 2017, Filippo Bordignon emailed me his questions.
I then emailed back my responses, and he then translated my responses into Italian.

The title he gave to this interview is "Profezie del compositore inter-dimensionale",
                              which means:  "Prophecies of the inter-dimensional composer".
                                                                                        (This title wasn't my idea!)

In the on-line Italian version, Filippo precedes the interview by giving a rather lengthy and detailed
over-view of my music career.

Hope you find this fun reading.   Filippo asked a lot of very interesting questions.

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Filippo Bordignon Interview with Iasos
March 7, 2017

Interview questions by Filippo Bordignon
Answers by Iasos


1) Dear Iasos, first of all, what's the differences between new age music and ambient music from a musical-conceptual point of view?

Ambient Music " is background music, music that does not grab your attention with melodies or rhythms. Typically, ambient music has a lot of long-sustaining sounds, and sounds that morph and evolve slowly. I believe "Ambient Music" is designed to subtly flavor your space, like incense in a room can subtly flavor your space.

"New Age Music " began in the mid-70s as spiritual music. Originally, it meant: Music for yoga, music for meditation, music for sacred ceremonies, music for connecting with your Higher Self. But over the years, the definition and use of "New Age Music" kept getting broader and broader, until NOW - in 2017, "New Age Music" means nothing more than "miscellaneous". That is, if any music does not fit into any of the normal music categories - like pop, R&B, Latin, classical, country, jazz, etc - then they just call it "New Age Music".


2) “Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos”: what was you approach on recording this album? I'd like to have some words about your unusual use of instruments.

Well, at that time, I was hearing some very unusual heavenly music in my mind, but I had very limited instruments to work with. And I was hearing not only unusual music, but also unusual musical sounds. And this was before synthesizers existed. So I was using acoustic instruments, and simple electronic processing of acoustic instruments. I was basically working with flute, voice, slide guitar, and piano. And I used electronic processing like spring reverb,
echo-plex for an echo, simple phase-shifters, etc. I was also using tape as a special effect: playing tape at half-speed, or double-speed, or in the reverse direction.

Basically, I was doing the best I could - whatever I could do - to approximate the music I was hearing in my mind - as accurately as possible, with the simple technologies then available to me.


3) What about german “kosmische musik” during the first part of seventies?
Did/do you like it?
Some influence on you?

I am not familiar with this music - even now. So I can not comment on it.

The PRIMARY INFLUENCE for me, was and is the music I hear in my mind - NOT any external music.


4) What do you like to remember about making the masterpiece Angelic Music ?

I like to remember that the music " The Angels of Comfort " was created in a sneaky round-about way that totally surprised me! At some point in my career I realized that : "I can create ANYTHING I can imagine!" So then I asked myself this question : "If this is true, then what would you like to create?" I decided that I wanted to create some music that had the spiritual energies of The Holy Spirit in it. (I do not mean this in the Christian sense.
I mean " The Holy Spirit " as a cosmic energy that is very directly involved with every birth and every death, for the purpose of making these transitions as comfortable and loving as possible.)

So in my mind and heart, I silently telepathically put out a sincere mental request :
"Oh, Holy Spirit, I would really like to create some music that has your energies in it."

I thought - if anything along these lines happens in the next few months - I would be very happy.

Then about 1 week later, I had the opportunity to record some background music, using a new synthesizer that I very much loved but could not afford - the ARP String Ensemble . Each key sounded like many violins playing that note. I could not afford this synthesizer, but I had a friend that was in a rock band that had one of these. He said I could come into their practice space and record with it, one day, while they were taking a dinner break from practicing.

So on that day, I excitedly went into their studio with my stereo tape-recorder, and an echo-plex unit. As they left for dinner, I quickly plugged the ARP String Ensemble into my echo-plex, and plugged that into 1 channel of my tape-recorder.

I just recorded some background chords for awhile, at the fast tape-recorder speed (7.5 ips).
Then I re-wound the recorder, and recorded some more background chords while the tape-recording was moving at half that speed (3 3/4 ips).

By the time that finished, the musician returned from dinner, so I had to pack up and leave.

While I was in my home studio and was studying what I had recorded, I gradually came to the
ASTONISHING REALIZATION that this sounded like a composed piece of music!
Then I soon, came to the even-more-ASTONISHNG REALIZATION that this was the answer to my request to create music that had the energies of The Holy Spirit in it!

This became "The Angels of Comfort".

And unsurprisingly, many people report to me that they play this music to comfort their loved ones, when they are dying. And many mothers report to me, that they were playing this music while giving birth.


5) What was the first synthesizer that you bought?

I could not stand the way the original synthesizers sounded. I extremely disliked their sounds. They all sounded cold and sterile to me. Nothing warm and organic about it.

But eventually I bought my first synth - an RMI Keyboard Computer. This was like a hot-rodded organ. It had the old-fashioned computer cards with holes punched into them. Each time I slid one of these cards into the synth, I would get a unique digital sound. The punch cards were basically just 16 numbers, that defined the first quarter of the digital wave shape. Then it read the numbers in reverse order, to get the 2nd quarter of the wave shape. Then it read the negative of those numbers to get the 3rd quarter of the wave shape. Then finally, it read those 16 numbers in the negative and in reverse, to get the 4th quarter of the wave shape.

So I had a wild assortment of digital wave-shapes to work from - instead of the traditional simple wave shapes with subtractive synthesis, that most synths were then employing.

And I made those sounds even more "organic" by processing them through the
Roland SDD-320 Dimension-D.


6) What about the music of Steven Halpern and Constance Demby?

Both Steven and Connie are my good friends. I like their music, and I love both of these individuals very much. They are both very dear to my heart.


7) What's your position about scientific pitch using 432 Hz for A4 ?

I think it's totally BOGUS. Let me explain why - in 2 different ways:

They use numerology and sacred geometry to come up with this frequency - as if it is some "absolute" frequency. But it is arbitrary!  All their computations are based on the time-duration of 1 second, and the time duration of 1 second is ARBITRARY! And there is nothing "cosmic", "universal", or "absolute" about the time duration of 1 second. Therefore, the "absolute cosmic significance" of this particular frequency is totally meaningless. It's arbitrary!

If you ask a mother that has 8 children, which child she loves the most, she will most likely respond "I love all my children!" Similarly, if you ask God, what is His/Her "favorite" frequency, He/She would say "I love all my frequencies!" He/She would not say "I love 432Hz much more than 440Hz."

Of course, people say that music based on 432Hz "sounds" more loving and healing. But this is because of the placebo effect: If they know-in-advance that the music will be based on 432Hz, and if they believe that this frequency is more healing, then they will of course experience it that way.

But if you do a blind-fold test, comparing 440Hz to 432Hz, where the listener does not know which he/she is hearing, I am certain the results of their preferences would not be statistically significant.


8) And what about the use of brain waves (alpha, theta, gamma etc.) in music?
Did you use some of them on your electronic compositions?

I am extremely aware of how sound can be used to entrain the brain to various brain frequencies. (My favorite is 7 Hz Theta) And I personally own a machine that uses flashing goggles and pulsing sounds in headphones to entrain the brain to these frequencies.

But I do not ever use these frequencies in my music. I prefer to influence the listener simply through the emotions of the music.


9) Electronic music: analog synths vs. digital software: what do you think about it?

I love it all! I use it all! Analog, digital, acoustic, sampled - I use it all!

They each have an advantage and a disadvantage:

Analog has the advantage of sounding "warm", but it has a limited range of sounds, due to a limited range of waveshapes.

Digital has the advantage of an infinite range of wave-shapes, and hence sounds. But it tends to sound "cold" and "sterile".

BUT……when you truly understand what makes a sound feel warm and organic, or,
cold and not organic, then you can easily make the flexible-but-"cold" sounds also sound warm and organic!

Basically, it's this:
When you pluck 1 string of a guitar, each cycle of that waveshape is slightly-different! THAT is what makes acoustic instruments sound rich, warm, and organic:
Each wave-shape cycle is approximately the same, but not exactly the same.

Well, if you start with a flexible digital wave-shape, it is exactly the same waveshape in each cycle. So, the brain experiences that as a cold sterile sound.
But if you "shake up that sound" many different ways, electronically, so that each cycle is approximately the same, but not exactly the same   (for example, by using the Eventide Micro-Pitch Shift), then you have a warm organic sound!

And when you do this, the digital sound is not only flexible, but also warm, rich, and organic sounding.

And now days, most software synthesizers and hardware synthesizers are sufficiently sophisticated to where they can internally "shake-up" the sound, so that each wave cycle is slightly different, and therefore sounds "warm" and "organic" - without needing any external processing to make it so.

It's like this:
If you have 4 lovers, each one has her own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.
It's a "package deal".
Same with analog/digital/sampled/acoustic.
Each type has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Personally - analog/digital/sampled/acoustic - I LOVE THEM ALL! I use them all!


11) What makes music “healing”?

In my understanding, there are 4 basic ways that sound can produce a healing effect. These are:

1. Physical Resonance.

2. Emotional Resonance.

3. Intention.

4. Belief.

I have written a detailed article explaining how each of these works, to produce a healing effect.
You can read this article - "Sound as Healing Light Waves" - on-line, here:


12) What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy?

The secret to happiness is:

NOT basing your happiness on any external events, but simply DECIDING to be happy!
When you simply DECIDE that you wish to be a happy person, then that internal DECISION attracts to you all kinds of people and external events that DO make you happier and happier and happier!

Make your happiness be based on an inner DECISION - not on external events that are beyond your control.


What makes you unhappy?

Equipment malfunctions & women malfunctions:
       If equipment malfunctions during a live concert, that tends to upset me.
       If I am expecting sex, and last minute, the woman cancels, that tends to upset me.


13) Who were the most significant Spiritual Guides in your life?

I would make this present-tense, not past tense. The MOST SIGNIFICANT spiritual guide in my life is the Elohim of the 5th Ray - Vista . This is the higher dimensional being that transmits music ideas to me. This is the being with whom I made an "agreement" before I incarnated here on earth. Our agreement was that we would work together:
I would become competent with music, and Vista would then transmit music ideas into my mind (heavenly celestial music), and then I would do EVERYTHING I COULD to manifest this music, and make it publicly available.

And the underlying PURPOSE of this agreement and arrangement, was and is to create and make publicly available, music that would help people to raise their vibrations, so they could stay with our planet, as our planet is also now raising in vibrations and shifting into a higher dimension.
Hence, the name of my company: "Inter-Dimensional Music".


14) When did you first perceive a connection between music and spirituality?

When I began spontaneously hearing heavenly music in my mind, which was being telepathically transmitted to me, from Vista .


15) Future plans? New compositions?

I am always in a state of continuous creation. I am always creating new music.
I am certain that I will continue creating music, until I am no longer on this dimension.
(And even then , I'll be creating music, but on other dimensions.)

Right now, I have the first 2 pieces completed, for my next album.
But these 2 pieces can already be downloaded now:

             #1. Divine Passion


            While I was exploring some new sounds, I came across a sound that I really resonated with.
             Then my HIGHER SELF, moved in, and basically said to me (telepathically)

          "Hey, Iasos, why don't you just move over, and let Me show you MY kind of FEELINGS!"


             #2. Ubud Trance Dance


            This piece is a cross between Balinese Gamelan music, and a rhythmic dance beat.

I alternate between 2 phases: CREATION & ASSIMILATION
While in CREATION mode, I create a piece of music.
Then, I switch to ASSIMILATION mode, where I learn new music software, and study new music libraries. And then, when I feel sufficiently complete and "ripe" from assimilating new musical knowledge, I then switch back to CREATION mode, and create more music.

I am eternally alternating between these 2 modes.

By the way, when I am in CREATION mode , I never allow myself to get side-tracked and distracted, by learning new synthesizers or new music libraries. I am TOTALLY CONCENTRATING only on creating that new music, with whatever I then have available.


17) Do you also listen to popular music sometimes? If the answer is “yes”, what?

You could say: I have strange tastes - by earth standards.

I listen sometimes, but not much, to external music.
I like to listen to classical music - like Debussy, Ravel, Respighi.

I like to listen to Donovan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana.

For new age, I like to listen to Jonn Serrie and Kevin Kendle.

Most of my "music listening" is internal though, not external.


18) What is your equipment in 2017?



19) Krishnamurti: “To be creative, which is to have real initiative, there must be freedom; and for freedom there must be intelligence. So you have to inquire and find out what is preventing intelligence. What are your definitions of FREEDOM , CREATIVITY and INTELLIGENCE ?

I do not believe that I have anything profound or interesting to say about these 3 words.
I think their conventional meanings are sufficient.


20) Some words about new president Donald Trump?

I like to remain non-political.

But if I can generalize, I think the entire world is about to enter a point in history, where there will be:

    much less corruption
    much less war
    much less poverty
    much less suffering,


    much more loving
    much more caring
    much more prosperity for everyone
    much more influence from our benevolent ET galactic brothers & sisters
    much more "star-trek" like advanced technology available to the public - such as:
          food replicators
          traveling great distance instantly through portals

So, despite current external appearances, I believe our planet is on the verge of entering a wonderful Golden Age.


21) What does “inter-dimensional music” mean?

"Inter-Dimensional" = "passing from one dimension to another".

"Inter-Dimensional Music" = "music from higher celestial heavenly dimensions, passing into the physical dimension of earth - as air sound waves that anyone can hear with their physical ears."


22) Do you think of audience? And does that affect how you write or what you write?

Not really. I understand, in advance, that WHATEVER any one creates in music, those of a similar consciousness will like it, and those of a very different consciousness will not like it - at all. And I am fine with this arrangement. So I simply please myself, in my music creation process - knowing in advance, that those, with a consciousness similar to mine will also like it.


23) Music industry is going through a transitionary process. What do you think will happen in the future?

All recorded music will be free for everyone. (There will be so much financial abundance for everyone, that no one will mind.)   To a great extent, this is already the case anyway, because there are so many pirate sites on-line, where you can download ANY music for free.

Live concerts will be the primary source of revenue for musicians - (if they will even need that financial income then.)

It is all moving towards FREELY SHARING EVERYTHING - out of pure LOVE & SERVICE to others!


24) I was wondering if anything could ever come along again with the same sort of impact as electronic music had when it first erupted?

Well, of course!
There is NEVER any limit to advances in technology.
And there is NEVER any limit to consciousness-evolution.

Just as most UFOs are controlled - not by buttons and knobs and joy-sticks, by directly by consciousness - a telepathic control of the ships - LIKEWISE, I suspect that the next big thing in music creation will be the telepathic control of synthesizers . And this is not as far-in-the-future as you might think.

Already, many ET civilizations have practically EVERYTHING in their worlds controlled telepathically. (like, even simple things, like house lights going dark via a thought, or start the engine of a UFO, just by thinking that).

Even the Secret Space Programs from our own earth cultures have mastered the technology of telepathic control of computers, which then control WHATEVER those computers are designed to control.

Imagine - instead of mod wheels, after-touch, ribbon controllers, and foot pedals -
telepathic control!

So telepathic control of musical instruments is not really that far in our future. And it will open up VAST new realms of EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIVITY !!!

Thought-control is WAY subtler and faster than moving any object with your hands or feet.


25) What's the most beautiful thing in being an artist?

I can only answer for myself.
For me, the most beautiful thing about being an artist, is that, WHEN I am feeling myself actually CREATING something new and wonderful, in THAT magical moment, I really feel the GOD within me, shining through my physical being. And THAT feeling is so ecstatic!

Much Love, Iasos

You can listen for free, to the FULL version of any song by Iasos - from any of his albums,

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