Belief, Faith, & Evidence
by Richard Lee McKim

Richard Lee McKim Jr. is one of those rare individuals
- like Bashar, Frederick Dodson, Elan, and Ektar -
that has a very finely-tuned understanding of
the subtle consciousness-mechanics of how our beliefs determine our reality.

In this article, Richard talks about how any Belief attracts the Evidence that supports that Belief, thereby creating a self-sustaining self-validating {Belief <==>Evidence} Loop.

Faith (Belief without Evidence) is the means by which we can
pop out of our current {Belief <==>Evidence} Loop,
                 into a new {Belief <==>Evidence} Loop!

Great understanding - for those that wish to change their beliefs!

This is my unofficial, informal, paraphrased, concentrated summary of this concept by Richard.   
But I post it here with his loving blessings.

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