Historical Overview of the various Secret-Space Programs

by Dr. Michael Salla

Dr. Michael Salla has his own website - exopolitics.org - where he focuses on the political implications of extraterrestrial life. For the last few years, he has functioned as a journalist, and has been gathering, collating, corroborating, and consolidating information from most of the top whistle-blowers that have been revealing and leaking out what has really been going on with the various secret space programs originating.  He assimilates this information from all these sources (which he has personally vetted), and then fuses this information into a meaningful whole and shares it with the public - through lectures, books, and his website.

(And the sleeping masses here on earth  don't have a clue  about all this!)

Michael is an extremely intelligent and astute man. And this video by Michael is a comprehensive over-view of how these various programs have been developing here since the beginning of World War II.    By the way, the testimony from all these independent whistle-blowers has a very high degree of corroboration & agreement.  

This is a lengthy talk (with visuals) by Michael, but it certainly never gets boring!
It remains fascinating throughout.

Watch the Video

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