The Power & Majesty of Nature - time-lapse THUNDER clouds

by Chad Cowan

Chad Cowan has created an AWESOME video of speeded-up THUNDER clouds.

The music sound-track I personally don't think fits at all.
(But then, I have weird tastes - by earth standards.)
(I mute the sound)

However the visuals are IMMENSE, MAJESTIC, and STAGGERING!

For the last decade, Kansas-based photographer Chad Cowan has driven almost 100,000 miles across the United States chasing powerful supercell thunderstorms and recording them in high definition. The endeavor began as a personal project to capture a few storms as they developed, but quickly grew into a full-blown obsession. Cowan has recorded hundreds of storms and condensed the highlights into this short film:  Fractal - 4k StormLapse.

Watch the Video
This really deserves to be watched Full-Screen.

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