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The Color Massage

To view it again,
go back to Oasis
once again select The Color Massage

The Basic Concept behind this:

When your energy fields are exposed to all the pure colors, then they automatically instinctively absorb whatever colors (frequencies) they are lacking or needing.  Consequently, in an effortless, pleasant, and fun manner, your energy fields become much more of a balanced rainbow of all the pure colors.   You can feel the difference!

Optimum Effect:

As much as is practically possible, make your room as dark as you can, except for your computer monitor. Once it starts, move your mouse cursor over to the side.       Ideal music to go with watching this is  Jeweled Space.
If you find this beneficial to your being, it might help to bookmark this page, for easy future access.

How Quickly the Colors Change

This varies - depending on your computer's CPU speed. (I adjusted it so it would be a nice rate of change for "most" current computers.)



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