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 Unsolicited Feedback from Attendees
 Iasos' "vision" of a global concert

Iasos is currently offering the following workshops, "special events",
and multimedia experiences/concerts, listed below in order of increasing cost.
If you are interested in sponsoring any of these events in your area,
just email Iasos () or phone him at 415-479-0700 (USA).

To learn about upcoming events that Iasos is conducting or participating in,
just email Iasos ()
and ask to be placed on our Notify List, or just check our Upcoming Events page.

Whether you are interested in listening to tunes which can nourish the soul, or are simply looking for music which you can enjoy every day whilst you play Poker games or make the commute to work, Iasos concerts and events are sure to be enjoyed by all. For a truly unique musical experience, be sure to take a look at workshops, events and concerts detailed below.

Photo of Iasos

Workshops  &  "Special Events"

 Using Sound for Light-Body Activation & Healing

In this event, Iasos takes you on a "guided tour" of many different ways that sound & music can be used for healing, alignment, and consciousness evolution. Iasos first gives a conceptual overview of the basic principles of "how sound healing works" and "how sound can induce increased coherence & beneficial energetic change"- and then, as he explains each concept, he will play recordings of his music that demonstrate that particular concept. The event then provides a wide range of examples, each of which is both intellectual (talking / left-brain-conceptual) and experiential / intuitive (actually listening & experiencing the sounds : right-brain-intuitive).

You could think of this as a "multi-media instructional+experiential talk. Afterwards, questions from the group are answered in great depth.    This will be a "charged" event!     By the end of the evening, the group will have had a thorough sound "tuned up" - from directly experiencing all these sounds!

To get a "sense" of Iasos talking about sound, you may wish to hear a 7.5 minute on-line talk by Iasos, on the topic of
"How Sound can Induce Higher Consciousness in the Listener".
But in this example, he is discussing how sound can be used to raise consciousness.

To get a more in-depth sense of this particular workshop, you can watch this 55:34 video:   Using Sound for Healing & Light Body Activation.

Typical time:      7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fee:                    negotiable

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 Goddess Council    (for women only)

A gathering to enhance the blossoming of women into their goddess-hood. We will create a safe space and a sacred space, to intimately explore areas designed to free you - to be more of the Goddess you know deep inside you really are.

Iasos has been functioning as a goddesss-facilitator/activator for over 25 years, and will be sharing from the feminine aspect of his being, so it "feels" more like a woman sharing with her sisters.

Some of the Focuses

* Exploring high-consciousness Femininity.
* Beauty secrets & rejuvenating/youthing.
* Claiming your Power without giving up your Softness.
* Removing dysfunctional patterns with primary-male relationships.
* Communicating with men in a way where they actually "hear" you.
* Sacred sex, and understanding sex as an electrical phenomenon.
* Transforming female competition into sisters supporting each other.
* Blossoming even further into your own goddess-hood by removing
        blocks based on common unconscious Decisions made in your past.
* Communicating clearly by removing culturally-programmed blocks.
* Pleiadian understanding of orgasm.
* "Goddess Cheerleading" - supporting each other's goals.
* Understanding the current transformations men are undergoing.
* Transforming power struggles into mutual-honoring.
* A ceremony of the Illumination Flame -
        to honor the unique gifts of each goddess.

by Jonathan Earl Bowser

The ladies are encouraged to arrive dressed as "who they really are" - to dress according to their own idea of the Goddess that they truly know themself to be.
(their Goddess-Self.....or.....their Higher Self)
Dare to out-picture the REAL YOU!    (Nothing is "too far-out here!)

Just KNOW that - no matter how you are dressed - you will be honored for who you REALLY are.   

In other words, the women are wildly encouraged to outwardly show their inner magnificence - by the way they choose to adorn themself.

Typical charge:  negotiable/goddess
Typical time:     7:30pm - 10:45pm
Fee:                    negotiable

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 Crystal Evening
This is an intensely-full evening where Iasos shares many things around the central theme of crystals & crystal energies. The talking is supplemented by playing video-tapes and sharing music, that directly relate to crystal energy. Topics include: How crystal energy actually works - as an energizer, thought-amplifier, & inter-dimensional antenna / How to do a crystal massage for fine-tuning the etheric body & Light body / Crystalline versions of color healing, shown on video / Special crystalline sounds that activate the higher light bodies, as do crystals / a guided journey inside a crystal / Atlantean crystal healing - how crystals interact with lasers, magnetics, electronics, & sound / advanced uses of crystals for your personal life.

Typical time:
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Museum-Grade Crystals
to enhance Palaces, Hotels, & Mansions


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 Inter-Dimensional Games With Angels & Fairies                             
                              (Inter-Dimensional play-shop)

© Kirk Reinert

Using his music as a facilitating tool, Iasos guides the group energies into a series of playful and insightful games, whereby the humans first welcome-in & invite the angels & fairies...

and then playfully interact with them, thereby giving the participants a first-hand experience of actually interacting with actual fairies, devas, and angels in a loving, mutually-cooperative, mutually supportive manner.

This becomes, in a sense, a fun inter-dimensional party with group games designed by the devas & angels themselves!

The underlying PURPOSE of this workshop is to acquaint the humans with the local fairies and angels, and to begin to actually "sense" them.   Typically, by the end of the evening, about 90% of the participants are actually directly sensing the fairies and/or the angels.

This event has a pre-requisite DRESS CODE:
All participants are requested to come dressed according to their own idea of their true "magical self" or god/goddes self.
Dressing colorfully makes the fairies feel much more "at home" in the presence of the humans.

Typical charge:  negotiable/person
Typical time:      8:00pm - 11:00pm
Fee:                    negotiable



If you are curious about fairies, and would like an amazingly-realistic glimpse of the world of fairies, I would enthusiastically recommend you read this book:   "The Real World of Fairies" by Dora Van Gelder.  As a little girl, she used to see the fairies in northern California and the Pacific NorthWest, and she could see them as clearly and as vividly as you are now seeing this page on your computer screen.   This book is not about what someone "thinks" or "believes" fairies are like. This book is about someone vividly describing the fairies she is actually clearly seeing!    This book sells for $11.20 at

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      The Consciousness-Mechanics of Reality-Creation     

This is a one-evening event where Iasos discusses in-depth the actual "mechanics" of how your consciousness determines your "reality" - the every-day life you experience.   By understanding the mechanics of how this actually works, people can then "steer" their reality and their life in the direction they prefer. Everyone is using these mechanics anyway - {intentionally and consciously} -or- {randomly, unconsciously, inadvertently}.    Might as well become aware of how our thoughts and beliefs are determining our life, so our life can become an effortless reflection of the life we prefer.   

This is basically a "crash course" (concentrated 1-evening study) in the understandings of the Essassani civilization (an off-planet race).   The concepts are basically simple. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Applied physics! (The mechanical physics of how your consciousness determines your life; how your thoughts & beliefs determine the "reality" you experience.) You don't need to "believe" any of this on blind-faith. You can test-drive these concepts in your daily life, and you may be "stunned" or "delighted" when you realize that it actually works!    So this event includes many practical tips that one can apply in their daily life.   It's not just "spacey ideas" - it's grounded teachings with many practical applications in your every-day life.

The talk by Iasos includes informal questions and answers with the audience all-along-the-way, so everyone is understanding these ideas as we go, and no one is "left behind". It's EXCITING INFORMATION!    

You can get a sense of some of these concepts by listening to this 8.5 minute talk by Iasos.

You can also get a sense of some of these concepts in advance by reading Iasos' concentrated summary of many of these core ideas here:     
      Some of the Core Concepts of Bashar
      Some of the Core Concepts of Elan

Typical charge:  negotiable/person
Typical time:      7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fee:                    negotiable

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Multimedia Experiences & Concerts

 A Multimedia Experience    of  Iasos' Music & Visuals
In these events, Iasos does not perform live, but controls a multi-media experience involving his celestial inter-dimensional music. Utilizing "Quadriphonic Sound" with his 4 speaker-system, the sound seems to "move around the room" during the event. The visuals are projected on a large 9'x 9' rear-projection screen, with all the projectors being behind the screen, where they are not seen or heard. The visuals are not just a "slide-show". The visuals include several special color-effects, plus images by the top visionary painters of our age, such as Gilbert Williams, and nature photography, and special-effects photography, all highly integrated into one melting continuously-transforming whole that is precisely synchronized with the music. Color-healing is an integral part of this experience. The music and the visuals work together to create one highly captivating heavenly experience, that is usually so profound that when it is finished, most people just remain in their seat - still and quiet - for the next 5 minutes, just assimilating the experience and "returning back to earth." The intent of the entire experience is to create a "Vibrational Gateway" whereby the audience creates a force-field wherein there is a merging with Higher Realms of Light - right in that same space. It is sacred, celestial, and highly uplifting.

Typical time:    8:00pm - 10:30pm
Fee:                  negotiable

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 A Multimedia Concert    by Iasos

In most respects, this is exactly like the "Multi-Media Experience" mentioned above, with the one main difference that Iasos performs his music live. The visuals projected on the screen are exactly the same. The quadriphonic sound is the same. The intent and impact of the experience is the same. But the music, in this case, is a combination of live music played by Iasos along with music previously recorded by Iasos. Normally, the solo instrument is played live, with the background music being pre-recorded. Iasos typically plays 3-5 instruments in any one concert, and since these live performance instruments are quite unique and highly expressive, there is a tremendous visual IMPACT and fascination from watching him perform live. VHS video-tapes - "IASOS - LIVE!" - are available, as a loan, to demonstrate some of these live-performance instruments in action.

Typical time:    8:30pm - 10:30pm
Fee:                  See "Public Concerts"


Video Clips of Iasos in Concert

Images of Iasos in Concert

Quotes about his Live Multi-Media Concerts

Unsolicited Feedback from Attendees

Iasos'  "vision" of a global concert


Quotes about Iasos' Live Multi-Media Concerts:

Noisey - Music by Vice - article by Emma-Lee Moss based on her Sept. 23 interview with Iasos, and also her experience of his Sept. 23, 2014 concert at Baby's All Right in New York City.

High Times with New Age Pioneer Iasos

how many times do you get to meet a man whose career has spanned 44 years, who came up with an entire genre, and who writes his music with the help of a heavenly being who lives in another dimension? 

... He leads me to the backstage, and starts talking. He's a fast talker, extremely clear, like someone who is absolutely certain of what he has to say. Every now and then, he will break into a loud, ecstatic laugh: ...

... Whether or not you have an interest in the stuff that Iasos calls the "metaphysics," the fact of his music is that it includes some extremely high, clean frequencies, sweeping up and down in a way that seems to cleanse your mind of mess or distraction. He uses a variety of synthesizers and instruments, including a flute which he played like a virtuoso, experimenting with different types of breath. The result is kind of like a cross between listening to a live score for a sci-fi film, and going to a spa, but like for an entire day. ...

... The visuals happen to be extremely hip, though I don't think that's why he makes them like that. They are so bright and stimulating, they're almost medical. There are clipart-esque cartoon palm trees floating in shimmering gradients of colors, there are mountain tops from which animated smoke flumes shoot like fountains to the beat of the music. There are lots of sparkles and angels, constant colors. There is a lady in veil, called Heaven. If Iasos is indeed correct and he is transmitting these images from a paradise dimension, then be prepared to spend your afterlife in a magic eye picture.

I don't know if it's the music, the visuals, or just the sustained effort of staring at so much moving brightness, but the effect of the concert is to make me feel extremely high. ...

Walking home, I feel like everything around me is clearer, not emotionally or figuratively or anything, like literally, it looks clearer.

Full article


New York Times - Sept. 24, 2014 Review by John Caramanica of Iasos Sept. 23, 2014 concert in Baby's All Right in New York City.

Iasos Raises Musical Consciousness at Baby's All Right.....

..... music that was unafraid of grandeur.....

Full article


New Age composer/ synthesizer god
Iasos performs live.

Cinespia Salon / July 26, 2013

For decades, existing on an entirely different plane has been the Greek composer Iasos, who, with a mere waving of his hand, blows away all imitators with a multiverse of crystal giggling energy.

Armed with an experimental pioneer spirit, banks of analog synths and psychic transmissions from a benevolent music-making muse named Vista, Iasos has since the mid-'60s constantly journeyed on a lifelong mission to realize the “Paradise Music” in his head — and in translating his galactic tones for the ears of Earth humans, Iasos has helped midwife new genres into existence, utterly transforming the compositional possibilities for every contemporary musician he touches.

Ever since his landmark 1975 album “Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos”, this awe-inspiring astronaut has traversed through the electronic stargate — and we are honored to have him live at the Cinefamily for his very first L.A. multimedia performance ever, complete with accompanying blissed-out visuals. This is THE musical event of the season for fans of cosmiche musik, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Eno and other ambient gods.

- Cinespia

CAPITAL NEW YORK ( - "The new age of New Age: genre-founding 'celestial musician' Iasos transfixes Bushwick" (Bushwick is a suburb of Brooklyn, New York City - where Iasos put on a full multi-media concert on April 27, 2012)        (by Lara Peregrinelli, May 3, 2012)

NEW DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE - "This man produces wonderful celestial music. His multi-media concerts produce ecstacy in every audience." (June-July 1977)

NEW FRONTIER MAGAZINE - "Having feasted on a sumptuous visual banquet of paintings and sharing the company of the artist, participants filed into the theater, feet hardly touching the ground, then being wisked away on a multi-media meditation with Iasos playing a myriad of synthesizers and flutes in accompaniment to his other-worldly visionary slide show...that was like parting the veils of heaven to glimpse at the wonders beyond." (May 1992, Michael Diamond)

STEVEN HALPERN (new age musician) - "Anyone who experienced Iasos' extraordinary multi-media, multi- sensual, multi-dimensional concert will not soon forget this demonstration of the power and potential of New Age Music!" (referring to Iasos' concert at the FIRST INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE, Los Angeles, 1989)

EARTH TONES Music Review (Phoenix, Arizona) - (Reviewing Iasos' multi-media concert at the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE, Hollywood, February 1990): "A symphonic array of notes surging into the stratosphere. The emotive power was profound, and Iasos drew an impressive variety of voices and effects from his battery of electronics ... It was a hushed audience that emerged from the darkened auditorium. Hand-clapping of course already had been precluded (at Iasos' request). But it was a measure of awe perhaps as well as restraint that accounted for the quietness."   (April 1990)

ALCYONE LIGHT CENTRE (Hornbrook, California) - (Commenting on the "WORLD SYMPOSIUM FOR INTERSPECIES AND INTERDIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION" in Tucson, Arizona): "Not only was his performance one of the highlights of the four day event, but his very presence at the event during those four days enhanced all that we did there. We found him a tremendous help whenever required and the actual performance took the audience far into those Higher Realms that many artists attempt, but do not achieve with such finesse."
(July 1991, Sylvia Schechter - Co-Director)

Unsolicited Feedback from Attendees

Referring to Iasos' Nov. 13, 2010 concert near San Rafael, California

As to performing with ease. You certainly were relaxed, humorous, informative and fantastically accomplished in every aspect of your presentation. Yes, you made it look like "child's play" gathering your friends to take them on a climb into your tree house to see the universe from your view.  I did not see how much effort it took for you to set up and break down so I don't envy that part, but the fact that you created such a phenomenal experience at all is beyond imagination. The fact that you created these instruments and molded them thru synthesizers to produce exactly the sounds you desired, this is a feat of pioneering expertise that puts you in a world class arena.  

This lovely 1.5 hour concert was a soothing journey to higher consciousness which left the audience in awe.


Hi Iasos, That was the BEST Iasos concert I have every seen in my life!


Referring to Iasos' June 24, 2006 concert at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, in Berkeley, California
Dear Iasos,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful concert you performed at BPI and for the amazing healing music and visuals you have devoted your life to creating. ... I came with a specific purpose in mind -- to heal a past life trauma (torture/execution) I had suffered as a result of being a psychic in the 1400s. These memories started coming up for me earlier this year, and as a professional psychic/healer now, I luckily had the tools to work through them and heal energetically. I worked through the process and healed myself spiritually, but on the body level I was unable to heal it as it was anchored down at the cellular level. I tried intensifying my running, seeing healers and psyschics, deep tissue massage and had pretty much given up. I thought I'd just have to live with the pain and weakness on the left side of my body.

Then I read about you and your upcoming concert and felt very drawn to give it a try. I have experienced a deep physical healing as a result and feel immense gratitude for your work. It has made me realize that for every act of brutality and hatred that occurs on earth there exists its counterpoint of beauty and healing... your music was that for me.


Referring to Iasos' Feb. 4, 2006 concert in Helsinki, Finland
Thank you! Your concert here in Finland was very uplifting and truly wonderful.
Kind of experince of the lifetime.
Thank again !


Referring to a Iasos concert in the 1980s at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alot, California
Amazing Conduit Iasos,

thank you for sharing all that you are with all who are open to perceive. I attended your event in Palo Alto (Lucie Stern Theatre) in the 1980's with my Teacher. We arrived a bit late (or, perhaps on schedule) as the lights were being dimmed and the Invocation was playing. I met some wonderful ppl at that event. However, my best memory is the Gardenia/Jasmine scent you infused the room with during the event....and even more special was the amazing Hug you gave me after the concert/event. I'll never forget how warm and inviting and healing that hug IS...i use present tense because I use that moment as a healing-memory when things are not going so good. Thank you. You are a very special incarnation..and I have passed the energy of that hug to MANY. I am sure you receive many emails such as this, so I won't bore you with already know how much good you have done.

I work as a supply tech in the medical field. I supply the Nurses and Medical Staff with the tools they need to help ppl heal themselves. My job goes largely unnoticed. I just want SOMEONE to know that with each bandage, each toothbrush, each personal wipe...that someone who cares, someone who LOVES you for the being that you are, is delivering those things that you need.

... Thank You. Your music has allowed me to infuse the "stuff" I deliver with amazing healing energies. Thank You.


Iasos'  "Vision"  
of the type of global concert he would like to do
to powerfully "induce" more global harmony/love/peace.


My "vision" is to do a spiritual concert for a large group, ideally at one of the world's power spots, such as the ampitheater in Delphy, that is televised and simul-cast. As the musician, I would function as the "priest" coordinating everone's spiritual energies into a unified focus. Specifically, I would announce the intent of each piece of music before playing it, so all the audience could converge on that same spiritual intent. And then the music ((here's where it gets POTENT!!!) conducts everyone's spiritual and emotional energies into a GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED VIBRATION, because it would be simultaneously heard globally!

That means, for example, if one piece of music had the focus on unconditional Universal Love, and all the listeners world-wide focused on feeling/radiating unconditional love, the music would function to SYNCHRONIZE ALL THESE EMOTIONAL ENERGIES & SPIRITUAL ENERGIES WORLD-WIDE into one unified highly-coherent highly-synchronized RESONANCE of UNIVERSAL LOVE!!!

Think of it: With the music functioning as a spiritual coordinator/synchronizer of the group energies, the simultaneous global broadcast and reception of that music offers the possibility of a global resonance that is literally thousands of times MORE powerful than to have everyone, for example, meditate on world peace at noon Greenwhich time. More powerful, because the music could serve to focus, converge, and SYNCHRONIZE all the global participants into a highly synchronized RESONANCE (emotionally and spiritually) of whatever spiritual quality that music is generating!

In other words, by broadcasting the music globally, the music would be simultaneously received world-wide, and could thereby function to synchronize everyone's emotional energies and synchronize everyone's spiritual energies - simultaneously - towards one coherent powerful harmonizing globally-vibrating Radiation.    This would have an immense positive impact on the planet!


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