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If you wish to "gauge" Iasos' effectiveness in achieving these goals,
kindly view "Quotes" from organizations & others.

Those wishing to further Iasos' efforts towards these goals,
just ... follow your Heart.
(After all, that's how this music is created.)

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Beauty is emotionally uplifting.

Beauty is spiritually inspiring.

Beauty is physically relaxing and physically healing.

Beauty causes the Heart to Open.

Beauty causes one to feel Love.

Beauty is Healing because Beauty is Love.

(Universal Love is the Cause, and Beauty is the Result.
Then Beauty becomes a Cause, and Healing is the Result.)

Beauty is one of the Highest Manifestations of Infinite Divinity.

Beauty is one of the most "beautiful" & satisfying paths back to Infinite Divinity.

This being the case,

my Over-All INTENTION, with VISTA,

is to provide a continuous stream

of multiple layers

of Concentrated Beauty Patterns

through Sound and Light.



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