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(pronounced ya' sos)   
is a Music Creator, specializing in
celestial,  heavenly, inter-dimensional music.

He is also one of the original founders of  "New Age"  music.

More recently, he has been focusing on creating celestial visuals.

In this site you will find music, colors, video, visionary images,
and information & knowledge - all relevant to
those "tuned" to the heavenly realms.

This site may be of special interest to those that cherish Beauty and prefer Love, Happiness, & Ecstasy.

May this site be a refreshing Oasis for your innermost Being.

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what's NEW

          Newsletter            just out!
          Upcoming Events with Iasos
          New music creations now available for download as "Singles"
          Listen to full versions of any of my songs for free - at BandCamp
          Seeking Benefactors, Corporate-Sponsors, or Patrons

          New originals of Visionary Art Masterpieces available for purchase


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                        CDs & DVDs
           Detailed Listing of our Products
                        CDs & DVDs
           Audio - Let's Hear the Music
                        Streaming & Downloading excerpts of the music
           Video - Let's See the Videos
                        Streaming videos of excerpts of our DVDs.
                                Streaming videos of Iasos performing live
           Product Selection Assistant -
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                        Recommending specific products - based on your intended use & purpose
 Quotes about his music
                 From well-known people & organizations, and also customer-feedback

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           Visionary Artists Gallery
                        Experience the Art of the Visionary Master Artists of our age.
     Also Visionary Art Treasures (originals) available for Purchase
           Iasos'  Oasis of Visual Sanctuaries
                        Visual spaces to nurture your soul, recharge your being, & lift your spirit
           Interesting Metaphysical/Spiritual Information 
                  Encapsulated-Wisdom and Insight from numerous sources
           Articles, Interviews, & Talks by Iasos
    Text & Audio
           Audio - Let's Hear the Music
      Streaming & Downloading excerpts of the music
           Video - Let's See the Videos
                        Streaming videos of excerpts of our DVDs
                                Streaming videos of Iasos performing live

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about IASOS

           Statement of Purpose
Concerts, Workshops, & other events offered by Iasos
Concerts, multi-media events, workshops, & playshop
           Articles, Interviews, & Talks by Iasos
    Text & Audio
           Biography, Resume, & Discography
           Quotes about his music
                 From well-known people & organizations, and also customer-feedback


           Email:                  (We'd love to hear from you!)
           Phone:       415-479-0700

Download Iasos' music from    iTunes   or   Amazon

Thank you!

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