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     Brief  Biography

Brief  Biography

Photo of Iasos as a young boyIasos (pronounced ya' sos) was born in Greece in 1947, and his family moved to America when he was four. He began studying piano at age 8 and flute at age 10.  Formal music education lasted until the end of high-school, after which he became self-taught, studying the music from around the world, especially the classical composers.

In 1967, to his surprise, Iasos began spontaneously "hearing" a new type of music in his mind, which he then referred to as "paradise music".  After graduating from Cornell in anthropology in 1968, Iasos decided to move to California and to dedicate his life to manifesting this "heavenly music" he was experiencing internally, since he was convinced it would have an uplifting, healing, spiritually-invigorating and harmonizing effect on many potential listeners.  And that in many cases, this music would help people to connect to heavenly realms of existence.

In 1975 Iasos, along with his colleague Steven Halpern, pioneered and began what is now known as "New Age music" - with both Iasos and Steven each releasing their first album at that time.

In 1982 Iasos, spear-headed what has now come to be called "New Age videos" with his release of one of the very first new age videos - "Crystal Vista" - created as visualizations to his own music. "Crystal Vista" won FIRST PRIZE in "video art" in the SANTA CRUZ VIDEO FESTIVAL. "Crystal Vista" was also selected by the nation-wide CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES) for "outstanding original programming" and awarded Iasos a plaque for "one of the most original video tapes of the year". "Crystal Vista" is currently one of the first new age videos to also be available as a laser-video-disc.


In 1989 the Psychology Department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire informed Iasos that they had been doing the main research on people that have had a "near death experience". In correlating their experiences, it turned out that Iasos' music received the highest rating, by quite a margin, as being most like the heavenly music they heard while officially "dead" or out of their body!

In February of 1990 Iasos was honored with the "CRYSTAL AWARD" for "artist" at the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE , held in Hollywood. This "CRYSTAL AWARD" is given in recognition of outstanding achievements over many years within the field of "new age music".

Since 1968 Iasos has remained focused and dedicated to his original intention - composing and recording his music, giving seminars, and doing multi-media concerts around the world. His music has been used by NASA, LAZARIS, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, LASERIUM, and HEWLETT PACKARD, as well as by numerous hospitals, health clinics, therapists, mental health clinics, and surgeons throughout the world. Music by Iasos is currently being distributed in North America, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. Iasos' international multi-media concerts have taken him from Cairo to Honolulu, and from Los Angeles to Toronto.

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Iasos photo #3Awards & Recognitions

 The CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW  (the "CES" Show)  for 1984, held in Chicago, selected the video program Iasos had created - "CRYSTAL VISTA" - for "outstanding original programming" and awarded Iasos a plaque in honor of "one of the most original programs of the year".    The CES Show is the largest such national show in the country.

 Iasos' video program, "CRYSTAL VISTA", also won FIRST PRIZE in VIDEO ART  at the SANTA CRUZ VIDEO FESTIVAL  of 1984.

 The video program, "THE GLOBAL BRAIN" by Peter Russell, with full sound-track by Iasos, was the 1985 Winner of the GOLD PRIZE FOR EDUCATION and the Winner of the 1985 GRAND PRIX of the SWEDISH PUBLIC RELATIONS AUDIO/VIDEO FESTIVAL.

  In January 1986 Iasos was awarded a   Grant   for FIRST PRIZE in MUSIC COMPOSITION  by the Marin Arts Council, sponsored and funded by the BUCK FOUNDATION.   The funds from this award allowed Iasos to acquire some of the important sound equipment he then needed.

 In 1989 the Psychology Department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire was doing the main research on people that have had a "near death experience"  - an "NDE",  to correlate what their experiences had in common.   One branch of their research focused on music: These "NDEs" were played many types of music, including classical, new age, and popular, and asked to rate each such music in terms of how close it came to the music they heard, while "on the other side".    In correlating the experiences of all these "NDEs", their research indicated that Iasos' music consistently received (and still receives) the highest rating, by quite a margin, for being most like the "heavenly music" they heard  while officially "dead" or out of their body.   
This appreciation of Iasos' music by NDEs was also discussed in the book
"SPIRITUAL AWAKENING" by Barbara Harris.

 In February 1990, at the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE in Hollywood, California, Iasos was given the CRYSTAL AWARD for ARTIST, in recognition of  "outstanding achievements over many years within the field of new age music".

 In 1996 Iasos was granted THE VISION AWARDS.  This award, given by a company called "The Vision Awards" in Waco, Texas, was given to Iasos for his sound-track on a video whose title was, coincidentally, called "The Vision Video" - a video by Penny Slinger promoting the health products of the Light Force Company.

 In June 1997, this web site, created and maintained by Iasos, was awarded the honor of becoming a "Leading Edge Research Web Ring Member"  - in their own words: "as our testimony to their excellence in content and overall service in expression of what we consider valuable knowledge."    Leading Edge Research is a vast site and is one of the top sites on the internet functioning as a central collection of "alternative sources of information" for what's really happening now on our planet.

  In July 1997, this web site, created and maintained by Iasos, was awarded THE LOTUS LIGHT AWARD by Spirit Network, for "Quality Excellence!" with respect to "useful information content, presentation of content, and graphic design".  Spirit Network is a web site focusing on the educational aspects of spiritual information, including an on-line calender of classes, events, and workshops worldwide from teachers and presentors around the world.

 Iasos' album, SACRED SONIC TOOLS, won the June 1999 Award for "Best Album Cover of the Year" from NEW AGE RETAILER.   The cover was custom-designed for this album by Garret Moore (with a few "final suggestions" by Iasos).

Iasos received the "honor and title" of "NEW AGE MUSIC MASTER" in the Fraternal Order of Celestial Musicians, from the 5th Annual Black American Music Awards, sponsored by The Black American Blues Historical Society of Canada, on May 17, 2003.

Iasos has been added (April 2008) to the Academic Hall of Fame in his High School - Franklin Academy - in Malone, New York (up-state New York).     Iasos graduated from Franklin Academy in 1964 with top honors.

Other Career Milestones

  In 1975, Iasos, along with his colleague Steven Halpern, began what is now known as "New Age Music", with Steven releasing his album "Spectrum Suite" and Iasos releasing his album "Inter-Dimensional Music".   

 In 1982, Iasos, along with his colleague Ken Jenkins, began what is now known as
"New Age Video"
, with Ken releasing his video "Beauty", and Iasos releasing his video "Crystal Vista".    Ken and Iasos had both collaborated on each other's project.

by Iasos or about Iasos

(Paris, France)
("I AM" - a glossy spiritual magazine in Finland) - Sept. 1997
SHAMBALA  (a spiritual magazine in New Zealand) - April-May 1998
METAMUSICA (Iasos interview in a music magazine in Brazil) - Dec. 1998
UUSI SAFIIRI    (glossy spiritual magazine in Finland) - January 1999
THE NEW EARTH NEWS - April/June 2000
HELIOPOLIS  (a community magazine in Egypt - November 2000)
NEW AGE RETAILER  (July-August 2001)
         book by Brad Steiger with one chapter on Iasos    (August 2001)


1970s photo of Iasos  Before 1987:
Mt. Shasta
   Mt. Tamalpais
   The Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco
   The San Francisco Civic Auditorium
   Lake Louise in Banff, Canada
   The Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco
   Esalen Institute in Big Sur
   The Grand Tetons in Wyoming
   Maui Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa
   The Scottish Rite Auditorium in San Francisco
 The Marin County Civic Center Auditorium

using Iasos' music in their sound-track

using Iasos' music in their sound-track

Iasos has made public appearances on television on many stations
in the Western Hemisphere - - from Honolulu to Toronto.
Also, his video-tapes have been aired on numerous television stations,
including Cable TV in the Los Angeles area and in the New York City area.
Live television appearances by Iasos include:

Live Broadcasts over the Internet

 WellNet with Carolyn - - 1 hour show, October 16, 1997


 LAZARIS, a well-known and highly-respected higher-dimensional being channelled through Jach Pursel of CONCEPT-SYNERGY, now has his own theme song -
"LAZARIS - A SPARK OF LOVE" - which is being used on a series of Lazaris video-tapes by CONCEPT-SYNERGY. This theme song was composed and recorded by Iasos, and is also available as an audio cassette from CONCEPT-SYNERGY.

 Professional Healers: Music by Iasos is being used and has been used for years by professionals in the healing arts, including hospitals, psychiatrists, surgeons, stress-reduction clinics, hypno-therapists, and numerous varieties of massage therapists. Based on over 20 years of continuous feedback on the therapeutic effects of his music, Iasos has compiled a separate page on this site:
Functional Listing - suggesting and recommending different selections for different purposes, including healing purposes.   (Note: No medical claims are made for this music.  The music is intended to "enhance" the body's innate natural healing response.)  Iasos has also been hired to perform for an annual meeting of  THE AMERICAN WHOLISTIC NURSES ASSOCIATION.

 The ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTANICA in England has used exclusively Iasos' music for a relaxation cassette they offer, entitled "Relaxation Made Easy", written by
Peter Russell.

 NASA has used Iasos' music for a multi-media presentation, produced by Tom Gates, about their Venus Space-Probe, which is being distributed to planetariums throughout the United States by NASA.    NASA/JPL (JET PROPULSION LABORATORIES) have the licensed use of Iasos' music in their creation of multi-media film and video presentations, related to space exploration, which are distributed through educational and professional channels.

 Music by Iasos has been used in various PLANETERIUMS 
in North America, including:
                                     The Morrison Planetarium of San Francisco
                                     The MacMillan Planetarium of Vancouver, Canada
                                     The De Anza College Planetarium in California.

 Music by Iasos has been used by LASERIUM, known for their multi-media laser shows produced around the United States.

 HEWLETT-PACKARD is using Iasos' music in their company's in-staff video program  "Accelerated Learning Techniques".

 Music by Iasos is being used on MEGABRAIN SYNC tapes, which are brain-entrainment cassettes, for inducing particular brain states, utilizing beat-frequency sounds. The founder of this series, Michael Hutchison, catalyzed the current world-wide interest in brain-mind machines with his historic book "MEGABRAIN".

 SELF-ESTEEM SEMINARS has produced a 6-cassette self-help package, directed by Jack Canfield, featuring Iasos' music behind Jack's talking.

 Iasos' music is being used on a series of Lynn Andrews meditation tapes. Lynn is known for her shamanic work with feminine power and earth energies.

 Iasos' music is being used in a series of audio cassettes of spiritual information,
"THE ETERNAL VALUES", offered by Frederick Von Miers, , about whom much was written in Ruth Montgomery's book "Aliens Among Us".

 Iasos' music is being used on JAPANESE SUBLIMINAL TAPES marketed through WISEMAN COMPANY LTD. in Tokyo, Japan.   The Japanese subliminal suggestions are for Relaxation, and Ideal Body & Mind Conditioning.

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1975 "Inter-Dimensional Music" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7008 CD or LP or Cassette
1978 "Angelic Music" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7001 CD
1981 "Crystal Vista"    Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7011 DVD
1983 "Elixir" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7000 CD or Cassette
1987 "Jeweled Space" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7005 CD
1989 "Essence of Spring" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7007 CD
1991 "Bora Bora 2000" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7003 CD
1992 "Liquid Crystal Love" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7006 CD
1996 "Timeless Sound" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7002 CD
1998 "Sacred Sonic Tools"
Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7013


2001 "Realms of Light" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7004 CD
2007 "Javanese Dream Bells" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7010 CD
2010 "Realms of Light - the DVD" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7012 DVD
2012 "Music for Accelerated-Consciousness Love-Making"        (Jonn Serrie & Iasos & Kevin Kendle) Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7014 CD
2013 "Iasos- Celestial Soul Portrait" Numero Group 049 CD or 2 LPs
2013 "Night Time Jungle Sounds on Planet Allura" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7015 CD
2015 "Essence of Lemuria" Inter-Dimensional Music IDM-7016 CD

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