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Crystal Vista                           
Illuminated Manuscripts    
Realms of Light - the DVD  
The Illuminated Chakras

by Iasos
by John Banks
by Ken Jenkins
by Iasos                      
by Anodea Judith
by David Fortney

Focused Listening

Bora Bora 2000
Essence of Lemuria
Essence of Spring

Iasos - Celestial Soul Portrait    (also as a 2 LP-set)         
Inter-Dimensional Music           (also on LP & Cassette)
Realms of Light
Sacred Sonic Tools  
to "flavor" your space
with a
Background Ambience Atmosphere.
Designed to be played at low background volume.
Angelic Music
Javanese Dream Bells                                                   
Jeweled Space
Liquid Crystal Love
Music for Accelerated-Consciousness Love-Making     
Night Time Jungle Sounds on Planet Allura                    
Timeless Sound
Concentrated Essence

of all of Iasos' Music
(Wave 1)   Inter-Dimensional Music 
(Wave 2)   Elixir
(Wave 3)   Realms of Light
(Wave 4)   Essence of Lemuria


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Celestial DVDs

CRYSTAL VISTA                                     DVD - $20            NTSC-format  

A pioneering DVD released in 1981, this is Iasos' visualizations to 4 pieces of his own music. The visuals are very colorful and include numerous special-effects and visionary paintings by many of the top visionary artists of that era. Uplifting!  
This is an award-winning and trend-setting half-hour program.  

When this was released in 1981, it was then considered "ahead of its time".   
But you should not expect the video quality of current  DVDs.  
Check out the video excerpts.

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Illuminated Manuscripts                                    DVD - $20            NTSC-format  

John Banks
has created a masterpiece of an enchanting experience - a journey through magical forests and scintillating sacred texts in strange languages. Rich in beautiful special effects.   It has the feeling of a magical forest in England, with mysterious sacred Arabian texts.

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Illumination cover ILLUMINATION          by Ken Jenkins              DVD          - $20              NTSC-format

Abstract visual patterns of stunning beauty by Ken Jenkins, with 2 music selections by Iasos and 1 music selection each by Constance Demby, John Serrie, and Thomas Moore.  This is an award-winning and trend-setting video.

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Realms of Light - the DVD                       DVD - $22            NTSC-format  

Iasos has created heavenly visuals to accompany the celestial music on his Realms of Light album. There are visuals for all 8 pieces on the music cd.
The visuals are synced with the music with delightful precision.   Like the music, some of the visuals are stimulating, and some are relaxing. And all are heavenly, uplifting, beautiful, and celestial.

It took Iasos 4 years to learn video special-effects, and then another 3.5 years to actually create the 65 minutes of visuals to go with this music.  But it is!

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The Illuminated Chakras cover

The Illuminated Chakras     by Anodea Judith        DVD - $20      NTSC-format
A journey through the 7 Chakras (the subtle-energy centers in the body).   An inter-dimensional journey narrated by Anodea Judith, into the realms of the 7 chakras and also, an inter-dimensional journey into the consciousness of each of the 7 chakras.     This is a very high-consciousness video program !!!    It is not only informative, but also magnificently beautiful, with the 3-D animations of Alex Wayne.   What Alex Wayne has created here is gorgeous!!!     And the highly supportive sound-track is by Robin Silver.   This program won "Best Animation" at the 2004 New York Independent Film Festival.

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Timeless cover

TIMELESS        by David Fortney                             DVD - $20              NTSC-format

David Fortney is the master of nature cinematography, and this 1-hour DVD is his most recent and most exquisite work.  If you love nature beauty, you will become ecstatic looking at this. I honestly believe this is the most beautiful nature video available at this time in any format!   The music is by Patrick O'Hearn (very different than my music).   Even though I, Iasos, had absolutely nothing at all to do with the creation of this master-piece, I am nevertheless offering it on my site, simply because it is "on the same wave-length" (same consciousness) as my music.   That is, the majority of those that love my music would also love these visuals.

Note: Don't confuse David Fortney's DVD "Timeless"  with Iasos' CD "Timeless Sound".

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for focused listening

BORA BORA 2000                                           CD - $17       

Six pieces of hi-energy tropical DANCE music, emphasizing concentrated "fun" energy,
and four very relaxed musical sketches of the tropics.

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ELIXIR                                                                  CD - $17      

Iasos' original celestial album - 6 masterpieces of heavenly music. In "3-D Stereo" with headphones. Symphonic electronic celestial music.   Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

This album continues where "Inter-Dimensional Music" left off.

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ESSENCE OF LEMURIA                                    CD - $17      

Iasos' most recent major work. A journey through many varied realms - each providing yet another glimpse of the beautiful forgotten Land of Lemuria.   This album has an exceptionally wide range of musical styles - from piece to piece.

This album continues where "Realms of Light" left off.

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ESSENCE OF SPRING                                          CD - $17

The first half is a collection of music emphasizing the buoyancy & bright optimistic energy of Spring, while the second half is nature sounds characteristic of the Spring time.

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IASOS - CELESTIAL SOUL PORTRAIT                   CD         - $18
                                                                                                    2 LP-set - $20   


This is an Anthology of Iasos' earlier music -
(like "Iasos Greatest Hits" from the 1970s and early 1980s).   This deluxe-edition release from Numero Group includes 11 photos of Iasos from that time period, as well as extensive text, describing his life & career during those years.

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Inter-Dimensional Music cover

INTER-DIMENSIONAL MUSIC               CD          - $17
                                                                                LP           - $20
                                                                                Cassette - $ 7

A compilation of the best of Iasos' earliest music creations, emphasizing a great variety of inter-dimensional realms.   Very interesting listening.    Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music". This is a CD version of the original record album that was one of the two albums that in 1975 actually began the genre now known as "New Age" music.   It also includes 1 bonus track not on the original album - "Angel Play".

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Realms of Light cover

REALMS OF LIGHT                                      CD - $17      

Iasos' recently-completed celestial album - 8 masterpieces of heavenly music. In "3-D Stereo" with headphones. This really takes you to other-worldly realms just filled with Love and Light. Ecstatic!   This album continues where "Elixir" left off!
Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

Iasos also created "Realms of Light - the DVD" - adding visuals to the music on this CD.

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Sacred Sonic Tools cover

SACRED SONIC TOOLS                             CD - $17

A tool-box of sounds on a CD for "tuning-up" your energy fields!    "Sacred Sonic Tools"
includes an unusual assortment of "potentized" sounds with unique abilities.   This tool-box
may be of special interest to Light Workers, therapists, body-workers, leaders of
spiritual/metaphysical groups, and anyone interested in using sound for
self-improvement or energetic tune-ups or light-body activation.   This is not "music",
but "sounds" - each designed for a particular increased-coherency function.

You can also download the free Application Notes.
These explain how each "sound tool" is designed to work.

Let's Hear the Audio
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to "flavor" your space
with a
background atmosphere.
Designed to be played at low background volume.

Angelic Music cover ANGELIC MUSIC                                 CD - $17     

A "new age classic". LOVE on a galactic scale and deeply soothing. Also the light-hearted playfulness characteristic of the angels. 

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JAVANESE DREAM BELLS                    CD - $17                            

This is specifically designed to evoke the ambiance of being in a serene and sacred Temple.
Works nicely when played at low background volume.   (Think of it as audio incense.)

This is simply a background ambience of bell sounds - played by Iasos spontaneously,
in one pass, looped to create a gentle 1 hour and 12 minutes of calming, centering ambience.

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JEWELED SPACE                                      CD - $17

Designed as a subtle refined background music, to be played at low volume. The first half is cool and soothing, while the second half is warm and nurturing.   Ideal for continuous-play.

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LIQUID CRYSTAL LOVE                              CD - $17

The first half is a delicate sustained ecstasy, and the second half has a softening effect of opening the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra with gentle vulnerable love.

Let's Hear the Audio          Get the CD                Download Tracks         More Info

3 musicians - Jonn Serrie, Iasos, and Kevin Kendle each contributed certain songs, to create this compilation CD, specifically designed to produce an atmosphere conducive to high-frequency sensual activities.

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If you enjoy nature sounds from exotic locations, then this is for you!
Works great as a background sound after dark.

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Timeless Sound cover

TIMELESS SOUND                                            CD - $17      

Designed for extended states of deep uninterrupted meditation, with two half-hour selections, both of which produce a very profound sense of calm and stillness.  
Also useful for massage & body-work and for getting peaceful.

Note: Don't confuse Iasos' CD "Timeless Sound" with David Fortney's DVD "Timeless".

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