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Celestial DVDs
Crystal Vista                           
Illuminated Manuscripts    
Realms of Light - the DVD  
The Illuminated Chakras
by Iasos
by John Banks
by Ken Jenkins
by Iasos                      
by Anodea Judith
by David Fortney
Focused Listening

Bora Bora 2000
Elixir                                         (also on Cassette)
Essence of Lemuria                                                          
Essence of Spring
Iasos - Celestial Soul Portrait    (also as a 2 LP-set)             
Inter-Dimensional Music           (also on LP & Cassette)
Realms of Light
Sacred Sonic Tools  

to "flavor" your space
with a
Background Ambience Atmosphere.
Designed to be played at low background volume.
Angelic Music
Javanese Dream Bells                                                       
Jeweled Space
Liquid Crystal Love
Music for Accelerated-Consciousness Love-Making         
Night Time Jungle Sounds on Planet Allura                               
Timeless Sound
Concentrated Essence
of all of Iasos' Music

(Wave 1)   Inter-Dimensional Music 
(Wave 2)   Elixir
(Wave 3)   Realms of Light
(Wave 4)   Essence of Lemuria   


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Inter-Dimensional Music
California,  Earth
Sol,  Milky Way Galaxy