The RESULTS of great FEAR and great JOY

This is an excellent presentation by Richard Lee McKim, Jr.on how strong Emotions - positive or negative -
affect what we are creating/attracting in our life.

"Emotions, Meaning, & Manifesting"
Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

Emotions, Meaning, & Manifesting

This is an illustration that shows the relationship between Meaning, Emotions and Manifesting (Energy). It is based on the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale where Emotions grow in strength in both directions, Positive Direction to Love, and the Negative direction toward Fear.

The Batteries

The Red (-) and Green (+) batteries represent Manifesting energy. The more something Means, the more Energy in motion (E-Motion) there is, and thus the more powerful is the ability to manifest, whether good or bad. When there is no Meaning, there is no energy, (no Energy in Motion). So that which is Meaningless, is not likely to manifest. However, that which has Great Meaning, Has Great Energy-In-Motion (Emotion) and has more potential to Manifest. The Levels of Importance (Meaning), denotes how much something Matters. The more it matters, the more important it is, the more it means, the more Emotion (Energy-In-Motion) there is available for the Manifestation. The higher the emotion, the more Batteries (Energy) is associated with it. The batteries are Green for positive Energy, Creating Positive Emotions (Positive Creating Energy-In-Motion), where as the Red Batteries are in a Negative Polarity, Creating Negative Emotions (Negative Creating Energy-In-Motion)


Emotions can range from very low such as Matters Not, (No Emotion & No Energy), to VERY JOYFUL, Matters a lot, in a VERY Positive Way. Higher Emotions come from things that Mean More. Winning a $1 feels good, But Becoming a Trillianaire Means a Lot more and has HUGE Joyful energy associated with it. Whereas losing a $1, feels bad, but Having Stage 4 Cancer MEANS Death, and creates great Negative Emotion of Fear. In short, more meaning = More emotion = More Manifesting Energy, whether good or bad.


Where there is NO Emotion (No Energy In Motion), there is no Manifesting Energy. It is Meaningless (Without Meaning) and thus has no manifesting energy. Nothing more to say about this.

How To Use This Illustration

This illustration demonstrates the relationship of the different levels of Emotion, energy, and their positive and negative effects. Notice that when you are in Great Fear, the Highest Negative Emotion, you are manifesting a really bad Reality for yourself. However, if you are in Great Joy, you are creating a really Great Reality for yourself.

If you start at Great Fear, and work your way up to Worry, you are still negatively manifesting but not as bad as your were at fear. If you can get up to Boredom, the lowest Negative emotion (lowest negative energy level) you are negatively effecting your reality, but not as bad as it was at Worry, and WAY better than it was at Fear.

If you have made it to the Positive Energy side of this scale (Positive Emotions), then your job is to keep moving yourself up to higher emotions, creating more and more positive Energy-In-Motion, which is Manifesting what you want even faster and bigger. That is why you are advised to appreciate things as often as you can. That moves up your vibration to a higher emotion level which is a higher energy level, which manifests what you want faster and bigger.

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May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: Richard Lee McKim, Jr.


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