Some of the Core Concepts of
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Want vs Need
The interactions of Belief, Faith, & Evidence
Improving your Present, by Redefining your Past
How strong emotions affect what you are manifesting

Want vs Need

(This is Iasos' brief, unofficial, informal, paraphrased, concentrated summary of this concept by Richard McKim,
which is based on this article by Richard.)

(Want and Desire are here synonymous)
creates and also maintains a manifested reality.
Want maintains the manifested result - until you STOP wanting it.

Want (Desire) is the SEED of Creation.

Want is not only the original source of creation and seed that manifests what you want,
but it is also the maintainer of the manifestation after you have it.
Without Want there is nothing at all!!!!!

Want has 2 components:  "What" and "Why" .

"What" is the target-goal of Manifestation,.... such as happy life, red car, big house, or whatever.
"Why" is the reason for the Manifestation, and this provides the energy to manifest it.

Creation of anything you Want requires both a What and a Why.
If you do not have BOTH components, then you do not really Want it, so the univerese will not manifest it for you.

All you have to do is ALLOW it to manifest. As long as there is no reason (Why) it can NOT manifest, it will automatically manifest in the best, easiest, most practical way.

The only things required for Manifestation are
(What & Why) and Allowing & Expectation.

The only thing that can stop a Want from manifesting is a negative Why:

•  Why it won't
•  Why it shouldn't
•  Why it can't

EVERYTHING NOT Manifested, was stopped by
an unfulfilled illusionary Criteria, such as NEED .

Criteria are man-made blocks which prevent Manifestations.
(Why it can't manifest - is because this Criteria has not been met.)

The only way a Want won't Manifest is if YOU block it with your unfulfilled criteria.
You MUST make an effort to rid your Wants of any and all Criteria blocks) so that they can automatically Manifest. 
All those limitations, criteria, blocks, and resistance only exist in your mind.

If there are criteria for manifestation, then the criteria must be Met before the Want is allowed to Manifest.
The biggest and most used Criteria or Block is NEED.
NEED is always (in all Ways) a "criteria" (block) of some Want

NEED is a Declaration of Deficiency (Not Enough)

The moment you insert NEED at any place in the manifestation sequence,
you stop it from manifesting.

"Wants" without Resistance (Criteria), Manifest automatically.


The only 2 things required for Manifestation are
(What & Why)  and  Allowing.

Want is a Manifestation Request to the Universe.
Instead of saying "I need Money", say "I want Money."

There isn't anything you need, to get what you want, unless you say so. So.....DON'T SAY SO! 

This releases all blocks to you getting what you want, because there are no obstacles to get in the way. Since you don't need anything, you are quite literally in the right place, at the right time, with everything you need, fully capable of getting what you want. This brings you into a state of " Expectation " which is the "Go-Signal" for Manifestation.

"Expectation":     You must expect it, indicating to the Universe that you have no blocks preventing it from manifesting.

Expectation means:
"All Criteria Have Been Met, so Start Manifesting"

NEED stops manifestation in its tracks. It Prevents Expectation, and thus, Prevents Manifestation.
is born of Lack, while Want is the seed and source and maintainer of all Manifestations.

Recommended thought, to remove NEED, and to empower positive Expectations:

"I am always in the right place,
at the right time,
with everything I need,
fully capable of getting what I want."

All Criteria have been met,
so I fully Expect this to happen.

The interactions of Belief, Faith, & Evidence

(This is Iasos' brief, unofficial, informal, paraphrased, concentrated summary of this concept by Richard McKim)

Belief attracts only the evidence that supports that belief.
All other evidence is ignored or dismissed.
All the evidence aligned with that belief then reinforces that belief.
This causes an endless-loop , based on your initial belief:

==> Belief attracts supporting Evidence ==>
==> Supporting evidence reinforces that Belief ==>

If your beliefs don't support any particular information, you are not allowed to see that information. It is a natural function of the
"Reality-Go-Round", to block you from noticing and considering contrary evidence and opinions - which acts as a Reality-stabilizer for you. 


This endless Loop program is a good thing if you were FIRST given REAL Evidence and Proof, or Were FIRST given a Belief in something that Was REALLY TRUE. It shows you all the evidence and experience that is congruent with your beliefs and hides that which conflicts with them. 

If on the other hand, you are taught something that was a lie and untrue, then, you will see everything that supports your false belief and be automatically unaware of anything else that is contrary to it. In this case, this system literally blinds you from the truth while perpetrating the lie as truth, since it was the FIRST point of view that you learned.

This is why first impressions, first lessons, first religion, first points of view, and first beliefs are so hard to change . Once they are set, you can only see reality that reinforces that perspective.

It is the job of the Universe and your Reality to keep your beliefs supported and to deny all the rest. Once you have an opinion or a belief, you will always see it that way unless something extraordinary happens to change it, and it seldom ever does.

Faith = "Belief before Evidence"

Faith is just Belief Before Evidence and Proof. This may seem small, but it is actually HUGE!
Remember that everything that matches your Belief gets seen (Permitted to be seen and actually sought out) and considered; and all else gets excluded and hidden from awareness. So, when you have "Belief" in something you get to see all the evidence you want, that proves it is true, and all else is not noticed or just ignored (filtered out).

But when you decide to have Faith in some point of view, you have just given your Reality, the Universe, and your Mind, "PERMISSION and AUTHORIZATION" to start noticing that which supports this newly-forming Belief (still just faith so far), while at the same time beginning to ignore, and discount everything else!

because it will lead to evidence supporting this new Belief.

You can use Faith to
Shift the "Belief/Evidence" Loop to an entirely different Belief/Evidence "Setting".
The Belief/Evidence Loop will now become completely stable at this new setting!

If you want to shift your beliefs on any given subject, you have to start by having faith in the new idea. This gives your Reality, Mind, and Universe permission and authorization to change what you notice and don't notice.


Faith is the "Shifter" of your Reality
and as such is a very important tool you should rely on when a shift (change) is needed.

Being Open Minded , doesn't seek to change beliefs, but instead just gives your mind permission to consider and become aware of opposing information that it would have normally rejected automatically. You are giving the new idea a fair chance to show and prove itself. Otherwise, without considering or even being aware of the opposing information, you would not be able to say for sure, legitimately, whether it is actually true and valid or not.

The bottom line is that you will never change your mind (Beliefs) until you decide to have Faith in another Idea instead . If you decide not to have Faith in the new idea, you will be stuck (Stable) in your current Beliefs as they are, no matter if they are "true" or not. Only you can decide to alter them, and only you have the right and ability to do so. 

Improving your Present, by Redefining your Past

(This is Iasos' brief, unofficial, informal, paraphrased, concentrated summary of this concept by Richard McKim)

You do not need to change the "facts" about your PAST.

You only need to change the meaning (interpretation) you assign to those PAST events.

When you assign your PAST a more positive meaning (interpretation), you end up experiencing a more positive PRESENT, as a result.

How strong emotions affect what you are manifesting

"Emotions, Meaning, & Manifesting"
Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

Emotions, Meaning, & Manifesting

This is an illustration that shows the relationship between Meaning, Emotions and Manifesting (Energy). It is based on the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale where Emotions grow in strength in both directions, Positive Direction to Love, and the Negative direction toward Fear.

The Batteries

The Red (-) and Green (+) batteries represent Manifesting energy. The more something Means, the more Energy in motion (E-Motion) there is, and thus the more powerful is the ability to manifest, whether good or bad. When there is no Meaning, there is no energy, (no Energy in Motion). So that which is Meaningless, is not likely to manifest. However, that which has Great Meaning, Has Great Energy-In-Motion (Emotion) and has more potential to Manifest. The Levels of Importance (Meaning), denotes how much something Matters. The more it matters, the more important it is, the more it means, the more Emotion (Energy-In-Motion) there is available for the Manifestation. The higher the emotion, the more Batteries (Energy) is associated with it. The batteries are Green for positive Energy, Creating Positive Emotions (Positive Creating Energy-In-Motion), where as the Red Batteries are in a Negative Polarity, Creating Negative Emotions (Negative Creating Energy-In-Motion)


Emotions can range from very low such as Matters Not, (No Emotion & No Energy), to VERY JOYFUL, Matters a lot, in a VERY Positive Way. Higher Emotions come from things that Mean More. Winning a $1 feels good, But Becoming a Trillianaire Means a Lot more and has HUGE Joyful energy associated with it. Whereas losing a $1, feels bad, but Having Stage 4 Cancer MEANS Death, and creates great Negative Emotion of Fear. In short, more meaning = More emotion = More Manifesting Energy, whether good or bad.


Where there is NO Emotion (No Energy In Motion), there is no Manifesting Energy. It is Meaningless (Without Meaning) and thus has no manifesting energy. Nothing more to say about this.

How To Use This Illustration

This illustration demonstrates the relationship of the different levels of Emotion, energy, and their positive and negative effects. Notice that when you are in Great Fear, the Highest Negative Emotion, you are manifesting a really bad Reality for yourself. However, if you are in Great Joy, you are creating a really Great Reality for yourself.

If you start at Great Fear, and work your way up to Worry, you are still negatively manifesting but not as bad as your were at fear. If you can get up to Boredom, the lowest Negative emotion (lowest negative energy level) you are negatively effecting your reality, but not as bad as it was at Worry, and WAY better than it was at Fear.

If you have made it to the Positive Energy side of this scale (Positive Emotions), then your job is to keep moving yourself up to higher emotions, creating more and more positive Energy-In-Motion, which is Manifesting what you want even faster and bigger. That is why you are advised to appreciate things as often as you can. That moves up your vibration to a higher emotion level which is a higher energy level, which manifests what you want faster and bigger.

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May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: Richard Lee McKim, Jr.


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