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(as our Earth continues going through
its transformational vibrational up-shifts)


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In this issue:

Newest music piece now released as a Single - Divine Passion

 The sayings of Rumi - beautifully-illustrated!

Behold !  The Endless Creativity of Nature's Beauty !

New extended-compilation of my more blissed-out songs:   Heavenly Dreamscapes

 Manifesting tip from Frederick Dodson - "Keep your Attention on the End Result"

 Family Portraits

A Guide to Experimental New Age Music - by Aaron Stein-Chester

 The Simulation Hypothesis: Does Matter create Consciousness? Or does Consciousness create Matter?

What happens when you die? - Insights from Metatron and from Hans Wilhelm

Xosar interviews Iasos

 Creative Engineering: Floating Seahorse Villas in Dubai

A profound extended Study of  "What makes people happy?"

Orchids creatively imitating Life - with unbelievable accuracy!

 Einstein's notes to his daughter - on The UNIVERSAL FORCE of LOVE

 A 9-minute mini-documentary on Iasos by "Far Off Sounds"

New Essassani channeled wisdom-source:   Ektar

"Realms of Light - the DVD"   can now be viewed for free on Vimeo

Wildly-advanced medical technologies - currently hidden from the public

 New jewels of wisdom from Bashar

My 1981 video "Crystal Vista" is now also available as a high-quality VHS

Iasos now on Instagram

How the secret government works - by Dr. Steven Greer

Wild wildlife photography

Video of 2012 Solar Eclipse by Garret Moore

Mind-stretching photo-manipulations - by Thomas Barbey

Take a Fireworks-Break!  Watch the Inventors and still the Masters of Fireworks - the Chinese.

The Do!! You!! Breakfast Show with Charlie Bones - interviews Iasos

Inter-Species Love

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