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In this issue:

My 2 most recent major music pieces are now available:   Ever Upwards    &   Ubud Trance Dance

 Just in!  GREAT full-length documentary on Bashar - by his channel - Darryl Anka !!!

 Many new images by the great artist of Sacred Native American Indian art - Charles Frizzell

How to Activate and Open Your Third Eye - by Teal Swan

Great Telepathic Video      (Attention all Light Workers feeling "marooned" on planet earth!)

 Parallel Universe Guided Meditation - by Frederick Dodson, with music by Iasos

 Unbelievably hi-resolution image of our Milky-Way Galaxy

Astounding very-young girl Harpist - Marcel Lucien Grandjany - what Mastery!

 Historical Overview of the various Secret-Space Programs - by Dr. Michael Salla

New Review of my first-ever album - "Inter-Dimensional Music"

Global musical collaboration by young children of Michael Jackson's "Heal the World"

 Current Planetary Over-View - by Steve Beckow

Belief, Faith, & Evidence - by Richard Lee McKim Jr.

The passing of a great artist - Geoffrey Chandler

Cloud visuals for "Cloud Prayer" - by Todd Stock

 Fractal Zoom-In with awe-inspiring detail

 Religious leaders around the world unite in friendship & respect!

"Music's Divine Healing Power" - article by Steve Robertson

Filippo Bordignon interviews Iasos for the on-line magazine - Sentireascoltare

Video of Surfing - seen from INSIDE the Tube ! - by Benji Brand

 New artist in our Visionary Artists Gallery - Daniel Holeman

"Owner's Manual for a Life within Time and Space" - by Mike Dooley

"Space, Energy, and Light" - new compilation CD with 14 artists

The Power & Majesty of Nature - time-lapse THUNDER clouds - by Chad Cowan

Tryangle Magazine interviews Iasos (with lots of photos & videos) - by Theodor K. Ferreol

Signs of increasing intelligence in animals

Soak up the Delicious BEAUTY hidden within Rain Drops

Inter-Species Love

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