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Testimonials & Quotes from well-known People and Organizations

Unsolicited Customer Feedback

Testimonials & Quotes from well-known People and Organizations

New York Times
     "... and Iasos, who Mr. Mcgowan   (Douglas McGowan)  calls “the Duke Ellington of new age” ..."
                      (New York Times, Feb. 16, 2014 Sunday edition - written by Mike Ruben)
Also:  Audio interview in New York Times  (same New York Times, Feb. 16, 2014 issue)    Ben Ratiff interviews Mike Ruben (the writer of the above article)
Comment about this article, by Kevin Kendle - another excellent new age musician.        (Comment made in FaceBook on Feb. 17, 2014)
                  "Hehe.... Iasos as "the Duke Ellington of New Age" ;-) - he's the true pioneer of the genre... the "Creator of New Age" in my opinion....! :-) K"

Body Mind Spirit Magazine / Lee Underwood
"Uplifting, gorgeous, spiritually-attuned music from the heavens."

R. Buckminster Fuller (in a letter to Iasos)
"I find your inter-dimensional music needing new words to describe it. I feel as though I were entering a new world - a new and very profoundly beautiful world."

Keyboards Magazine (Paris, France) / Christian Jacob
"Iasos is one of the most authentic masters of new age meditative music. In his visionary and psychedelic universe, where there is nothing but light and vibrations, Iasos invites his listeners on a spiritual journey where there is nothing but light and vibrations, Iasos invites his listeners on a spiritual journey where the various stages are minutely illustrated. . . . The sounds of synthesizers and acoustic instruments are treated through countless processes, to unfurl crystal waterfalls, harmonic surf flowing through all three dimensions, symphonic excursions, and inflections where the electronics are as expressive as the human voice. . . . [A]bsolutely deserves its sub-title of Celestial Symphonic Music. You will not believe your ears."

Dr. Norman Shealy - Director of Self-Health Systems & one of the world's leading experts in Pain Management
Iasos is one of the great modern multisensory musicians.  I have loved his music for at least 35 years.  Indeed, it is capable of inducing Divine Thought Forms and expanded consciousness.
(taken from his March 17, 2010 Newsletter)

New Age Journal / Peter Simon
"Iasos is a 29 year old musical genius. While other musicians have taken cracks at creating what might be called celestial music, Iasos has perfected the art. 'Inter-Dimensional Music thru Iasos' does point to a previously unheard musical wavelength . . . an excellent vehicle for travelling toward higher planes of consciousness. In this newly developing form of Space Age/New Age music, 'Inter-Dimensional Music thru Iasos' has set the standard to which others must aspire or from which they may depart."

New Directions Magazine
"This man produces wonderful celestial music. His multi-media concerts produce ecstacy in every audience."

A Guide to Experimental New Age (music)
" I'd point to Iasos as the spiritual godfather of the movement, and Inter-Dimensional Music as the more diverse and interesting record."
(by Aaron Stein-Chester, June 30, 2016, Earbits Blog)

L'Autre Monde (The Other World - Paris, France) / Jean-Michel Reusser
"Even when one is listening for the very first time, the music of Iasos resonates familiarly within the depths of each one's heart."    (translated from French)

Brad Steiger - author of over 100 books in the metaphysical and paranormal fields:
"The music of the young genius Iasos is as fine an inspirational aid to meditation and natural highs as I have heard. This young man is truly in tune with a sound current of higher consciousness and the love spirit . . . one who has created some of the most ethereal, angelic, celestial music ever channeled for the dawning New Age."       
                           .......and more recently.......
"For the past twenty years, I have used the music of Iasos to inspire me and to help me open hidden passageways of creativity in my psyche."

Jonathan Bewley
- Executive Director of Snapshots Music & Arts Foundation
"Your music stands as a singular statement in the history of this art form."

Pulse! (the magazine for TOWER RECORDS) / Lee Underwood
"He and his music have been inspiring other new age musicians for the better part of two decades. . . .'The Angels of Comfort' and 'Angel Play,' each nearly 30 minutes long, perhaps exemplify the best this genre has to offer."

Electronic Musician Magazine
"New Age Synthesizer King" - James Finch
"In New Age circles, Iasos is near-legend." - Robert Carlberg

Jim Hurtak, Director of the ACADEMY FOR FUTURE SCIENCE, and
                     Author of "The Book of Knowledge: THE KEYS OF ENOCH"
"Iasos' music is unlike any other music on earth. It initiates the listener into higher step functions of Light. All of a man's bodies - his higher Light Bodies as well as his lower bodies - are up-shifted in unison, by this music, into greater Light."      -also-
"Iasos' music inspires the quickening. When the 'sacred sounds of glory' are rolled up in the future, the sounds of a new humanity will be mingled with the inner music of the spheres that Iasos awakened on this little planet called Earth...being one of the first to sound the new trumpets."

Yoga Journal / Elizabeth Kent
The music began and within seconds I felt transported to some lofty space inside myself, held there and sustained by exquisitely blended sounds."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futuristic Global Philosopher (in a letter to Iasos)
"It's celestial and divine! I love your music."

Whole Life Network (Fall 1989) / Hassan M. Ghandchi
"He is one of the most outstanding musicians of our times. His musical achievements are so unique that one may search for years looking for something similar."

Miracles and Inspiration (website) (2011)
Iasos - The Maestro of Celestial Harmony by Scott Mowry
"Iasos is a very distinctive and gifted visionary musician, video artist and speaker. He has produced a number of amazing musical masterpieces that promote healing, transformation and evolution of the human soul.
His music, perhaps best described as an electronic symphony, nonetheless is unique and highly original in its focus. Iasos' music sounds as if it originates from another planet, perhaps another galaxy, or maybe even, another dimension of time and space.
Iasos describes himself as a "Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music."
Grand, sweeping arpeggios, lilting, almost surreal melodies and otherworldly tones are generously sprinkled throughout his music like drops of fairy dust from a celestial angel.
He is, by all intents and purposes, much more than a musician. He conducts seminars, concerts and special events and also produces beautiful videos in a sort of a retro-70's-meets-the-new-millenium style.
He is infinitely fascinating to listen to, to watch and to enjoy. His vision and his focus is clearly Divinely inspired and after you listen to a Iasos CD or watch a Iasos video, you will be Divinely inspired as well.
He may well be one of the fathers of the New Age genre having released his first recording in this vein all the way back in the year 1975. And he is still going strong!"

Michael Hutchison, Author of MEGABRAIN (the book that literally launched the brain-mind-machine revolution)
"When I listen to Iasos' music, I feel like I am tapping into the heartbeat of the universe."
(June 1994)

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, founder of SHANTI NILAYA
"We love your music."

Wege (one of Germany's primary spiritual magazines) / Wolfgang Dahlberg, Chief Editor
"Of all the musicians that are associated with new age and the like, there definitely is only one true interdimensional musician!

Alan Watts, Metaphysical Philosopher
"Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age."

Alternatives Magazine / Earl Valentovic
"Iasos is indeed master of music."

Fonix Musik (Scandinavia's largest distributor of new age music, located in Denmark)
/ S.A. Kalyana     (translated from Danish from their catalog)
"Iasos is one of the most outstanding spiritual musicians in the world today."

New Age Media (Australia) / DeNis McCarthy, Director
"A multi-talented genius."

Heartsong Review (Fall 89/Winter 90) / Ben Kettlewell
" [A] depth of expression few modern instrumental composers can duplicate."

Aeoliah, one of the leading new age musicians (in a communication to Iasos - August 1995)
"Just want to thank you so much for bringing through some of the highest and most evolved sound energy in form on this planet. There will come a time when the people on this planet will thirst for this energy, and will one day recognize the transformative value of the spiritual vibrations that breathe life into this music."

Christopher Hills, Philosopher and Author of Supersensonics
"Iasos manifests in sound those celestial frequencies which the wizard Kepler called the Music of Spheres and which I call Goddess Juice. Love shines in his tones. Divinity cascades through his musical fountains." (February 1992)

Noel McInnis, Editor of BRAIN/MIND BULLETIN
"Your music IS heavenly!"

Cheryl Yambrach Rose, one of the great contemporary visionary painters of our age
(in a communication to Iasos)
"When I want to go to the highest levels, to bring in those images, I always use your music."
(August 1995)

New Age Retailer magazine:
"When I put on his Wave 1: Inter-Dimensional Music, I thought I'd heard nectar from heaven."
(Carol Wright, July 2001)

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Unsolicited Customer Feedback

This is feedback on Iasos' music that is not referring to any particular album.
(General Feedback on the music.)
We also have customer feedback for each album in the Detailed Listing for each album.

Iasos, when I listened to your music I sensed that Our souls, resurfaced once more from the sands of Ages sending waves of remembrance ...a knowing permeated my soul. In my eyes Iasos, you are a sacred vessel filled with the wonderments of Creation and you graciously pour this wonder on the rest of us. Thankyou once more for being You and for aiding us to effortlessly reach the Light Realms which are our heritage.. Silken Radiance,


The way I describe my experience with your music is that it plays whatever my emotions are feeling at that moment... It tunes into my inner soul and uses "me" as the instrument!! I've NEVER experienced anything like that with any other music. Another very important thing about it is that it is so full of LOVE!!! Because of that, I feel very safe with your music and I know that you will only guide me to the most beautiful places and therefore I can easily surrender! Anyway, thanks again for it all.... Love,


Dear Iasos,

When I listen to your music I loose track of time.

I could be commuting home on the railroad after the rush of being in a subway with people together like sardines. I turn on your music and feel like I am in a comfortable familiar place where I belong. Your music rejuvenates me.

I listen to your music in the morning before my corporate america day starts. It gets me ready to protect myself from the negativity of this environment,

Thank you for helping me recharge my battery.



" ... heaven on earth is beautifully and swiftly accomplished for the delight and benefit of all ... "


hello my friend

I adore your music, I listen Elixir and is are extraordinary to them, your music is divine ( from God ).


I got the Inter-Dimensional tape when it was first released over twenty years ago. It seemed a rather unique cultural anomoly at that time, and I knew nothing about the artist. So,I was delighted to discover Iasos' web site on the internet,and find out how his creative life has unfolded since the release of his first recording. His music does indeed evoke a very high level of spiritual energy, and his voice as a musician is unique and almost singular in resonating with the celestial spheres. I'm sure he has the blessing and thanks of the angelic beings for bringing an echo of the vibratory energy of their dimension to the level of the earth. He certainly has my appreciation and gratitude for his wonderful music.


Your music has uplifted and healed me (and I wish it will do it even more), your beautiful web-pages are....hmmmm... medicine for a soul, and I`m still totally gratified(hope that is the right verb!) about the very fact that You cared to personally advice me in my "sonic" problems a while back.


I absolutely love your work. I have been searching, but have never experienced any music like yours. The spiritual effects are profound.

Best regards,


It was a pleasant surprise receiving copies of several of your albums.The harmonies of your music are like sunbeams and the center of this lighting sounds is the Higher Self.  These albums help me to rediscover that my real nature is beyond my body, beyond my restless mind, beyond of all ephemeral things, but embrace the entire world.  Thank you for your gift to be an instrument for the music of the spheres. I will share with my listeners this wonderful musical experience.

In harmony,

Radio Station in Romania

Beloved Sweet Eternal Infinite Source playing as this Unique Iasos,

...I honor the place in You in which the Whole Uni-Verse dwells. I honor the place in You which is of Eternal Bliss, of Perennial Truth, of Infinite Light, and Everlasting Peace. When You are in that place in You and I am in that place in me, We are One JOY... One Verse... One EUPHORIC LOVE......and the Uni-Song, the Eternal Divine Music of the Spheres was heard in the Chambers of the Heart Within... and, in rhythm with the soothing melody of the Imperishable Existence..., HERENOW I am writing to you... what a mystery!...

Laughing now: (I am in an ecstatic mood) -> Your website is so full of Enlightenment and Unconditional LOVE. I also listened to your Music many times in the past and it is truly nourishing and divine. You are Sweet. Too Sweet for the words to touch It. :) You are a wonderful Mirror of the Jewel of Jewels within all. Thank you for dancing and crossing my cosmic path, my eternal blissful self-exploration.


Your music is unique,powerfull and unforgettable.


You are truly tapping the music of the spheres and the sound current.


I wanted to say that i use your music in different rooms in the house to clear and clean the rooms---bringing higher energy there so when one walks in they can feel the difference. It's kind of an energy tuner so to speak. I figure if Doreen Virtue can say her chakras clearing tapes can cleanse the rooms of your house i say that your music can at least do that!


Monsieur,  your music is a pure splendor of chrystal and the expresion of celestial thought and golden rain of love


Hello!   My most favorite music EVER in ALL the world is the Iasos music. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing and beautiful music. I have audio cassettes of Elixir, Timeless Sound, Angelic Music, Bora Bora 2000, Interdimensional Music and Jeweled Space...basically, everything I could ever find.


I just wanted to say I have been looking for harmonics type music like this and I really enjoyed listening to your samples. You have probably heard of the "Ganzig Effect" which is the brain's response to looking out at distant scenery and space. Your music invokes the same feelings and realaxation when I hear it....and kind of like my spirit breathes .....after being stuffed up or holding its breath....? I get the feeling of space and freedom with certain harmonics like that.


Thank you, Iasos! I have enjoyed your music ever since I first heard it at MIU in the late 1970's. It's the only "celestial music" out there that really is.


Your music is beyond words.


Your in a celestial class that no earth work can touch.

The energy that goes into the music is awesome, hard to put into words at times.
Feels like it is nearly fourth or fifth dimensional in that it begins to line up on a cellular level.
You have the gift my brother. I'm proud of you cause your music is the real deal!


Dear Iasos! Thank You so much for fantastic brilliant CDs!!! Splendid works - incredibly bright impression! We were glad and proud discover for us and for our audience creation of such bright artists as You, touch Your highest culture and mastery. Thank You for joy and happiness of dealings with Your wonderful music! Much friendly love from Siberia.


Iasos - your music is in a class (or dimension) of its own. It's pure love and light. Thank you.


I am on what is called the Purusha Program which is made up of single men who have dedicated their lives to spiritual growth and the advancement of Maharishi's programs. Rarely have I come across any sonic production that has the affect that yours does.


I was just listening to some of your awesome music yesterday and recalling how inspired I've been by your artistry over the years


I just love Iasos music. My 4 year daughter stopped playing and turned to me and said, "Mommy i like your music". I think that's quite a compliment when a 4 year old says that.


I first heard this music when researching a nursing theory paper for a graduate class. It is very soothing to the soul and produces a calming environment conducive to scholarly productivity. The artwork is lovely also.


You are a master of the celestial music world. Your music is inspirational and soothing to the soul.


Thank you for sharing this incredible music of high frecuencia and i hope that the light workers continue inspiring you to continue giving us the experiencie of this beautiful and useful music!


This music has put my inner being back together on many occasions.


Iasos,      You are a GENIUS!    The Up-Floats is fantastic!


Your Chryst-Al highest love sounds are one of our pyramidal soul constitution conversing with our luminus brothers-sisters.

J.-F. S.

I can add these 2 items ("Crystal Vista" dvd and "Liquid Crystal Love" cd) to my Iasos collection. His music centers me and I feel more peaceful during the day.


Hello, just wanted to say respect for your nice sounds, my baby was born when some of your tracks were playing.


To say that your music is transcendent and Divine with a capital "D" is an understatement. It compels listeners to listen with the ears of their souls and not just their bodies.
I am not surprised that a fellow Greek has brought this cosmic torch of vibration to heal human hearts.



How delightful to hear from the man behind the music. I accessed Sotoshi's images and they truly strike a balance between being ethereal and expansive.  Postcards from a place that we can ony visit in our dreams.   Much like your music which makes the heart soar like the wings of Icarus that can never melt.


I am 22 years old and I recently discovered your music. It has touched me very deeply. I found an old vinyl copy of Interdimensional Music
and since have purchased "Angelic Music" and others. I wanted to contact you mainly to thank you for your beautiful vision and positive energy which touched me immediately without knowing anything about you. The calm and focus I have been able to find through deep listening to your work has been invaluable.

I have turned your music on to all of my friends! I really think that young people are open to your music and the time is right to expose them to it.


Some weeks ago, I found your site and downloaded some streams of your music - and was totally knocked out!
Your Music is far beyond every thought that has ever came to life on this Planet!!!


And now, i would like to praise "your" music, in spite of not being yours, but from a being of light, but, you have to have a enormos knowledge of music...Thank you for the music to the soul!!!


You have created some of the most profoundly beautiful and moving music I have ever heard!


I also use your music, Kitaro, Michael Stearns, Vangelis and others in my private psycho-spiritual energy healing work. It heightens the process significantly.   In any case, you and your music have been and continue to be important in my life and the lives of so many others. Music is the vehicle of your servancy. Keep it up.

In Appreciation and love,


... having followed your music for over 20 years... I experience you as one of the most inspiring composers ever. &


I understand that it is impossible to reduce to mere words the beauty of the unearthly realm. I guess there are not alot of us who are "regular visitors," even though it is Home to all of us and we will all return There eventually. But in your music I clearly hear the "call to return." It doesn't reach me in words, it reaches me in the chords and the flow, the way the sounds unfold. There's nothing harsh or jarring, tense or frightening in the music you make. It's all for Peace. It works. It heals. It reminds us of where we came from: that ancient, blocked-out memory of a Being and a Place that still lives, even though we seem to have forgotten it while we are here, so blinded by earthly phenomena and so concentrated on our individual needs.

No earthly medium could ever contain the magnitude of Love's message, but music like yours POINTS TO the place where the message comes from. It is evidence that, though invisible to the eye, Divine Love exists. We know it exists because by your music you have shown us that you have seen and experienced It and so it must be real. Music like this could never have come any other way. We can hear, in this music, that the author has experienced Heaven. And so we rest and heal because we are assured of Ultimate Comfort.

I guess I am not all that good at expressing in words what I want to say. I seldom get a chance to thank an artist personally for his gift. I am a BIG music lover. I have a tremendous, fantastic collection. Each recording is like a treasure, and "Angelic Music" has long had a place of honor on my shelf. Now "Liquid Crystal Love" joins it and there will be others, to be sure!

Suffice it to say that I hear ya, buddy. Your work has made a real difference in my life!!


I ll never forget what a deep impact your music had in my life and how it inspired me to create my first album...there was a magical connector there...that changed my life forever, and you were a part of that fabric...thank you ever so for that...I shall always treasure that most deeply in my heart & soul,


I realize you are probably very busy, and must hear from many people. But I wanted to respond to your message of last week: I do have an understanding of music and I know about octaves-yes. I can see what you mean about doubling and tripling the frequency of emotions. How interesting to have it described the way you do. I never thought about it like that, like there is a deliberate intent to raise the level of peace and joy a person feels by building into the music a kind of spiritual ladder. And yet, the climb is effortless. It's more like being carried up than climbing. In your music you carry me very high. You are not only  a very talented artist, but also a healer. Your kind of healing is the kind that does me the most good, the kind I respond and resonate to, the kind that I understand and that means the most to me. A medical doctor can go ahead and prescribe whatever medicine he wants if I'm feeling down and out-but this is what works for ME.



I was so delighted to go to your site (as recommended by a friend), and hear the wonderful sounds you have created!  Your creations reached me on a soul-level...nothing anything else has done.  It is also "balancing" for me and the aura I perceive to have.  Anyway, I made an order immediately, and am looking forward to receiving it.

I have a question;  do you have anything with bells, or chimes?

Thanks again for the wonderful productions.  You must be a highly evolved, spiritual being.


I will be contacting you in a few weeks to get my order of your GOD inspired music that you brought down from Heaven for the rest of the world to hear.


you are the one with the sweet heart and music of the gods and angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Iasos! You have created such sublime and exquisite music. I've been into synthesizers for a long time and know that you were way ahead of your time. I can usually tell which synths and effects were used on a recording but with you I have no idea!


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your music. I play it at work with headphones and it helps me cope with the stress of project deadlines.


Through your music my Buddhic and Christic Energy transformation had been enhanced through the remembrance processses and I have began reconnecting with the Elementals particularly the Devic Kingdom through The Energies of Shamballa. Much has been opened for me, portals and parallel travels through the Inner Realms of Light and remembering more of Who and What I Am That I Am. We have lived many lifetimes together within a close circle and during this lifetime we are simply ships sailing in this great ocean of love to welcome the Dawn of The New Age in this New Earth. Again I thank you for assisting me in my transformation process.


I first became aware of your music in 1997 and have been following your career since then (I'm in my mid-twenties now). I like the music, the work you're doing with it, and the eneriges that come through you. I also admire your authenticity, you let your heart rule.


Ever since I can remember myself, Xxxx used to talk about you. "I give you my word of honor!" he used to tell me, "This Iasos guy, is linking your soul all the way up to the heavens." In the early 90's after Xxx had taught many people in the desert from all over the world about the sensational feeling that your music had caused him & how it had inspired him to create, he decided that he should do the same!


Also, thank you for such beautiful and evocative music! It is a welcome oasis in this chaotic and materialistic world.


I am towards the tail end of several months of intense personal healing and found your music most inspirational, really lovely.


Hi Iasos-

Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how much I am enjoying my (your) music! I received my CDs a couple of weeks ago and am so happy to have them in my collection. As usual, your particular musical creations touch me so personally. I can't really verbalize how I benefit from listening to your melodies. . . . .it is really beyond words, and I know you understand that. Really, the only thing I can say is THANK YOU. Once again, I love your music and I thank God for your gifts, and I'm deeply grateful that they have been shared with me. Life is good!

Bless you always,


During my recent health crisis, I was inspired to turn to his (Iasos') music more often. Its soothing, peaceful, and transcendental qualities heal and open my heart and awareness.


Amazingly beautiful music! I have been looking for something like this for ages! Thank you!


Dear Iassos

Finally i have the chance to expres my gratitude for you and your music. I went thru a very difficult period in my life (illness)and your music was a refuge or resort for me to turn to, where i felt safe and experienced warmth, bliss and peace, a sanqtuary. I thank you from my heart and wish you happiness and fullfilment in your life. A very warm greeting from c. from the netherlands


I (and many many others) regard Iasos as the 'main man' in dowsing the higher spheres for harmony, and what a wonderful result you create. I am honoured to be able to write to you.


your music ahhhh.....continues to blow my mind!!!!     it makes me float!!! and makes me smile.


Thank You. Your music has allowed me to infuse the "stuff" I deliver with amazing healing energies. Thank You.


Dear Iasos
Much of other music that it said to be "Angelic" which other musicians produce doesn't compare to yours which is much better and sticks in your mind ( no disrespect to other musicians). I think many people over complicate there music but yours has an aura about it.


Dear Mr. Iasos

I am a working acoustic musician (trumpeter) living in Marrakech Morocco. I play jazz, pop - whatever the occasion demands. Usually I am averse to listening to electronic music. The reason? I find the majority of electronic keyboardists rely on the power of their various synth patches as a substitute for true emotion. After a while I just become bored and cannot listen anymore.

I just listened to your interview and program on KPFA's show Discreet Music and I am happy to say that your music does not fall into the above category. It is indeed different. I found it to be imaginative and refreshing - innovative is the word that comes to mind. Each piece you write seems different. You think in orchestral terms yet you also write as if you are accompanying a story.

Your vision to bring angelic music to the world is very interesting. I have had conversations with these beings from time to time, often in conjunction with playing music. Anyway, all to say that the world could use more people like you. You are a very good presence.

All my best to you


Hello Iasos I am so blessed that I found you and your music! Every single album you have made is superb all the way through! I really like Inter-Dimensional music cd because it is so classic.                 ...

Your music is just what i needed and i hold yours in my highest and most favorite of all the relaxing and healing music i own and i have a ton of it!


Keep up the good work and I truly appreciate your positive energy I receive from your music. It truly is from the heart and takes me back to where I have originated from.


I'm really enjoying this wonderful experience. Your music expands my mind.


I have purchased other tapes and DVDs of abstract graphics and "New AGE" type music but they dont give the joy or uplift of the spirit that yours does.


It’s very clear to me you been to these realms. It’s pure GENIUS your work. It is so near to what I ascended too. I would hope this is the next step on our journey of consciousness.


Have known you since I knew Frederick in NYC. Your music was the backdrop of our lives then. Totally magical! No one does what you do, Iasos. :).


So, your music may even be saving lives (!!), helping us to relax from it all, and expand our spirits.


I've been so in tune with all your musicial works ever since I began listening to them over 28 years ago and have found your music to be the most uplifting and astounding instrumentals ever created.


Iasos, just to let you know once again, thanks for music, not only is it musically rich with technicality, but so pure and blissful.


your music is amazing original when i play inter-dimensional music i see the universe in it


I will always be grateful for all that i have learned and the hours of deep enjoyment i have received from your musical works. if i told you of the many experiences i've had with your music it would fill a book.


Your music is a spiritual phenomenon. You are able to put down harmonies that take me to such a beautiful place, its almost like i recognize it, like I've heard it when I was a toddler or somethin, like I heard it in a dream when I was very young.


I've been previewing your metaphysical music at your website and LOVE it. It is such a refreshing change to all the other musical genres that leave you feeling 'empty'. Your music is so heavenly-its nourishment for the soul!!


Hi Iasos,

I'm a big fan of your music and philosophy! Its great that someone puts so much of themselves into their work and helps people across the world to experience music on a new level. So thank you for that.


The quality of your music bespeaks a pure channel. And thank God for channels too! For Gilbert Williams Paintings, Seth books, A Course In Miracles, and Iasos music!


Your music make my heart glow !


The Light shines through this Divine music ;-)


all I can say is: WOW!  Your music has got to be some of the most ethereally divine music I've heard yet (and I've heard my share). Kudos!


You and your music are a gift to humanity...I am in gratitude for that


I can only say they're have been imitators of your music, but there is only one IASOS! Your music still remains unique, fresh, and original to this very day after tuning into your music and Music of the Spheres over 30 years ago.


Brother Iasos! you have made my spirit fly since i was child. if i could, i would craft your music into a woman (who would undoubtably be the most beautiful on earth or in heaven) and marry her. your gift defies description. thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us the music Spirit has graced you with.


The inner skies are always open everytime I listen to your albums.


your music existed in my dreams since i was a kid although i found out about you only three years ago..stay positive,greetings from Larissa,Greece....


your music is fantastic, truly transcendental. it brings me to tears, joyous, but perhaps best of all, it makes me want to make similair music too, since I know it's possible.


As a new age & space music devotee, I'm always looking for something new and fresh, and I must say that no one (in my 26 years of listening to this music) has equaled (much less surpassed) the truly great stuff that you have produced. I thank you for all of it! All the best.


Iasos, I recently ran into your inter-dimensional music on a blog and I can honestly say I've never been taken farther from my head through your music than through anything else. You are a true artist.


I have been listening to your music for many years. And when I was in private practice as a Psychotherapist I sometimes used your music in one-on-one session work. I love how you approach musical ideas as well as the intricacy of some of your compositions. 


visionary art of high order ... the creature who's unerring musical vision has given light, not merely in the form of unalloyed musical genius, but casting a great sound wave upon this world of name and form, forming powerful reverberations of thought, deepening into conscious awareness, and creating a protective shield of consonance on higher subtle, etheric levels to inform, affirm, activate and encourage those here below...the modern master who is now placing an indelible imprint on the collective human awareness


Hi Iasos,  I have to thank you again for your beautiful music.  I have been noticing a lot more stress around me so I put on my headphones before I go to sleep and listen to your music and it takes me Home....Thank You! 


Iasos ~
I discovered your music recently mate... I have never connected with extreme harmony as much as in your work.  True celestial divinity... and mutually experienced!  I had thought my reality tunnel was so narrow that my expression of the inexpressible would be impeded by pure subjectivity.


your music, especially when i heard it the first time, was just like otherworldly, beautiful and divine, it sounds so pure and angelic. 


I've just been introduced to your work and immeadiely felt as though I'd come home. My entire body is vibrating from the sounds you create and share. I used to listen to meditation tapes with whale songs as a girl and the feeling I so desperately tried to grasp was dropped into me with your sounds. I am so enthralled with what you do...


I felt that it was destined for us to communicate, you see I've studied meditation and metaphysical energy since childhood. However, as I got older ( now im 35) I've slipped away from it until today when I saw your website and listen to your music has opened up my inner consciousness to reunite with my spiritual self. I thank you for this.


Your music is the perfect soundtrack to a happy life :-)


I just wanted to say that your music has made my life better in so many ways and inspired me, calmed my son, soothed our family. Thank you for your gift. One day I will see you perform!


Dear Iasos,
Every piece of your music that I have heard, is stunningly-beautiful.  Your music has the ability to shine a brilliant light into the consciousness of the entire planet.  I want you to know that I am truly grateful to have heard such magnificent works.  Just listening to your music raises my frame of mind, my way of thinking and most-importantly, my spiritual vibration.  I know that this is the music that indeed is characteristic of higher spiritual energy that exists in more lighter, ethereal planes of existence.


You are a New Age Musician taking people into the Next Age, Generations will hear your wonderful uplifting musical scores for a hundred years after your ascended. I what a felt that I was being lifted Chakra by Chakra and level by level of consciousness. This is a dynamic work that will heal souls and lift spirits into the Light. Your sound and Light is magnificent. Keep up the work for humanity. I send my Golden Circle and my friends around the world your work and website.  Blessings of Light my friend.


Our young son (age 7) has been listening to your music every night his entire life ... sweet dreams! THANK YOU


i,m getting in touch to simply say thank you for your amazing music . i suffer from depression from time to time and always listen to your music as i find it very relaxing and medatative . " the angels of comfort " is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard . i like to make relaxing ambient music myself and find yours very inspiring . i shall continue to listen to you with great affection . thank you so much for sharing we us 


Currently I'm writing my thesis, I have been up for 36 hours straight, and your music has helped me with a combination of comfort, continuity, and the preservation of both my sanity and creativity (most music will only help with one of those two)


i love your music , you are a great  sacred tool 


Hi Iasos, i just wanted to let you know i enjoy your music and it is greatly soothing especially in a hospital setting. It relaxes me so much and i just wanted to let you know that.


I believe you're the greatest musician alive.  Thank you for changing my life for the good?



I don't know why I have never contacted you before. I still have tapes that I bought in 1978 at the Real Foods store in Sausalito (at corner of Caledonia and Turney). These tapes had IMMEDIATELY resonated with me on levels that I have no words to describe. I was 18 at that time, and used to ride my bicycle up Mt. Tam every week, with your music in my head. I would stop at the Real Foods and get provision for my journey.That is when I noticed your tapes. My first was "Angelic Music".  I NOW WORK AT THAT SAME HEALTH FOOD STORE! It is now called "Driver's Market".
As an aspiring synth player I formed my own music attempts to emulate YOUR creations, not to copy, but as something to aspire to.

I was an orphan at 13 years old, grew up on the streets of San Francisco alone, and had so much pain in my soul. When I first heard "Angels of comfort" my  soul was indeed comforted. It was the only thing that would or could comfort me. For the first time, I felt the love of the universe. I used to listen to them in my funky depressing tenderloin hotel room in 1978.  Now, 38 years later, the memories of the comfort and healing I received from your music is bringing tears to my eyes as I type these words today.

After Angels of comfort, I then focused on "Angel Play", as my soul had no idea how to play or find any joy. Your music might have saved my life, I know this.

I once tried to describe your music to my father; I said "It is what I imagine heaven might sound like". Just now, I read a description online that said " It is closest to what people who have experienced death or near death have described the other side sounds like". I was blown away! THAT is exactly what I tried to describe to my father 30 years ago!
Thank you so much for what you gave me, not even knowing me. You were meant to bring others to the light.


when I hear your music I feel as though God the composer in some sense and it's gives me hope.


I feel your music helped me realize unlimited possibilities


One aspect I am aware of with spiritualized music is that it can "hold" spiritual Light or energy which can ride upon it. That happens with your music so it is of a higher consciousness. That much I can tell. Thanks!  I'm also wary of some new age music, like chakra music, some of it is disturbing to the consciousness and not good or healthy to listen to, in my experience. But your work has the higher spiritual vibration which is good for the consciousness. 


very honored to have encountered your music it is truly very pure and sparkly and healing.


Dear Iasos,
I wanted to thank you for your music and DVDs. I can tell you have dedicated your whole life to your art. Your hard, hard work has helped to transport millions of people to better internal worlds and higher planes. Thanks for being committed to the spiritual awakening of the world! We are truly living an a 'new age' and I believe it is fully due to early pioneers like yourself. I am always looking forward to more.


Your music is definitely a carrier of enlightenment and universal energy flow.
I felt today, for some reason, to reach out to you and let you know how you transform the Universe with it.
Thank you so much!

 May YOU be Blessed,


I just wanted to thank you for your amazing music.  I'm pretty new to living in the now and face many doubts. Your creations help me to remember what's real and keep me focused and calm in the times of uncertainty.  They're not only beautiful (which in itself is amazing), they actually make my life better. Thank you.
Your fellow I,


Listening to your music and interviews has given me a new idea of what music can be.


Hi Iasos,
Your music is deeply inspiring and has already made such a significant impact on helping with meditations and expanding consciousness.  I am very grateful of your work and dedication to bring the audio joy of higher dimensional music to this reality.  Thank you for your service, and I sincerely feel that the gift of your music is a benefit to all who are fortunate enough to hear it.     Love,


Dear Iasos- I have been listened to your music since"Wave#1:InterDimensional Music". You have always been my fav artist in this genre- I also share your wonderful sound with my patients as I ease them into anesthesia for surgery- i treasure the kindred friendship I feel with you thru your music-ty!

M.C. - MD

Your music does not only raise my own frequency but also that of my clients. I do healing work with the Amazonian shamanic frog medicine Kambô but within a lightwork concept, and I just realized that your "Sacred Sonic Tools" will be a fantastic tool set to use in my sessions. Especially the violet flame :)


I bought a couple of days ago your compilation of magical music.
I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is and how happy you made me.

Have a terrific day.
May YOU be Blessed,


"Yesterday I was with the kids all day, and they were being crazy so I thought I'd play Iasos to calm them down. It actually did and they both really really liked it! Cxxxxxx asked what it was and found it to listen to. Later I was hanging out with Mxxxxxx for a while and went to go check on Cxxxxxx. I open the door to her room and there's no one in there. I hear something from the closet, open the door, and she's curled up in a ball on the floor in the closet with blankets and pillows and stuffed animals listening to Iasos."


"Your music affects my family in a brilliant way and we value your spirit in all that you do."


"your Music connects me to God"


Your music is divine!! Very uplifting and heavenly !!


Thank you for bringing paradise to this dimension. I will tell you that I played your music for my father's passing and it most definitely made it a peaceful experience for my family. Much Gratitude.


My experience with your music is that it is the most otherworldly I've heard, some of it sounds to me like something from a very alien planet and quite strange. Angels of Comfort to me is pure heavenly love and eternality. There are timbres in your work I've never heard anywhere else that are so wonderful and cosmic and etherial.


The amount of appreciation I have for your breadth of songs and the gratitude i feel EVERY night when I can finally end my day - enter into my nightly wind down routine, of shower, tea, and finally Throne Realms, Angels of Comfort, Angel Play and or Cloud Prayer to lull me to sleep as I keep it on repeat at a soft level throughout the night.

I also wake up everyday to these lovely vibratory healers.  These works especially have been instrumental in helping me find solace during such a confusing and discordant time in our world.  I really can't express to you enough how grateful I am.


I find it absolutely fascinating, the sounds, the sound textures and sonic landscapes that create this beautiful out of the world experience yet it enhances my awareness to frequencies that I was not attuned to before.


I have a very strong connection to music (I compose for the piano) and I could sense divine inspiration in your music right away.




I first listened to Iasos on cassette in the 70's, Wave#1: Inter-Dimensional Music. I am a Physician Anesthesiologist, and use many of your pieces as a calming influence to my patients as I gently induce general anesthesia for surgery, in addition to immensely enjoying your music myself- ty!!!


the pioneer of expressing celestial states using earthly musical tools, Iasos


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