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To see through the eyes of a visionary artist
is to behold the workings of the Infinite Creator.
Feast your eyes!    Feast your Soul!

By Kirk Reinert
© Kirk Reinert

Listed here are a good many of the "visionary" master artists
of our age, and
glorious examples of their art!
These are the ones feeding higher consciousness thought-forms
into the minds of humanity
through their paintings and other art forms -
to "awaken" us into higher awarenesses of Reality.

Treat your Soul to a Feast - Tune into the creations of these great minds & hearts.

Whether you are a student creating custom photo books with images from the community,
or a master artist making oil paintings, all creative efforts add beauty and value to the world.

Visionary Art Masterpieces - Originals - for Sale

The Master Artists
Listed Alphabetically by first name.

Click on any artist to see their art, and find out
more about them, including contact-information.

Master Video Artists
Listed Alphabetically by first name.

Click on any video artist to see "glimpses"
of their video art, and to find out more about them,
including contact-information.

        David Fortney 
        Jean-Luc Bozzoli
        Ken Jenkins


Art Collectors seeking Art Treasures!

Visionary Art Treasures
available for purchase

including originals by
Pablo Amaringo


Adding New Artists

We are always seeking out new
excellent Visionary Artists!
Especially looking for
art with a "heavenly" feeling or vibe.

Contact us:

(About 1 out of every 200 submissions actually gets in.)


Celestial Soul Portraits
by Erial Ali

created on a Personalized Commission Basis.

Check out 5 before-and-after examples.

Also, if you enjoy the styles of art in this gallery,
then there is a good chance you might also enjoy Iasos' music,
since they are very much "on the same wavelength"
(similar consciousness or state-of-mind).   If interested, here's a 

Brief Overview of Iasos' Music.

     Or, you can listen to his music on-line    


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